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I'm Ariel.
I'm a senior at MIT
majoring in computer science and minoring in math and women and gender studies.
My name is Caitlin Keegan.
I'm a senior at MIT studying Course 2-A, so that's mechanical engineering
and minors in Economics and Business Analytics.
I'm Giulia Alvarenga.
I'm a sophomore studying business analytics, which is 15-2 and minoring in computer science.
And I'm Megan Ochalek.
and I'm a senior in Course 2, so mechanical engineering.
[Ariel] I know the last days at school were a rollercoaster for everyone.
Maybe we can talk about what that experience was like for us
and how quickly things changed.
Yeah, 'cause we took that photo, right?
That was Monday.
Yeah, that was Monday, right.
In front of Killian, all of us together.
[Megan] That Monday was so nice. It was like the first nice day, so everyone's out.
Like all of MIT is just suddenly...
[Ariel] I'm really grateful that we had that time together, and that experience
when things still felt normal.
[Ariel] I just want more time with the people I really cared about at MIT, to...
...tell them how impactful they've been on my experience
and how much I care about them.
So, hopefully a lot of people can make it to the reunion.
I wouldn't trade the 3.75 years I had for anything, but...
[Megan] I'm gonna cry guys!
[Ariel] Love you guys!
I just want to give you all hugs!
[Ariel] The virtual hug!
[Caitlin] The virtual hug!!
[Megan] Virtual hug!!!