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Just wanted to let you all know that I've opened a patreon account so if you'd like to support what I do
Now there is an option to do so and just in case someone doesn't know what patreon is, it's a website where you can donate
A monthly sum to content creators such as myself in order to support the content that they create
So if you enjoy my videos then you can support future videos by donating a portion of your allotted supply of ones and zeros
Even individual one dollar donations can make a big difference Collectively
this will help me pay for things like stock footage, stock music, stock photos, stock humans that awkwardly smile at the camera,
software subscriptions, research related subscriptions, website upkeep
and other potential expenses required to make videos.
Not to mention food.
Which can be a great aid when you're trying not to die I? (Who eats a burger that way?)
I actually had a patreon account before but closed it down to rely solely on ads.
But given the current state of YouTube's ad revenue system, I felt it was about time to resurrect it.
I've been lucky enough not to get hit with too many demonetization issues as of yet, but
Luck is not exactly cause for celebration
With every upload it is quite
Literally like playing the lottery you just roll the dice, and hope the algorithm is in a good mood today
But like I said on Twitter.
"I like YouTube it is a platform that I enjoy" (totally not sarcasm)
Nevertheless my patreon page is now a thing and it should go without saying that this is completely voluntary
If you can't or simply don't want to support me financially you can still do so by whitelisting my channel in your and blocking software
in adblock you first enabled whitelisting of specific YouTube channels
Then as you're watching one of my videos you click the icon and there you go
It's a bit more complicated if you're using adblock plus, or uBlock Origin
But I've provided links in the description if you'd like to go the extra mile
I've tried to keep the rewards quite simple as I'd rather focus on making more videos
But you do gain access to a few minor perks like my thumbnails in wallpaper friendly resolutions
special roles on the discord server your name in the closing credits as well as the patreon feed where I will post the occasional update and
behind-the-scenes material. Whenever I actually have something extra to share which probably won't be that often
But I will do my best, but you know that my videos themselves will never be hidden behind a paywall they will always be
completely free (Stalin incarnated)
Yeah, that's pretty much it. I mean if nothing else
Thank you for watching my videos in the first place and making all of this possible