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in this video I'm gonna show you how to add texture shading in Photoshop
I've drawn this paintbrush character and each element that we want textured is in a
separate layer I've also renamed them and color-coded
them so it's easy to see what's what at a glance and we're going to add
texture using some brushes if you don't have any nice textured ones installed
you can click into your brush panel select up here on the right and click
get more brushes that opens up Adobe site and you can download any of these
awesome brushes from Kyle Webster for free I've made a little folder of some
of those brushes that I like and a few of my own grain trading ones that I like
as well you can download those are free in the description let's start with the
head we're gonna create a new layer above this one and then we're gonna make
this new layer a clipping mask by holding either also option on our
keyboard and then hovering over with that cursor when we see this little
downward pointing arrow it could and that creates a clipping mask which is
the key to the whole process now when I draw in this layer it is only visible on
the layer below it now we're gonna roughly color in the
bottom right in this head layer because we're gonna imagine our light source
coming from the top left and now we can select our move tool or press v on your
keyboard and now we can move that texture around independently and we can
also rotate it and adjust where it sits on top of that layer and if we go up to
layer panel and option-click that layer it switches off the clipping mask and
turns into a regular layer let's turn that back on it's best to keep each
texture on a new layer so let's create a new layer above that make it a clipping
mask again select our brush tool and I'm gonna hold alt or option to select my
eyedropper tool and click on this pink area to change the color of my brush now
let's go in and create some rim lighting by just touching the right edges of that
layer now if we change our mind about what color we want that texture to be we
can either delete it and redraw it again or if we're really in love by how that
particular one was drawn we can double click it over here in the layer panel
and select the effect color overlay and then if we click on this area here we
can choose another color inside this box or just click on one of the other colors
inside our image there we are and let's add these two layers for a second
another way to add texture is to import a scanned image of some paint or texture
into your PSD we can set the blending mode of this layer to multiply to darken
our image let's make that a clipping mask of course and we can add the curves
effect by pressing ctrl M and adjusting those to increase the contrast
we can also invert it by pressing ctrl I on our keyboard and then set its
blending mode to screen in order to lighten that layer I do prefer brushes
for this illustration though over the top of everything I like to add a
texture that looks like this and then set that to screen let's click
the curves on that layer as well just to get this nice with a distress across
the whole image and let's scale that up a touch we go through the same process
for each layer of the design creating clipping masks for all of them texturing
this fella took around 40 minutes adding texture and shading like this is a great
way to separate layers of the same color and add some volume to them like I've
done to his jacket here by adding just a few lines to separate the sleeves and
the lapels you may have noticed that I'm not labeling all the texture layers
that's because we're gonna end up with loads of them hiding some and deleting
more so it's just not practical because I've colored my main layers I know
everything not colored is a texture layer and the clipping mask indents them
to the right but usually we should always be laboring out layers
please don't tell anyone
I made a short playlist of some related videos that'll think you'll enjoy
if you've baited this far I'll see you in the next video and please consider
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Subtitle: Zoe J Marriott