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[Desiree] OK, this is the egg-drop challenge on Earth Day using all recycled materials!
[girl] Mine's a spaceship!
[Desiree] Yeah, and a parachute, and how did you protect the eggs?
[boy] styrofoam.
[Desiree] I'm home with a 6-year old, a 4-year old and a three-month old.
And my husband is an emergency room physician.
And so we are living a chaotic life
but really feel very fortunate.
[husband] Wow!
[Desiree] It's intact! Wohoo!!
When I first met with my group after we had
had shuttered our lab very frantically
we gathered together on Zoom
as a lab family and said,
We have to remember that even though it seems like we are working on things
that might be unrelated to this pandemic
we at least have the skills to be able to think about how we can contribute in this space
so don't feel helpless in this situation.
We're experimentalists, so we spend our time in the lab.
We generate big data sets
and then go and analyze those.
And so for various people in my team at different career stages
they have different concerns.
They might have a big data set and it's perfect timing for them to be forced in a corner to write that up.
But some of them are just brand new and don't have that.
And so being thrust into this position where you don't have access to a lab anymore
makes you realize the importance of the longevity of data that's already been collected.
And I think this is a pretty interesting exercise for me right now because
all of us are thinking about big data and how to systematize the collection of data
so that a science project doesn't just end with the product that might be a patent or a manuscript,
but thinking about how that can go on to inform other projects.
[music and background discussion]
And the other cool thing that we've done is something that I'm calling, "T-cubed"
It's Tuesday/Thursday Tea.
I sent everyone donuts and bagels and fruit and coffee and tea.
And so they're supposed to look up who they're meeting with
and bust out their coffee and tea and
they have kind of two goals;
to check in with each other socially
and then to think about their work and ways that they can have synergy from their two projects
that would lead potentially lead to something new and exciting.
This is, I think, a great example of the MIT spirit;
Nobody is gonna knock us down and keep us down in no event
so we all kind of hunker down and say,
"Ok, what does this mean? Now with my new design constraints,
what can I do that's new and different?"
And at some point we're gonna rush back into the lab and be very excited about that
but in the meantime, we're going to try and make the best of what we have available.
And that'll lead to new and different ideas.
[laughter, background chatter and music]
There we go!
Yes, that's a good baby!