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The 12,018 Human era calendar is out now.
You can order the limited edition...
...for the short time of 10 days and then never again.
Its like a regular calendar for 2018 but with one important difference.
Its for the year 12,018 of the human era.
We explained why this should be our current calendar in our A new calendar for humanity video.
Last years calendar got a lot of feedback and we've listened... what you wanted.
The 12,018 calendar has much more room for notes.
A spiral binding, we got the shipping costs down.
And it will arrive for time in Christmas.
Its printed on high quality paper,
has a gold cover,
and It was produced in Seattle, so we can ensure Kurzgesagt quality.
The calendar itself features 12 detailed illustrations...
...of human cultures around the world.
Order it now, its available for a limited time of 10 days...
...until October the 20th.
The human era calendar is a passion project for us.
That represents the idea of human unity and progress.
And that we need to work together to stay alive and to travel to the stars.
Its the second time we've made one and we're trying to make this a regular thing.
Thanks a lot to everyone who loves the idea of a new history.
We couldn't do any of this without this group of like-minded humans around the world.
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