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- Okay, Test Kitchen Talks Pantry Dessert take one.
[lively music]
- Today we are going to be making dessert out of
- Stuff you just have lying around in the pantry.
- Crunchy peanut butter.
- Miso.
- Frozen waffle 'cause I got him.
- Mmm.
- Oh my God.
- Mmm!
It's so good.
[lively music]
- Hey guys, welcome to Test Kitchen Talks, the home edition.
Okay and we're here in my lovely, kind of lovely home
and today we're gonna be making a little pantry dessert.
Okay, pantry dessert, I think it means like
a dessert you would make out of the things in your pantry!
I'm going to just be using stuff from my refrigerator,
not from my pantry.
So this is going to be called refrigerator,
this is gonna be called refrigerator desserts.
Frozen waffle, toasted up, right?
Little bit of Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries,
nice it's real simple, okay?
But don't judge me.
Let me get a frozen waffle.
Boom, and the rest is really difficult, so be careful, okay?
Pay attention, take notes, be right back.
Uch, you know what, I can't be living like this,
kids in dorm rooms, I feel like they have better
frickin' fridges than me.
Yeah, that's it, perfect.
The perfect waffle.
So now we're gonna put a little bit of Greek yogurt on this.
Shake the [bleep] out of it.
Yeah, that's nice.
Yeah, fill it up with the Greek yogurt
and it gets like a little warm, dairy product,
on a hot waffle, what could possibly go wrong?
All right we'll do a little bit of this.
Frozen blueberries, all right the Wyman family,
well thank you John, Liz, Nick, Sarah and Tom!
Wish I had a family biz.
Leone and Sons, Sporting Goods Store.
Leone and Sons, Bait and Tackle Shop.
Leone and Sons, Chocolate Croissants or something.
[laughs] This is raw carrot flour honey.
Oh it's delightful, I'm gonna drizzle that right on top,
yeah oh yeah, oh you can just paint with it, all over.
Nice little drizzle, some little mint thread,
little mint chiffonade, and that's a beautiful thing, folks.
Okay, oh I forgot, pepper!
Little black and pink, 50/50.
This looks freakin' fantastic, I hate to tell ya.
Maybe a little drizzle of olive oil,
just a couple little drops, this is real grassy too,
I like that, if this was on homemade waffles,
this would be a high end dessert, high end!
Mmm, but yes that is just a real pantry dessert classic.
Okay, look at that, put that on your wall.
[lively music]
- I have a deep love for Coldstone Creamery.
And my favorite flavor at Coldstone is the cake batter
ice cream with chopped up oreos, peanut butter swirled in
and raspberries mashed all into it
and so I decided as of right now that I am going to figure
out how to make Coldstone at home.
In my freezer, I have a quarter sheet tray.
I'm gonna put a damp paper towel underneath to keep it
stabilized 'cause we're gonna be movin' and shakin'.
This is cake batter but of course,
just use whatevers in your freezer
and breathe some new light into it.
And then they grab oreo cookies,
they have these like paddles which I have this
tool which I don't really know what it is
but it's kind of like a sharp, paddly knife.
And then they take a handful of raspberries
when I ask for raspberries, and then they mash those up.
And then they do this like paddling
and twisting and turning thing,
i'm gonna add a little bit more ice cream actually.
I kind of went overboard with those oreos
and then I'm gonna take
just a nice big old spoonful of crunchy peanut butter
and then using my paddle and my spoon,
I'm working these together to create my perfect flavor.
We're all bald up here, scoopin' it into my ramekin
Here he is, my homemade coldstone Baz Berry Delight.
Mmm, this is pretty [bleep] bomb.
Mmm, it's so yummy!
[lively music]
- [Cameraman] Would you consider yourself a dessert person?
- I'm a dessert person at October 20th 2020.
Basically I eat dessert every night.
Dessert can be everything from like a piece of cake
to a graham cracker with nutella smeared on it
if I'm desperate, so I am making a delicious cookie
called a palmier or elephant ear as it's called sometimes.
Are those little spiral cookies that kind of like go in a,
I don't know what you call it, like a double spiral.
I love them.
And this is a pantry dessert because if you have pie dough
in your freezer which I usually do,
it's basically like a two or three ingredient dessert,
once you already have the pie dough.
I have granulated sugar, this is like a half cup.
Kosher salt, I always add salt.
I like to add a little cinnamon,
I'm just mixing it together until it is
the color that I want it to be.
So this is dough that has been sitting in my freezer,
I think for literally almost one year.
This, I mean despite this dough being very old,
it actually feels great.
So it doesn't really matter so much the proportions
that you roll this out to,
I'm just trying to get it into a rectangle.
Okay, so this looks good.
This is egg wash leftover from making wontons,
generously sprinkle my cinnamon sugar mixture.
