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- Banana phone is down, banana phone is down.
- You can say hi to everybody.
- Hi!
- This is like hard to do with one hand guys.
- He's such a good kitty.
- Check out this cute little spoon.
- Now I feel like I'm in the test kitchen
but not actually.
[lively music]
- Today we're back in my kitchen
and I'm goin' to show you how to make a simple--
- Pantry pasta.
- Using only stuff that I found in my pantry.
- And you likely already have.
- To me I feel like pantry pastas are
pastas that you should be able to make
without buying anything.
- It kinda leans on canned goods or stuff that
you know, lasts on the shelf for a while.
- Made with kind of odds and ends from around the kitchen.
- That's mainly fat and salt.
- Should we get it cookin'?
[lively music]
We're gonna be makin' a little gemelli as I like to call it.
Maybe, hey Peg!
- [Peg] Yeah?
- You wanna be the camera person?
- [Peg] Sure.
- 'Cause stiff Steves not cuttin' it.
So I got my hot water goin',
okay I salted it already.
We're gonna cook the whole thing.
Yeah, that's the shot.
My little Dutch oven.
I love this thing,
look my little petite fruits.
And I'm just gonna add a little olive oil.
How you doin' good?
- [Peg] Good, my arms are hurting a little.
- Your arms are hurting?
For God's sake.
Nip off the ends of the garlic, okay?
And I like to give it a little, just a little light crush.
Then the tomatoes, cut 'em in thirds.
Then we got these beans, here come in here
and take a look at this.
Thin pepper sliced up, vinegar, olive oil,
it's delightful, marinated beans, okay?
We'll add in tomatoes,
then I'm just gonna add some beans.
And this isn't a recipe, I've never made this before
in my life, I'll cut up the garlic,
you wanna get it tight on this.
Pop that right in too.
Little bit of the calab, boom right in there,
I dropped it to low.
So pastas like 92% done, little aldante,
we're gonna finish it in the sauce.
I got a nice little thing of butter, okay?
Nice cultured butter, water in it, that's fine, that's good.
All right, then we just mix mix mix mix,
and those beans, if one of 'em breaks,
I might even smash one or two of 'em
and let 'em kind of break into the sauce.
No we'll hit it with a little bit of the pesto,
you know wanna start small, can always add more.
Nice little, quick little thing, you know?
Oh you wanted to put some bacon into it?
Knock yourself out, the beans are awesome!
The little, the vinegar in this that comes from it,
little marinated.
[baby crying]
Well, you might be able to hear but we got a cryin' baby,
you know woke up from a little nap you know.
He aint that much of a baby, he's two.
But you know, he's a little cranky when he wakes up
so bon appetit!
[lively music]
- So this is basically aglio e olio
which is garlic and oil sauce.
What I love about this is that in the time
it takes to make it is the exact amount of time
for the pasta to boil.
I've got kosher salt as usual.
So the pastas going in.
I've had this tall pot since
I was in college.
It was a gift from my parents.
Olive oil, be generous, few cloves of garlic, goin' in.
I'm gonna add the black pepper right into the garlic,
don't burn the garlic because it's really flavoring
your sauce, I'm gonna add a pinch of chili flake now.
The kale was a little bit wet.
- When you put that kale in that pot, I jumped.
My heart flew up out of my head.
- The kale noises scared him.
All of the kale is in here, it's wilted.
I'm gonna season with salt.
And you can kinda cook them down as much or as little
as you want, hmmm, garlicy.
I'm just gonna add a little bit of my pasta water
so now using the spider, I'm just gonna go directly
into the pan with the garlic and the kale.
It's a good amount of kale in there.
More water.
Just gonna grate parm over here.
It's really well seasoned actually,
I'm gonna add another pinch of salt,
remember you pasta water is already salted
so when you add that, you're adding salt.
This is a really really fast meal to make,
we're getting a large amount
and a good serving of veggies at the same time.
I'm now the lunch lady so that's another thing
that has happened to me.
Do you want some pasta?
Okay, come.
Still snapchatting, Jesus.
I'm gonna eat your pasta if you don't come soon.
It's like a fine line between
online schooling and just online!
You know? - Good one.
