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in this video I'm gonna show you how I animated this YouTube intro
Let's begin
I was contacted by Alex to make a new video intro for his channel he makes
very funny gaming videos covering minecraft Roblox and other adjacent
things that are all thoroughly entertaining do check him out the brief
was to make something similar to the dino scene in my intro but with stuff
from his cinematic universe I sketched this up in procreate
I drew all of the assets in Illustrator and then added the grain and texture in Photoshop
I used a custom Photoshop brush that I made that is available for
download free in the description I animated this over two days so instead
of making this a 16 hour tutorial I'm gonna break down the most requested
elements from the teasers that I put up on my Instagram stories I'll cover the
blobs at the start the main burst of the objects outwards and the dogs little
paddling legs for the blobs of the start they were animated in rough
animator on the iPad I drew an X on a new layer where I wanted all of the
blobs to converge at the end and I drew that as a guide and extended that to
cover eight frames on a new layer I drew a frame of the blob appearing from the
bottom of the screen created a new frame and drew it going further in that
direction and another following it once more this is called animating straight
ahead where one drawing follows the previous one without much planning so it
feels kind of spontaneous then I wanted the blob to slow down so in the next
frame it's much shorter and the front doesn't move as far ahead and then on
the next frame shorter still and less movement and I did that for two more
frames slightly turning towards the X I then on the last frame a really long
blob tapering into the center covering a lot of ground because in the middle
section here we've got lots of frames close together not moving very far the
motion appears to slow down and then speed back up at the last moment as it's
sucked into the middle I didn't have a pass on this blob creating a new layer
and cleaning that up just using a bigger brush and then I did that a bunch of
times with slight variations to the size and the path from the speed of each blob
so then we get this chaotic collection of blobs going in all directions and
then I use the script on the rough animator website to import that project
into After Effects I did this main explosion here using a really neat scale
expression I'll demonstrate it on a simpler scene here I've got all the
objects that will burst out from the center and they're all in their
individual pre comps and I've got a null in the very center of a comp as well I'm
gonna select all of our orange comps which are our objects and parent those
to our null Center and then I'm gonna animate the scale of this null if you
open up the scale with s on our keyboard and drag it up and down you can
see our objects can burst out from the middle but when they go to the center
they get a tiny tiny tiny and it looks like they're going into the distance
rather than bursting out at the middle we're gonna use this magical expression
to fix that what this expression does is it takes the position from the scaling
of the parent but not the scale itself I'll show you what that means so with
the dog here I'm gonna open up his scale with s on the keyboard alt or
option click the stopwatch here open up the expressions window and then I'm
gonna paste in that expression
now if we go back to our center null and adjusted
scale you can see that that dog's size maintains consistent and now if we right
click on its scale property over here and select copy expression only we can
select the other orange pre comps press ctrl V and it's pasted onto all of them
and then we just need to keyframe the scale of that null adjust
the curves in the graph editor to get the speed we want and we're golden
you can then add individual rotations to each of these pre comps by themselves or
even position and scale to get some more parallax and with them all individually
animated inside their own pre comps the whole thing looks like this now let's
talk about the dog's legs the roughs for these were done in rough animated too I
use this gif of a dog swimming for reference I tried my best to apply that
same motion to the lake shapes that I've got on here I only animated one front in
one back leg because I knew in after effects I could just duplicate them
offset them and then get a right and left version to clean up these roughs I
used a shape layer in After Effects which is my new favorite method so to
clean up this front leg with the pen tool selected I'm going to create a new
shape by drawing over the top I'm gonna lower the transparency so I can see the
ruffs underneath a little better change its name cause we always label our
layers and then I'm gonna open up its path property keyframe that and on the
next frame make some adjustments to match the roughs underneath and then
continue that for the rest of the sequence there's only ten frames so it
didn't take long at all I did that same process for both legs and the tail for
the grain shading on everything I used the effect roughen
edges on some shape layers you can get the full nitty-gritty on my method for
that in my latest grain tutorial and I use the same overlaying textures from my
looping textures tutorial as well I made a short playlist of some related videos
that'll think you'll enjoy if you've made it this far I'll see you in the
next video and please consider subscribing if you'd like more of these
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subtitle: Zoe J Marriott