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*siren wailing*
It's 6 a.m. in the morning. I was rudely awoken by my phone going "na-na-na-na", vibrating and going mental.
And then there was an air raid, this air raid siren going on outside for a
missile from North Korea. I don't know if it's real or not, but it's not a very nice way
to wake up in the morning. But what I do know is this area I'm currently in
Aomori on the Sea of Japan coastline and I think last year a missile splashed
down in the sea off the coastline. Maybe I think about 100 kilometers out to sea.
And then there was another missile not that long ago that
crash-landed just off the coast of Hokkaido 'bout another hundred kilometers that way.
So, in this remote far-flung region of Japan, the only thing
the locals have to worry about normally, are the bears and now on top of the
bears, they've got North Korean missiles. It's a bit unfortunate I've come here to
hike through a forest and while I was prepared to accept the, the danger of the
bears, the-the missiles certainly add another element to that.
Missiles and bears. That is what the people here have to worry about now.
Albeit not together. That would be quite unlikely but, but also terrible.
*siren wailing*
I'm in bed. Just went back to sleep.
Phone went off alert. Phone went off again.
Alarm went off again. Now I'm really angry. The emergency alert said
the missile flew overhead though. So I better look that up.
For fucks sake, I was just woken up a third time.
This time by the television switching itself on.
To report about the missile.
I didn't even know TVs could switch themselves on in Japan like that in emergencies.
Probably makes sense but...
it's so annoying and now
I've got to get out of bed. And switch the TV off.
For fuck's sake.
This is what annoys me about all the people who go to North Korea on holiday because it's so
different and unique seeing a culture that's so weird and strange like the 1960s.
Fuck off.
Like every time you go to North Korea you're funding a regime that
butchers its own people. That has hundreds of thousands of people locked
away in concentration camps and fires missiles just stupidly and randomly at 6 a.m. in the morning.
If you go to North Korea, you're a fucking idiot. Don't go.
And now I'm gonna go to sleep and I'm really angry.