- [laughs] Shut up.
- Thanks.
- I'm enjoying lunch.
I even got a thanks mom!
That was pretty good.
[lively music]
- Sopa seca, literally that translates as a dry soup.
It's one skillet, you throw the fideo in,
it cooks in about two cups of liquid
and it's a really good way to use up what's
in your refrigerator or what's in your pantry.
If you preheat your skillet,
you run the risk of burning the pasta to the bottom
of the skillet so add it while it's still heating up.
You wanna keep moving this around
so the more color it takes,
the more flavor it's gonna give you.
Gonna transfer this to a bowl,
I'm gonna add a little bit more oil.
And I'm just gonna dump in everything at once,
random ear of corn, why not?
I always season my vegetables pretty liberally
when I'm sauteing because I think that it helps them
cook more evenly, what the salt does is it draws out
all the moisture and a lot of the sugars
which helps it caramelize so instead of adding more water
or more liquid, you're gonna get the benefit of having
the flavor of all of these vegetables in your pasta.
If you have a little bit of like left over salsa,
I'm gonna go ahead and add this to it as well,
it's gonna give it a nice kick
which I'm really excited about.
Two cups of chicken stock,
add in my toasted pasta,
hopefully you can see that.
And then, just kinda push it into the liquid,
then once it comes to a boil, I'll cover it
and in 10 minutes time,
all of the liquid should be absorbed and the pasta
will be perfectly tender and all the vegetables
will be perfectly cooked!
So, 10 minutes, ready to serve.
As long as the liquids gone,
it looks so good!
Add a little bit of queso fresco
and some cilantro.
I have an avocado so I'm throwing that in here.
Sopa seca.
Use whatever you got, it's really simple,
it's really satisfying, it's really comforting.
[lively music]
- So today we're gonna make kind of a tomato pasty,
garlicky, cheesy, chickeny sort of really simple
penne pasta so we're gonna take this to the stove!
This burner is always a problem, that always works.
Also got some chicken stock, some homemade chicken stock
that I'm gonna use kind of instead of pasta water.
I'm gonna drop the pasta now.
This pans heating up, I'm gonna get plenty of olive oil
into that we have like seven or eight cloves of garlic,
I just peeled them, smashed them.
So as soon as we start to see this brown,
that's when we're gonna throw in our tomato paste.
Though as you can see, my stove is a little uneven.
So it's all kind of like pooling down here,
we're not in the test kitchen anymore folks.
My tube of tomato paste.
Tomato paste is one of my favorite ingredients.
I'm just gonna move that over here
to the other side of the pan and then I'm gonna put like
a good like maybe almost like half the tube
of this tomato paste, plenty of ground aleppo chili.
Add this to the situation to kind of deglaze it.
Bits and pieces kind of dissolve.
I don't want it to taste like fish sauce pasta,
I just want a little bit of kind of fermented fish
anchovy flavor in there.
It's kind of bubbling away, let me taste it.
Mmm, oh!
Transfer it directly over there.
This pasta is like shy of shy of aldante.
You really wanna kind of cook some of that delicious
chickeny, tomato, garlicky situation right into it.
Just add like maybe another, I don't know,
half a cup of pasta water, just have that on deck.
Then grab our parm, I'm just gonna add like a little handful
at a time, a nice little nob of butter,
it's pasta it's not diet food.
Mmm, yummy!
Something about being inside all day actually
makes me hungrier some how.
Hit it with a little black pepper
and a little bit more grated parm.
Mmm, there's so much garlic flavor.
You can't really taste the fish sauce,
but it gives it just like this really nice umami
sort of thing going on.
[lively music]
- Basically what I'm making is a vegetarian puttanesca,
what I love about puttanesca is that it requires very
minimal chopping, it's a lot of like briney flavors,
typically anchovies, capers, olives,
my parents are vegetarian, we don't have anchovies,
I don't like anchovies anyways,
so we're just gonna do it with the tomatoes,
olives, capers, garlic, crushed red pepper flakes,
really all you have to do is have olives
and if you're lazy you don't even have to do that.
So we're gonna have our olives with my mom standing here
making sure that I don't mess anything up.
A little bit of olive oil.
