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Good evening guys and welcome to Journey Across Japan
Tonight we are in the city of Osaka (大阪市), nightlife capital of Japan
And joining me, as I eat and drink my way through the city, is Mr. Pete Donaldson
I'm on my holiday, so I'm ready to get funky
Osaka (大阪市) is Japan's second-largest city, although with a population of 20 million
It's still larger than the likes of London, Los Angeles and Paris
Undeniably grittier than Tokyo (東京), Osaka locals have a reputation for being laid back and outspoken
And in my experience generally friendlier from the Tokyo (東京) counterparts
There's no easier place in Japan, to strike up a conversation with a stranger and tonight is no exception
As we learn the local dialect from some students pretend to be cool
Take a nostalgic trip to a retro video games bar
Incinerate our mouths with Osaka most popular dish
And even throw in an elaborate Blade Runner-esque, neon lit montage sequence
Hopefully by the end of our night, you'll have some extra ideas and what to do, the next time you find yourself in Osaka (大阪市)
We all know, all good nights out start with a decent meal, given that Japan's second largest city is often referred to as Tenka no Daidokoro, or the Nation's Kitchen
It seems fitting to kick things off with Osaka Style Okonomiyaki pancakes
Easy to eat and hard to pronounce, Okonomiyaki typically consists of batter, pork, shrimp and shredded cabbage
Smothered with mayonnaise worcester sauce and dried bonito fish flakes
And in this case, I've ordered some extra cheese, partly because my greed knows no bounds and partly just to piss off Pete
The fact that you added cheese to this concoction, Chris, means that it's very hard to cut
Those chopsticks skills
I can't really, I can't get on it, because there's a permafrost of cheese underneath
This is a good way to start the evening, if you come to Osaka (大阪市), one dish you need to try, okonomiyaki
It'd be a crime to miss it, but given all the, all the drinking, we'd probably end up doing tonight
It's a good place to start out, we've actually got our first drinks here, some sake (酒) and Pete
It looks like Pete cut his finger in a glass
I'm having my favorite drink that I often have in Japan when I do visit, it's called a Red-Eye. Chris, what's in it?
Red-Eye, beer and tomatoes
P: It's beer and tomato juice. C: That's disgusting
P: Beer and tomato juice. C: Can I try it?
Is it literally just beer and tomato? How can that work?
Not even any spice in it
It's just fizzy tomato juice
That is just fucking horrible
I think, I'll just stick with the sake, do we even have that in the UK? Good, let's keep it away from the UK
God, no
Well, we're stuffed full of okonomiyaki, we've had our sake and now the night can truly begin
Isn't that right, Pete?
Let's do this!
We need more? How many more? I'll take them all
Whilst in many countries of the world, drinking alcohol in public is either forbidden or frowned upon
In Japan, not only is it legal, but very common to see people out drinking in parks and open spaces
And there's nowhere better to do that in Osaka (大阪市), than the dynamic and vibrant neighborhood
of Amerikamura, quite literally America town
One of the fashionable centers of Japanese youth culture for over 40 years
and just to show Amerikamura's dedication to all things American
They've even got a replica Statue of Liberty
Looming overhead, it's just like America, isn't it
This stuff, 9 percent drink, it is so fucking lethal, I don't know what they put in it. Have you had this before?
Have you not? oh, you're in for a treat, alright it's weird, I'm quite alcoholic resistant. Is that a word?
I'm quite good with drinking alcohol
Doesn't really affect me, but this, 2 cans of this
And I'm straight off to Narnia
If you ask anybody who drinks this stuff, any foreigner who comes to Japan who drinks this, they'll testify that this is a potent drink
Let's see it has an effect on Pete
I want to meet Mr. Tumnus, to America town
Well I'm not drinking that again
Oh, it's horrible
Doesn't taste like apple, it tastes like cyanide
What apple, there is apples?
There's lemon, there's orange, blueberry and we got Apple
But it doesn't taste like apple, it tastes like gas, like petroleum
Do you feel like you're in somewhere that is, is different right now?
Lot of kids hanging out in the circle
It looks like a level from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, a lot teenagers hanging about, a lot of people with thick, chunky BMX tires
Just lads with a lot of street wear on
You cross one street in Osaka (大阪市), you can hear like hip-hop music start playing, you see all these crappy clothes shop start cropping up
And then it looks like this, there are a load of BMX's around
After just 10 minutes of moping around drinking
Pete and I, successfully blend into America town, when we find ourselves being invited over to join some friendly students
I'm happy
These nice locals, are going to teach Pete some Osaka dialect
What is Osaka dialect for cool?
So I am from the north of England
I also have a different accent to everyone else
To sort of say, yes, in my accent
Why aye man
P: Newcastle, why aye man
Yeah, why aye man
Aho means stupid
Hey guys, Amerikamura, get a drink, rock up, meet some people have some fun, and now, it's on to the next place
Not only are there some amazing retro systems in here, there are also some amazing stuff we never got in England
We never got even in Europe, this is great, thanks for bringing us here, Chris
You're welcome Mr. Donaldson, I'm a good friend
You are a good friend
So guys, we're now in a videogame bar and I'm about to kick his ass at Bomberman
on the Nintendo Super Famicom or as it's known in America
The Super Famicon was before my time, I was born in 1990 and I was too young for this, but I did had Bomberman on the Gameboy
So that's why I learned there the rules, the ways of Bomberman
The ways of Bomberman or ancient Japanese art of the way of the Bomberman
I'm bottom right, guys
Top left
What's that? Is that guy riding a fucking squirrel or something?
