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ok in case you missed it i started a new
YouTube channel it is called sciencium
you can go check it out by clicking on
this card up here or link in the
description there's already two videos
over there about the Mpemba effect
that is does hot water actually freeze
faster than cold water, and on the Sun
slowing down. Now ever since I started
this YouTube channel
I've been getting a lot of questions from
people mainly why did you start a new
what's different about sciencium compared
veritasium what's going to be on
veritasium now. why can't you just put
everything in one place and so I wanted
to address those questions in this video
just think about the spinning wheel the
antigravity wheel video that I did. You
might remember this majestic way that I
lifted up this 40-pound wheels spinning
at 3000rpm over my head and made it look
easy. but the thing is that wasn't the
first time I had done it i had been
working on this project in fact for the
better part of a year. The first time I
tried to build the apparatus was in
canada in the wintertime and it was
awful, i was spinning up this weight with
a tire and it didn't work very well it
didn't get spinning fast enough and as
you can see I was not able to lift it
over my head it was incredibly awkward
when I tried to do that. but still I kept
trying to work on it and then when I got
back to Sydney I had the apparatus built
again and I fixed a whole bunch of
things but even then the first time it
didn't work was bad enough if you get
that my point is that veritasium videos
take a very long time to make. That video
took maybe a month of full-time work
over you know a year and so it's very
difficult to make regular videos. I mean
veritasium has never had a format it's
always been a little bit random and that
means every video is a new battle for me
and that just takes a lot of time it
means that I can't do very many videos.
so the first and main reason that I'm
making sciencium is because I want to
make videos that have a particular
format to them. i want to make a channel
that has the process of something where
I know what's that comes next and i can
put out hopefully more videos and
address more science topics and that's
something I really want to do and I hope
that you enjoy those videos too and what
I thought would do in this video is show you the
process of making a sciencium video. show
you a bit of behind-the-scenes the kind
of tools that i use to get this done. so
where it all starts is with the script
and the way I script is I actually like
to rate all my scripts in like a
presentation format as though I'm going
to be presenting it because i find
giving talks very natural i have I like
doing it and it helps me to just write
it out in dot point and then i have got these
conceptual chunks that I can move around
from there once we have a good script
then I can go to shoot and where I shoot
would be in this room right here on this
green screen i really love these lights
and because you can change the intensity
of them you can also set the color i can
dial it up from very much the color
tungsten this is 2700 Calvin through to
very blue
more like daylight at 5600 kelvin and
then this is my key light and it's got a
diffuser on it which makes it kind of a
nice lighting myself so this will be too
bright if I stand in front of it but
taking it down now audio is anyone who
knows film will tell you is very very
very important maybe more important than
the vision and i've been using these
sennheiser wireless mics for a very long
time. The actual mike that I'm using is
interesting because it's not a clip-on i
have my mic right here and it's actually
like a vampire clip so it's got these
things on the back and so that just goes
into my shirt
I like this because i can actually even
wear this with a t-shirt and hide the
mic completely I and now the camera for
the last few years i've been using the
panasonic gh4 that is what is shooting
me right now and the reason i picked
this camera was because it was one of
the first ones come out
at a reasonable price point that could
record 4k internally for those of you
who don't know 4k just means four
times as many pixels as HD which is 1920
x 1080 now some people might argue with
that overkill especially considering i
currently published a lot of my stuff in
1080 but the reason I shoot in 4k is
because let's say I shoot a single take
here and from the green screen in 4k
when eventually i go to edit it i can
then decide whether i wanna you know
zoom in for a close-up at any point I
can just blow up the image without
losing resolution because i'm exporting
in 1080. but actually i'm not going to be
using this camera for much longer
because i have here a gh5. I bumped into
like the right person at CES and they
knew that I used the gh4 and they
offered to send me a gh5 before they're
available in stores. so that
was pretty awesome
there is gh5 camera body it looks pretty
similar to the old gh4 body but
it is a little bit wider something i
really liked about the gh4 screen with
that you can flip it around so that you
could face yourself so when you're
setting up a selfie shot you know I
think that's one of the key advantages
it's hard as a self shooter to have a
camera that doesn't have a screen that
you can see. so some of the things I'm
excited about in this camera are that it
can shoot 4k and 60 frames a second that
will allow me to shoot some slow motion
even at the full resolution, at Full HD
the highest framerate is a hundred and
eighty frames per second
there's also some interesting changes to
the way they do compression and higher
bitrate recording so you can do 10-bit
recording of video and it's at 422 color
compression with all that means is that
the cameras actually recording more
color information which should lead to a
nice-looking images and at the end and
more stuff that you can do with it in
post i think that will allow me to shoot
on a green screen and key that green
screen better than i have been able to
do in the past but there's something I
want to
with and find out whether it works. this
is not a sponsored video but they did
send me this camera so I do appreciate
that because anyone is reading using the
gh4. i'm going to set up for my first
shoot here, and i am putting the teleprompter on
what I like about this small prompter is
that your eyes don't really even move
back and forth in order to see all the
words. the bug is whipped through the air with a
peak acceleration of around 12 G's. Turn
on mirror mode i'm gonna flip that
around so now I put it here
alright. A frogs tongue can get pretty
intuitive mountain less time that it
takes for you to blink, just 7 hundredth of a second
so i finished the shoot and now it's
time to import those files for about
five years i've been using final cut pro
to edit even though i know most people
are on premiere
so i started doing a bit of premiere
lately i still find final cut pro is
really quick and easy here here and it's
one of my key ideas for a sciencium is to
make it quicker to make nice graphics
for is to hand-draw all the graphics.
Henry right who makes metaphysics actually
recommended that I try and ipad pro and
i found it to work pretty well i'm using
an app called procreate and what's
really nice about that is it will by
default record all of your strokes so
that you can play it back at the video
afterwards. one thing is like haha
i'm not a great artist right but .. I don't
know they have like legs down here thing
and let's say they're sitting on some
sort of lily pa, I actually find it really
pleasing to draw on an ipad i feel like
i'm a better artist than ipad whether
that's just my perception then you can
just go here too
timelapse replay and you can see the
drawing come to life and then if I want
I can export the video i can now airdrop
this directly to the imac and then we're
gonna have like the basic so to
summarize that the reason I'm starting a
new channel science team is because it's
going to have a different format all the
videos will be scripted and presented in
front of green screen and animated
hopefully most the animations will take
place by hand and there's a reason I
haven't told anyone about yet I wanted
to make this new channel which is I
would like to work with other YouTube
creators collaborators experts i know
that a lot of you who watch my videos
are experts in your own right and i
would love to make more videos about
things that I don't even know about
haven't heard about
so if you would like to help me make the
videos on sciencium I want to hear
from you i'm going to make a google form
i will put it in the description and i
am seeking collaborators people who will
be paid for working on the sciencium
channel for helping me make more and
better and cooler stuff so if you're
interested in a writing or researching
or drawing animating editing I want to
hear from you and you should complete
the form by clicking the link in the
description also i will be launching
another form which is just for ideas if
anyone has ideas for topics to do on
veritasium or sciencium you can
submit those there. so I'm really looking
forward to working with other people so
fill out those forms and i look forward
to working with you in future.