Garlic clove, I feel like Alton Brown in Goodies,
I feel like this is his go-to angle.
Oh my God, a bunch of crushed red pepper flakes.
We're gonna add like a half a pack of pasta,
hello I'm here.
Some diced tomatoes, oh.
Ideally they're crushed tomatoes,
but it's chill.
Throw in our olives.
A bunch of capers and I tossed in a little bit of the caper
juice too, stir that around, don't put too much salt
'cause remember you already have salty ingredients in here
and salt in the pasta.
Lid on here.
Sauce has been cooking for like 10 minutes.
Here's what we're workin' with.
All right.
Here we, a little of the pasta water, to help it bind.
I know you're not watching Mom,
but I'm still nervous somehow that I'm--
- I'm not watching you. - She is.
- [Priya] So I'm gonna add a little
bit of olive oil to just like
make it nice and glossy.
Mom, would you mind plating?
I'm wearing, I'm worried about my shirt.
- Yes - You can do a nice little
swirl it's so much more fun being behind the camera.
- Pretty! - Oh yeah, she's wiping it.
It's like we're in a restaurant.
Just put a nice, you're gonna make,
no no, just a little bit yeah.
Actually, hey dad, do you wanna try a bite?
I'll just drink my wine and accept the criticism.
- Mmm. - Good?
- Really good! - Nice!
[lively music]
- Mic is on, we have levels.
This is pantry pasta.
[boy laughing]
What could possibly go wrong?
Oh, maybe I'll make my wife some lunch and be a hero.
So let's use some gluten-free pasta here.
Gonna slice some garlic here.
You can't tell 'cause you can't see my face,
but I'm doing the Andy Baraghani stare and chop.
Now I'm gonna slice up some sugar snaps
and some snow peas, I wanna bring snow peas back.
What did like, what did snow peas ever do to anybody?
They're like incredible, you know?
I'll cut these in twos and threes.
Olive oil, goin' in.
Gentle sizzle, don't want too much color on this garlic.
Also to cool it down, I'm gonna throw some anchovies
in there sorry Adam Rapport, you're wrong on this one.
Yeah this is not about like putting anchovies on top of
our pizza this is just about adding a subtle base of flavor
bloom these chili flakes in this hot fat.
I guess we could've dropped our pasta in,
instead I'm just sitting here like a fricken dingus.
I do about 100 grams per person.
Let's get some salt in there.
Hey, what's up?
So I'm gonna get the heat back on.
I'm gonna put a little nug of tomato paste in,
this is optional.
Hear that sizzle, all right?
You wanna watch the color get a little bit darker.
I'm gonna add our veg, do a little tossy toss.
Yeah, I'm shuttin' pasta off,
scooping it right into our sauce.
See how the veg is nice and bright green?
I'm gonna put in some parm, couple nugs of butter,
lot of motion, motion is key.
And suddenly we have a nice, glossy sauce here.
Gonna take this to our bowl here.
Fin is currently winning at a rockus game of Sorry
in the other room, it's gonna set us up for
a very tense lunch time.
Just gonna throw some mint leaves on here,
we'll take this over into the good light.
You know, at home the rules are different.
No spoons in the apron, well actually.
Well I mean like not no spoons,
but there's one spoon in the apron at home,
like let's not be crazy, you know?
Mmm, it's cheesy, it's buttery,
but there's a great base note of flavor.
The anchovy, garlic.
- Okay. - What do you think?
- Is this an eating contest or something?
- Yeah?
He likes it!
I made you lunch.
You're not on camera, don't worry.
[lively music]
- This is my adult mac and cheese recipe.
And I'm actually gonna show you an even more paired down
version of it, I'm gonna use just pasta water
and show you how to swap out pasta water for milk
if you either don't have milk or can't find it.
The first things first is you need a stick of cold butter.
The only pasta that was on the shelf at the supermarket
was orzo which I was actually super stoked about
because I love orzo and I feel like orzos coming back.
So I'm gonna melt about a tablespoon or two of butter.
Like more black pepper than you would think you'd need.
This is basically catch e pepe.
Before we do anything, obviously we're gonna heavily salt
our pasta water, I'm gonna take a big scoop of this pasta
water and I'm gonna add it to the skillet
and that's gonna stop the cooking.
