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(off camera) That does sound like us.
All right we're rolling
no that's it it's actually an,
that's actually an intersection
specifically engineered merge
so we're standing here trying to figure
out where the construction beeps coming from
well, don't know where you've been but I hope you had fun out there
Wheee! Go get 'em! [clapping]
That was a little close.
Were they close?
We do this very often
There must be something there we don't like
we normally stop over here so Stanford might actually catch us
well, it's a long discussion and not one I want to have here
I think we're having issues with shadows, personally
come on let's go keep going
I think that might have been a lane change
Off we go
That's fine, whatever. I mean, it doesn't, you don't get beauty or style points
Well, actually, you do (laughs)
That comment was from Nick. Thanks Nick for your support (laughter)
Coming up the rotary. I'm standing at the top of the rotary.
Here it comes. Coming right by me.
John I have a visual it's at the top
Yep, he's at the top. I have a visual
Still stopping for reasons that aren't clear. There's nobody else around anymore.
Traffic vehicles up ahead, interesting
[cheering and applause]