I wanna coat the entire thing
and now to form them, I roll in a tight spiral
from either end to the midline.
So you should have two even spirals and now roll it onto
its side and you're just pressing down.
I'm gonna get my piece of parchment.
I am going to use my egg wash and the rest of
my cinnamon sugar to coat the outside.
And then I have this parchment paper here
because I'm actually going to roll the whole thing up
and stick this in the freezer, ugh!
25 to 30 minutes is great but it's only been like
five to 10 and that's fine too.
Actually it feels quite solid.
So using this same piece of parchment,
line the baking sheet, slice off the ends,
and then I like to cut it in half and then half again
and half again so I get all equal slices.
I always have a problem with palmiers where they unravel
in the oven so I pinch them together pretty tightly
before I put them on the baking sheet.
All right, at this point, I did what I said not to do
which is the pastry is getting a little soft,
but we don't have a time to waste so I'm just going to
stick them directly in the oven.
So, a little hotter than normal so 375.
Okay so those will bake for about a half an hour,
25 to 30, so set a timer.
We're pretending like it's 30 minutes later.
I don't know how well you can see all of the flakiness.
The butter kind of leaks out and it mixes with the sugar
and it makes the caramel, and what I love about palmeier
is you get these glassy puddles of caramel
that make like a lacy edge.
This is like butter and sugar and caramel and cinnamon,
they're so good, if you're someone who has pie dough
in the freezer, I would say make palmiers.
Unfortunately these palmiers kind of totally opened up
so I could've let them chill much longer,
but they look incredibly delicious and flaky.
Like basically it should look like a heart at the end,
but not a circle, you know.
Like that's a circle, that ones a heart.
That's a heart, that's a circle.
[lively music]
- Okay before anyone is like oh a cocktail is not a dessert,
what are you doing?
Here, I am gonna be using some sweeter booze
to make a cocktail which is the last thing that I have
during my meal, that qualifies as dessert.
If you disagree, I don't care.
Cocktail time!
[hip hop music]
♪ Delaney ♪
♪ Cocktail time ♪
So I'm gonna make, it's called a black Manhattan.
A regular Manhattan is sweet vermouth, whiskey, angostura
for a black Manhattan, you're essentially taking out
the sweet vermouth and replacing it with amaro.
I love amaro it's my favorite category of booze
that originates in Italy but now you know
people all over the world make things
that can be classified as amaro.
And this is marce amaro.
And then you also want whiskey, this is from Mackenzie,
I would finish a meal with either of these,
but I'm gonna use both of 'em to make a cocktail.
Two ounces of whiskey and woop, little more there.
One ounce of amaro.
And then just two dashes of angostura bitters.
Some ice and stir this for 40 to 50 stirs.
[ice stirring]
So you'll know when you'll finish stirring,
one the outside of the shaker tin or the glass will be
super cold but really the best way to do,
to know, is just count your stirs.
[ice stirring]
I'm straining this through a hawthorn strainer
so it keeps the ice inside of the glass.
We don't have any cherries here,
so I am just going to use a little bit of orange peel,
put your fingers on either end and just lightly
crimp it so the oils spray out into the glass
and then give the lip of the glass a nice little rub with it
and that is a Black Manhattan, cheers.
Oh what is it, it's like 1:45 right now.
This is dangerous, I might just keep drinking these.
[lively music]
Okay, guys you gotta,
you need to do something in the other room.
Finn, with me, here.
- Two bananas!
- Two bananas.
I certainly would not consider myself a dessert person.
You know, I need balance and I don't just crave sweet things
in the end I simply said you know what,
let's just do our miso almond butter cookies.
This does a lot for me, from the standpoint of bringing
tons of savory flavor into the cookies.
And we're gonna dip 'em in chocolate so what else
is there to get fussed about.
First things first, I need 10 tablespoons unsalted butter.
My wife would be furious if I told you this
but she's literally on the other side of the tripod
doing a Pilates class with her air pods in.
All right, she will kill me.
Browning the butter simply refers to the fact
that you're cooking out the water,
but by stirring it, you can get a little bit of a better
read on the color, all right.
That's what we're talkin' about.
I'm just gonna measure out one and a quarter
cups of whole wheat flour, and then half a teaspoon
baking soda, so one cup brown sugar,
our slightly cooled browned butter.
So because there's no water content in that butter,
they're not gonna wanna go together.
It's only when we go to put our egg in
that the water content in the egg is gonna dissolve
the sugar and then dig out a third of a cup of almond butter
third of a cup of miso and then a teaspoon of vanilla.
[mixture whisking]
Now our dry ingredients can go in.
We have like a nice dough.
There's something so satisfying about scooping cookie dough
with an actual ice cream scoop.
Dough is feeling a little bit soft to me.
