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How do you define AI?
Oh, that's a controversial question, I feel like.
This is a pretty hard question.
I think AI is definitely an overloaded term,
even amongst researchers who supposedly research AI.
AI-- artificial intelligence--
is the idea that we can teach a computer
to replicate some things, or eventually all things
that humans consider intelligence.
I think the term AI gets a little bit overloaded,
especially in the news.
So for me, when most people say AI,
they actually mean machine learning,
which is just a pattern recognition from seeing
a whole bunch of previous data.
I think AI is the culmination of any sorts of techniques that
allow computers to solve complicated tasks
without humans having to manually specify solutions
or really precise algorithms.
AI is, essentially, I like to think of intelligence
as the ability to process information
to inform future decisions, and AI
is the ability to build artificial algorithms
to do exactly that.
Process information to inform future decisions.
I'm still trying to figure that one out.