I'm gonna start whisking in piece by piece
all of the remaining cold butter.
Now that the sauce is made,
I'm gonna turn it off and then I'm adding about
half of this box for a half of a batch.
I'm gonna grab at least one and a half cups of pasta
water with this cup, okay.
So we have that reserved.
This is still pretty soupy as you'll see
and now I'm gonna start grating in this cheese.
So, use a micro plane if you have one,
it'll grate it super finely so that it doesn't clump up.
Okay, we're getting there.
It's almost gonna look like risotto.
Add another splash of pasta water right before you plate.
I'm gonna finish it with a little more fresh parm
and some black pepper.
It's a little slippery, it's a little hard to show you.
And that's lunch folks.
Delicious, four ingredients.
[lively music]
- This is a version of pantry I like to make
that uses as a main ingredient, a can of chickpeas.
Canned chickpeas in particular are a staple
that I always have at home.
This unrefined sea salt that I like for pasta water.
I generally don't slice garlic at home
because I just find it to be kind of a pain
and it's supposed to be good for you
just ask Brad.
Putting a generous amount of olive oil in here.
I'm gonna get my garlic and chickpeas in here.
The oils hot, I can see it's starting to shimmer across
the surface of the skillet and now the chickpeas.
Gonna throw in my sprigs of rosemary,
pinch of red pepper flakes,
I like a little heat with pasta, these are lovely dried
red pepper flakes, it's this wonderful dried pasta
from Italy and you can see the surface of the pasta,
it's a very rough, kind of irregular surface.
Eh whatever, just put the whole thing in.
Okay, if you don't have parm,
you can use like a grana padano, what's the other one?
- Pecorino. - Pecorino, thank you, sorry.
The idea here is that I'm gonna set aside
let's say a third of the crispy chickpeas
for sprinkling over the pasta
and then the rest we're gonna mash
and make the creamy sauce.
So now I'm gonna add a little bit of white wine,
just like a dry white wine that you would drink.
This is gonna go in and deglaze everything.
Just kind of adds balance and everything.
I'll stick a little sprinkle of salt,
and now I'm really just mashing,
big ladle of pasta water, let's do a little pinch
of red pepper flakes, I think we're there.
I'm gonna transfer it now into the skillet
It's okay if some of the pasta water piggy backs.
As I slowly add the finely grated cheese.
It starts to melt and kind of dissolve into that liquid
and you can see that the texture has changed quite a bit
from just adding that cheese, it's thickened it.
I'll do a bit of zest.
I usually cut just off center from like
cutting down the middle so that I avoid those seeds.
I just stir in, this is a pretty big hunk of butter
but why not, but it just makes like the most silky
looking sauce just think it looks so good.
I have these sprigs of rosemary that I reserved.
These crispy chickpeas,
I'll save a couple more for sprinkling on top.
Couple more of these chickpeas, red pepper flakes on top.
Maybe a little squeeze of lemon.
Nice showering of parm, tiny little drizzle on top.
It's much more impressive than looking at all
the ingredients individually,
it comes together and I think actually makes like
a very elegant, absolutely delicious, very easy dinner.
I also love when the chickpeas find its way into
one of the little tubes.
Something about the combination of white wine
and rosemary and garlic all together,
really I think makes a surprising depth of flavor.
This is good pasta you guys, you should make it.
[lively music]
- This dish is called koshari.
You can call it koshari, some people call it kushari.
I've seen it spelled with an o or a u.
It's a traditional Egyptian pasta dish.
The first time I found out about it was from
my husband, he's Egyptian so he knows this dish really well.
The base of it is a mix of rice, chickpeas, lentils
and elbow macaroni.
I don't have any elbow macaroni right now
but I did have a bit of spaghetti that I just snapped
into one inch pieces.
The base of this sauce, I'm actually gonna use
leftover marinara, but you can use whatever tomatoey sauce
that you have kicking around.
So I'm gonna start with a little olive oil in here.
Since I've already got onion and garlic in my marinara,
I'm just gonna add some kashmiri red chili to this fat
to bloom it a little.
My pasta waters going so let me drop my pasta.