Let's do one baking sheet of cookies,
put the rest of the dough in the fridge
and see what's what, ugh.
There we go!
- [Cameraman] I think Brad would kill for that refrigerator.
- I mean, let's not feel too bad for Brad, okay?
Like he's got like three chest freezers in his like
man den, there's like compound bows hanging.
Okay so we're baking off one sheet-worth,
we're saving the rest of it.
Finn, do you wanna hang with me?
- [Finn] No, I wanna watch The Wild Kratts.
- Just to translate,
that was "No, I wanna watch The Wild Kratts."
I'll be right back.
So, we're gonna dip these in chocolate,
that's what you guys came here for.
So I'm using guittard 70% chocolate here.
We are not tempering chocolate here today,
just wanna make that abundantly clear.
So I'm huge fan of the half dip here.
There's something about the way you know
the half dip looks on the cookies when they're arrayed
on that baking sheet, it's just so pleasing and satisfying.
The miso, the fact that we browned the butter,
dark brown sugar, vanilla even can kind of skew a little bit
savory with the sweet.
It's just fantastic, I love this cookie
and I love it on it's own but dipped in chocolate
it's just like boom, you know?
- Mmm!
- [Chris] One cookie each, excuse me!
[lively music]
- All right, it's Rick and I am still here in
Mazatlan, Mexico and it's been 83 degrees for the last
38 days here so I am going to make you a key lime bombe.
Basically you just dump everything in a bowl,
stir it together, layer it and freeze it
and it's gonna be really really yummy.
So normally if I was in New York I would probably have
heavy cream, here I have crema.
I've got two cups of crema.
Three quarters of a cup of lime juice
and this is four teaspoons of lime zest.
Nestles sweetened condensed milk.
Here it's called lecheta.
Two 14 ounce cans, the lime juice interacts with
the sweetened condensed milk and it thickens it
and it only takes about five minutes.
Blackberries are so incredibly delicious here right now.
You just wanna arrange them in an even layer,
I'm gonna take two cups of my key lime mixture
to cover up all the blackberries.
There are no graham crackers here,
so I bought these cute little coconut cookies.
Just make a nice even layer.
If there are any little cracked cookies,
just go ahead and fill in the gaps.
So now what I'm gonna do is put a thin layer of the key
lime mixture over the cookies so that they can get
nice and soft, put the rest of the blackberries down.
And this is just another cup.
Gonna put another layer of cookies
and then just scrape that over the top
and then the last layer is the crust.
All right, so this is gonna go into the freezer
for minimally 12 hours, the one that I have in here
has actually been in there for about two days.
I have a bowl of really hot water,
dip the bowl in the hot water, flip.
Yay, pull off all the plastic and add some toasted coconut
so the nice thing about having melted the sides of it,
is that now the coconut is going to stick.
I'm gonna dip the blade of the knife
and this is why the call me sugar man.
It looks really good
and that is a really [bleep] great slice.
I have to say.
Little berry, little coconut, little cookie.
Oh my God, it's almost like a frozen cheesecake
and then you've got like the cookie which is like
an ice cream sandwich texture
and then the coconut is kind of toasty
and nutty on the outside.
Wow, that is really really good.
[lively music]
- I'm making something that I've never made before
but that I've always wanted to make.
It starts with an Indian dessert called Shrikhand
which is yogurt sweetened and spiced with cardamom
and a little bit of saffron
It is so simple and so good and my friend Kushbu,
one day was like what do you think about putting
Shrikhand into like a graham cracker pie shell
and sort of like making a Shrikhand pie
and I thought it was a brilliant idea.
Then I looked into the pantry and we didn't have graham
crackers but we did have digestive biscuits.
McVitie's, is that how you pronounce this?
- Yeah McVitie's. - So many Indian families
have digestive biscuits around 'cause
we have them with chai.
I'll use like a little over a half,
yeah a half packet, a little over half a stick of butter,
some salt, I crush some cardamom up and about
a tablespoon of sugar and then I just pressed it in,
put a shower cap over it to keep it,
and what's wonderful is if you just chill it
and it's good to go.
So now we're gonna make the filling,
dad this is your homemade yogurt,
we strained it overnight, I've got four cardamom pods here.
Honestly mom, I'm not a huge fan of this mortar and pestle
[laughs] Mom, how many mortar and pestles
do you think we have?
- Five or six. - Five or six!
We have a separate mortar and pestle just for the saffron.
Look at these beautiful saffron tins.
If you don't have saffron,
don't let it stop you from making this,
just sweeten it with cardamom and sugar.
I'm sure it'll taste really good but the saffron
definitely makes it go the extra mile
and it's so good.
So now to our yogurt, I'm gonna add a little bit of sugar.
I think it needs a lot more sugar.
Last sugar, last sugar add and then I'm cutting myself off.
