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I have to wear this mask all day long.
I'm not allowed to walk around the hospital without this mask,
and I'm given one for the whole day.
When we were sitting around examining what is it
that MIT could do to make a difference, what could
we get done rapidly in time to address the peak,
and face shields was one of those things.
Face shields are important, because not only
do they protect people that are caring for others,
but they also protect masks, and we all
know that masks are in short supply.
And it was really an example of what we do at MIT.
We employed the things that students
learn in design classes, in our manufacturing classes,
like 2008.
And to be honest with you, we went from idea
to sketch to calculations to CAD and then
fabricating this thing in less than two hours.
And I'm happy to say that this project has been scaled up
to mass manufacturing.
MIT is partnered with a manufacturer that
donated the first 100,000 of these
to the local Boston area and other hard hit areas
across the country.
This is what we were made to do.
This is what our community was created for,
to harness science and engineering and technology
to improve the human condition.