Heavily seasoned with kosher salt,
we all know this.
Now I'm going to add some of this leftover tomato sauce.
I think I'm gonna use all of it, why not?
We just want acid and heat from this.
Add a few splashes of vinegar and give it a taste.
Do you think Chris would hate
this tiny spoon?
I want some more vinegar, I want some more heat.
I'm gonna put some hot sauce 'cause the hot sauce will
bring acid and heat, one two punch.
Oh I forgot to tell you the most important part.
This is often stuffed inside of a pita.
We're gonna just have it in a bowl today.
My pasta is ready, my sauce is ready,
now we're gonna put it all together.
Gonna add some leftover chickpeas that I just warmed up.
Gonna leave the broth behind.
Some leftover lentils and then rice.
Times like these, I really just want a bowl of something
to make me feel full and warm
and like this really does that.
Here I've got my bowl of mixed grains and et cetera.
The sauce is where all the action is happening you know?
So, this is non-negotiable.
You gotta finish this with crispy shallots.
This is vital.
Here it is!
Uch, warm starchy, creamy, chewy.
Like it's everything that I want right now.
I just wanna like live in this bowl.
[lively music]
- I was going to show you how to make a tuna pasta,
but I surprise, don't have tuna.
We're gonna use some mackerel instead
which is going to be just as delicious.
I'm going to heat maybe a tablespoon of extra virgin
olive oil and then I'm also just going to toss
a couple of smashed garlic cloves in with the oil.
This is like the only pasta I have right now
but I'm not mad about it, it's gemelli.
Salt my pasta water.
And then I'm just gonna put maybe about half of this box in.
Meanwhile my garlic is starting to brown,
and I'm going to sprinkle in some panko breadcrumbs.
I don't want either the garlic or the breadcrumbs
to burn okay these breadcrumbs look really great.
My pasta is just about ready,
I'm gonna drain this and transfer it to a bowl
and then I'm gonna bring it back over to the island.
It's really just about cooking the pasta
and then throwing it in a bowl
and tossing it with some other things.
Some lemon zest that's gonna go right in here.
Fresh parsley leaves and I'm just gonna toss this through,
nothing but spoons in this house,
Chris would be so proud.
Perfect, and it doesn't need more salt.
I'm going back to my pasta,
I am going to add a little tin of mackerel.
I'm just gonna plop the whole little fishies in here.
Spoonfuls of capers.
Because this pasta doesn't have a sauce,
you do wanna make sure that you're getting all that flavor
in there just a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes,
dress this with some fresh lemon juice,
and then a little bit more olive oil and some salt.
And then as I toss this pasta,
I'm just gonna break up those
larger fish filets with my spoon.
I'm gonna add a little bit more salt
and I think the rest of this parsley just because I have it.
Put my pasta into a bowl, just top it with some of my
parsley lemony garlicy breadcrumbs.
And that is pantry mackerel pasta.
It barely requires any cooking.
It's my favorite kind of pasta.
[lively music]
- Two things that I brought with me from New York,
cannellini beans, artichoke hearts as well.
So this is gonna be super simple pasta.
But we're gonna start with white onion and garlic.
It' lik that scene in Goodfellas.
The thing about being at my parent's
is that like sometimes you go in the fridge
and you're looking for an onion and you find this.
And it's just like who, why was it cut like that?
What's the--
I don't know.
Oh what's cookin', smells good, starterpack.
It's garlic and onion and olive oil.
As Molly Baz would say, more than just a little bit of salt
in your pasta water, orecchette,
and we're gonna cook that until it
is just short of aldante.
We have our rinsed white beans, those are gonna go in.
Our artichoke hearts, those are also going in.
We're gonna grab a little bit of salt, red pepper flake,
gets a stir, liquid gold, and set it aside
to use in my sauce.
Gonna add a little bit of butter in here,
this is gonna give us a creamy base to the sauce
and we're gonna add just a little bit to start.
The butters gonna melt into that, pecorino.
So finely grated and just a little bit at a time.
This is not the most colorful dish in the world
but you know what, it's gonna be good.
We've got our white bean, artichoke heart, chili flake pasta
Oh, this is dinner.