All right.
We're gonna first add our cardamom
and then we're gonna add our saffron.
So this is gonna add both flavor and color.
It's very soothing, very nice, relaxing color.
So I've got some pistachios,
or as we call them, bisthas,
and I'm just gonna give these a rough chop.
All right, so first we're just gonna dollop our yogurt in,
give it a little, some waves.
Our pistachios, and then I'm gonna add the saffron threads.
This would go into the fridge and set I would say
at least overnight but we don't have that kind of time
so we're gonna try it now.
- Looks beautiful.
- Wait mom, the crust. - I know.
- You should try the first bite
because you're the Shrikhand person in the family [laughs].
- Wonderful. - Really?
- Mmm, yeah! - Oh my God.
- This is really good. - This is awesome.
Holy [bleep] - It's like a cookie.
- Oh my God.
This is easily one of the best things
I've made during quarantine.
[lively music]
- So, when I think of pantry, I think of dry goods,
I think of grains, I think of nuts and seeds
and I am going to make a sweet cooked barley
that has brown butter toasted nuts and dates.
So it' really warming, it's really comforting,
it should be stuff that you have in the house.
And I'm gonna use a cup and I've got a cup of milk.
Then I need two cups of water,
so for one cup of barley, three cups of liquid.
And half a cup brown sugar.
A zest, wide strip, big fat cinnamon stick,
so that's goin' in.
I'm gonna add a pinch of salt too.
Feels very wholesome too.
It's like what you would have in your cozy little cottage.
Say you were a fairy and you lived in the forest,
I feel like you would have grains and berries for dessert.
If you have a mortar and pestle
you can roughly chop your nuts without
even getting out a knife.
Oh, up and over!
Oh Jesus.
So the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna butter--
- Can I show you my amazing puppet?
- [laughs] Ugh, he's gorgeous.
- Gorgeous.
- Do you have class today?
- I can do it later. - Ahhh!
I'm gonna butter toast my hazelnuts.
And I'm kinda gonna let the nuts and the butter cook
and foam and start to brown together.
Mmm, buttery nuts.
Pinch of kosher salt
and I've got some beautiful medjool dates.
I think this was like four date, three, four.
So this is just kind of like a delicious buttery
crunch chewy topper whopper.
And while it's not hot,
I can just pull out my cinnamon sticks.
So I spooned out the barley with a little bit of liquid
and then I've also got the brown butter solids from here,
yum and a little bit of salt.
All right, so that's it.
This is my orange brown sugar barley
with butter toasted hazelnuts and dates.
Put that on a menu, mmm!
I hope you make this.
I'm gonna go back to my little house in the woods,
under a mushroom tree or whatever it is.
[lively music]
[magical chime]
- To be honest, I have ice cream every single night
for the last seven weeks now.
Typically Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream.
There is something else but I'm a little embarrassed to say
but I'll, whatever I'll say it,
Bryers chocolate peanut butter fudge has been also
hitting the spot, no judgment please.
Sometimes if it like hits 9:30,
I finish dinner and I wanna make a quick dessert,
this is something that I can make
and it comes together pretty quickly.
It's kind of a mashup of a salted pistachio crumble
that I made, crumble cookie, let's call it a crumble cookie.
So, I'm just taking half a cup of flour,
quarter cup just regular sugar,
third cup skinless hazelnuts that have been toasted
but you can use any kind of nut you like.
Coconut flakes that are unsweetened and I'm using some
flaky salt but you totally can just use regular kosher salt.
Some melted unsalted butter as well.
And you just want it to combine.
So you'll see some like big pieces,
some smaller crumbles like that,
I'm just gonna scatter them and then this goes in the oven,
350 degrees until they're golden brown and you can get
that really nice coconut and hazelnut scent from it.
I usually like to pair the kind of crumble
with some kind of berry or fruit of sorts
so I have some strawberries
and I'm just kind of hauling them and then
cutting them into thin wedges.
I'm gonna take this honey, until it kind of starts
to bubble and thin out, turn off the heat
and then pour the warm caramelized honey
over the strawberries, add a little bit of salt,
give it a little extra squeeze of lemon juice
and that'll get the juices going.
I have the cookies out of the oven,
you want them to cool for like 10 minutes so they firm up.
But I'll just whip cream to soft peaks.
Do a little mound of strawberries,
a nice dollop of cream,
and then some crunchy cookie on top.
Look at that, yeah!
Mmm, mmm, pantry desserts should come together
really quickly they shouldn't be stressing you out
and they should fill that sweet tooth craving that you have.
This is basically like my version of berries and cream
but with a cookie on top.
[lively music]
- And that's it!
- Hey Bon Appetit, what's up, ra ra ra ra!
- [Chris] Ally, Ally, Ally it's still rolling!