Games bars are once a lot more common in Osaka (大阪市) and Tokyo (東京), where you can sit down drink and relax
Whilst playing retro video games in a relaxed environment, more reminiscent of being a friend's house than at a bar
Sadly however, more and more are closing down under pressure from large video games companies
So my advice is try visit one, while they still exist
In hindsight, this games pretty fucked up
I'm a guy laying bombs, while riding a kangaroo, who-who's dreamed this up?
No, no, yes, yes, I won, yes and a celebratory
Celebratory Chicken McNugget, there you go
Like the chickens never laid an egg
The taste of victory
In any other YouTube situation, he didn't insist on doing something twice
But because he's won, I know for a fact, this is the final time will play this game
We're done here
Osaka (大阪市) most popular dish, can be found on almost every street corner in the downtown area and the often smell the sweet sizzling batter
Long before you spot the stand the side of the street
Wow, that was a lot of alliteration, wasn't it? This my friends is Takoyaki
Literally fried octopus balls, we have two flavors
Salt and sauce, and the sauce is worcester sauce
What is the salt? Just salt?
Just salt, what is the salt?
I want the juice sauce
We can share, Pete
I will start with salt
This was 350 yen for five balls, which is about 3 dollar 50, very cheap
That's bloody good, ain't it?
It's super good very hot though, your mouth is about to be incinerated, so be careful
I have these before and they are hot for about the half like of uranium, like 50 years
They look so inert, but you know for a fact there is molten hot takoyaki inside
So what it is, it is basically it's kind of batter
with mayonnaise and fish flakes on top and worcester sauce here and inside we have sliced up chopped up octopus
Which some of you may not like the sound off, but actually it tastes amazing with the batter, with the mayonnaise, with the sauce
I'm still, it's too hot for me to try that
Pete is good to do it though
Get close of Pete crying
Yeah, to hot
Look at his face
The shop staf are captivated by Pete's inflamed face, look at how red Pete's going, ladies and gentleman
Because they're so delicious, you want to put them in your mouth right away
And I realize that sounds a bit weird, because we are eating balls, you want to put them in your mouth, really really quickly
But they're just so hot
It would be a crime and absolute crime to come to Osaka (大阪市) without trying takoyaki though, like
For me, what's Pete, what are you doing, Pete?
I'm cooling it by, there's a breeze coming down this Avenue, so I'm letting the ball linger in the breeze
If you come to Osaka (大阪市) and you come to eat takoyaki, bring a windsock
Know which way the winds going so you can cool them down
You burst yours
I burst it, my takoyaki ball has exploded
So the other day, yesterday I think, I asked you guys what we should do in Osaka (大阪市), one of the most popular things that came up was karaoke
Now I hate filming karaoke, because of copyright issues on YouTube, it's a great way to get this video taken down
Removed off YouTube and my entire evening of filming and editing going up in smoke, and yet we are going to karaoke
Right now, so it's going to happen
So it's just going to potentially put the whole video at risk, but it's going to be worth it
Because we're able to hear Pete Donaldson sing
So the way karaoke works in Japan, you get a room to yourself, you get a booth and you get a little touchscreen
Panel like this, you put in the song you want, hit the button and off it goes
So simple as that
Even I could do it at 1am
Even Pete Donaldson could do it and it's all you can drink as well, it's nomihoudai
Which means you sit here for like 2000 yen, which is 20 dollars
you can drink as much as you want for 2 hours, and that's pretty fucking good
The good thing about karaoke is, it's all in one room
The food is fried chicken, already have that in that basket there, it's gone
Fried chicken, drinks, It's all there, songs music, drinks, relaxation, karaoke
You could be in here for 2 or 3 hours and
I'm out of love, I'm so lost without you, I don't know the rest of this song
Well guys, we've done our karaoke for 90 minutes, I can't feel my voice
I want to go to bed now
I want to go to bed, but we've got one more thing to do, Pete
We've got reenact a scene from Blade Runner, we've gonna have scenes of you
Walking along with some slick music, after that you can go to bed
Okay then
Well I hope you enjoyed our little music video with Pete in, it was very rushed we made it very quickly
I say music video, it was just a clip with some music and Pete walking around the slow-motion
Yeah, they turned off some of the lights, but we did have the food, we've did enjoy the karaoke
Well one of us did
We did enjoy the lights and the fun times
And we even played a little bit of Mario Kart and I definitely won, bye
He didn't win, but at least he learned some Osaka dialect
That's all for now though guys, will be back same time tomorrow with Kobe beef
Kobe beef
No matter where you are might be watching from out there the big wide world, thanks for watching guys, and we'll see you tomorrow
I have to say, if I was on death row, I have to decide one meal, this meal that we've just had
would probably be it
This is Pete Donaldson's hotel room, ladies and gentlemen
I was washing some clothes and they weren't quite dry, so I had to spread them out
Pete, it looks like your suitcase exploded over your fucking room, what's going on?
Don't even want to look around the corner and see what there is
I'll leave you to it
Good night, Pete
Good night