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When I think of diversity I
think of diversity and
inclusion. The two go hand
in hand together.
Diversity to me is that rich
intersection of different ideas,
perspectives and backgrounds
coming together. And inclusion
allows that intersection to go
forth. So that creativity and
innovation move forward.
I think diversity is one of those
things that you don't really
have to consciously address
all the time but it will manifest
itself unconsciously. So for me
as a black kid growing up in
upstate New York my race was
definitely a big key difference
between me and my peers.
And just being able to talk
about these key differences in
our identities and experiences
was one of the big ways I saw
diversity and the aims of really
being inclusive towards everyone
being seen and being implemented.
Diversity also means social
mobility. Now I'm an MIT student
in Cambridge, MA. But I'm also
the child of immigrant parents.
Now, my parents are actually
refugees. They met in refugee
camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
And they remind me all the time:
don't let any opportunity go
to waste.
So nationally there's been a lot
of focus lately on issues of
diversity and inclusion on
college campuses. It was
important for us to, kind of,
identify how MIT was going to
respond to these issues.
Understanding that MIT is not
really a competitive but more
of a collaborative institution,
meant that the way we were
going to approach this problem
was from multiple angles and
from multiple levels. So that's
MIT students, faculty, staff,
and administrators coming
together to put forth this list
of recommendations and understand
that the way we're going to make
this community change is among
its members, and all of its
All of us have different thoughts
and ideas. It doesn't matter if
we grew up on different sides of
the world, or if we grew up in
the same neighborhood, we're
all different. We're all unique.
We're all diverse. And an
inclusive environment allows
all of us to come together
to collaborate. To create.
To innovate and ultimately
change MIT and the world.