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I am with Kevin Prince
and I'm going to teach him something that you might not know,
which is how to throw a bucket of water at someone.
Yeah, you can have the bucket.
All right, this is not if you want to actually drench someone
if you're angry at them,
but this is how you throw a bucket of water
if you are on stage.
I got though this by a pantomime dame
several years ago, when I was in panto.
And the key thing is,
that what you would do normally to drench someone
is not what you want to do on stage,
because there's a big audience watching on YouTube or in the theater.
And you want to go for dramatic effect
and you also don't want to soak through the costume.
So, do you want to fill the bucket.
Fill up the bucket.There we go!
About halfway.
About halfway. There you go!
Yep! That's good,
because if you fill it too much,
then you're going to have too much momentum, you won't be able to heft it.
Too little: it's not going to look good.
So, you want to aim for the chin.
This is the key.
Bucket of water. Aim for the chin.
Two reasons:
Number one, you hit him in the chest it's going to absolutely drench them,
which means dry out the costume, lots of time.
Number two,
hit the chin, creates an enormous splash,
goes backwards, gives a brilliant show for the audience,
doesn't really get the person wet.
--So, are you ready? --Yep!
It's been a while since I did this.
You ready?
Aim for the chin. Go!
You missed!
Everything from here upwards is dry!
Do you want to try that again?
Alright, fill it halfway.
That is how you throw a bucket of water at some...
And that...
[water noise]
God dammit, Mel!
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