[lively music]
- This pasta I've been seeing a lot of you guys make it
during this time, it only requires seven ingredients
and that includes salt and pepper.
I'm gonna add some salt in that pot of boiling water.
Not the amount Miss Baz would.
I have these kind of, just tiny little shells,
but I think any kind of short cut, tubular pasta works.
Packaree, camaranta, but to be honest,
I think even long pasta would be delicious.
This makes so much sense with spaghetti,
and I'm just gonna drop my pasta.
I give my pasta a stir,
just so it doesn't stick to the bottom.
This shape is gonna take about maybe eight minutes.
Whatever it says on the package for aldante,
let's say these would say nine minutes,
I'll cook it eight minutes 'cause I want it to finish
cooking in the sauce, you guys know, come on now.
Meyer lemons are things that you find in the winter,
it's always amazing to me how you find the brightest
of things come during the darkest months.
And I'm just gonna cut the knobby ends.
I just cut it into rounds.
I'm gonna turn my heat on to medium,
once the butter is melted I'm gonna add the lemons
and the lemons are gonna caramelize.
Once they've kind of cooked and caramelized
I scoop like three out to kind of use as garnish.
I'm gonna scoop some pasta water out.
Some remaining cold butter.
I'm gonna add my pasta in here,
I'm gonna add a little bit of Parmesan
and make sure it melts in before adding more.
And this will also obviously thicken the sauce.
What I like to do is turn it off and add a ton of pepper,
really coarsely ground.
This is kind of almost like a cacchio pepe
like a lemony cacchio peppe.
This sauce has definitely thickened.
I wish I could feed this to you guys.
I'll take some of these lemon slices,
little more parm.
What I do here is I'll micro plane Parmesan
until it gets kind of like, that shaker Parmesan texture.
I like to finish with more pepper.
Use whatever pasta shape you got.
Tubular, great.
Long, awesome.
The black pepper comes through, the Parmesan adds
like a salty nuttiness but it also helps thicken the sauce
and I love the Meyer lemons in this but regular lemons
will totally work, bye guys!
[lively music]
- I am gonna show you how to make my pantry pasta.
Bear with me because I have one hand only.
Salt in there, drop the pasta in.
I love this pasta, let me tell you why.
It's gluten-free, luckily I recently found out that
I'm not gluten intolerant.
Pasta con mantequilla y queso, that's how we say it,
pasta with butter and cheese.
I'm gonna start melting this butter before
the pasta gets here.
I'm gonna get one cup of the cooking water out of the pot,
very careful, make sure you don't put your hand inside.
And I'm gonna put half of it on the butter.
There, scoop it out, you see how you get, oof,
so much steam, and I start putting it in the butter.
I hope I'm making you hungry [laughs].
Don't get rid of your water in case you need some more.
Pastas in there, butters in the bottom,
I'm gonna start stirring.
I'm gonna add some of the cheese.
I'm gonna add just a little more butter.
Cheese, pasta, butter, what's not to like?
I'm gonna add some black pepper.
That was done in like no time.
Probably like 15 minutes.
This is gonna be I think my breakfast.
Mmm, cheesy!
It takes exactly like the pasta my aunt used to make.
Bon appetit!
- We're doin' the outro.
This is called an outro.
Take the outro seriously.
- Outro!
- Silence for the outro!
I will be respected!
[children laughing]
- Outro!
It's outro, yeah yeah yeah!
- The key thing here, is all you need is a few staples
to keep on hand, tomato paste is a great option,
anchovies are a great option,
garlic certainly, olive oil.
- Anchovies for pizza? - Shhh, okay easy.
No, no, it's not like anchovies on pizza.
Were you not listening to the video, dude?
Shhh, so point being, Parmesan great addition if you have it
whatever veggie you have on hand.
All that pantry stuff provides a great base
and whatever you add to it, just makes it even better.
Thank you so much.
Did we get it? - Yeah, we did it!
- Nope! - We did it!
- We did not get it! - We did it!
We did it! - The video is still going.
- Okay, that is a W. - Goo goo, gah gah.
- All right, Ally do this.
Do this, shhh, do this, that's a W.
- Pew!
- Okay, that's more of a gang sign
but whatever, you do it your way.