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The way the work week works is the worst.
Waking up on Monday, you've got
five days in a row of work or school.
It's too much.
For, but by Wednesday,
withered is your soul with two more days,
nay three more days, until the weekend.
But, alas.
The weekend is also broken.
Two is the wrong number of days off.
Because the first day off is just a collapse
from the overly long work week
and the second day off
is tainted by the looming Monday.
The traditional weekend is, at best, 50% efficient.
It takes three days off just to feel like two days off.
And two days off feels like one day off.
But here is where it gets interesting.
Because one day off isn't none-day-off.
A day off never goes unappreciated.
Which brings me to a new schedule for new living:
Weekend Wednesday!
Take the last three work days,
slide them over one slot,
and bring the spare weekend day forward to Wednesday.
Now, when you wake up on Monday
there's only two days to go until Weekend Wednesday,
then just three more days 'til Sunday.
I've been working on this schedule,
and boy do I love it!
Here are the advantages.
Productivity goes down without breaks.
That's true on the scale of a day
to the scale of a year
(or a life)
and it's certainly true on the scale of a week.
Well-timed breaks equals a more effective you.
A two day push, followed by a break
then a three day push
and rest
feels amazing on both cycles.
The days off are more relaxing
and the days on more concentrated.
If you're self-employed with control over your schedule,
or a student able to pick classes to keep days clear,
I strongly suggest you give it a try.
And if you're an employer
your employee is enthusiastically sharing this video with,
it's worth considering if everyone is on board.
Now, of course, Weekend Wednesday won't work for the whole world
and that's fine.
Better even, because that creates an
off-cycle advantage for those of us who are on it.
Having a free day when everyone else is working
makes so many things easier and faster and crowd-less.
As for the Saturday,
you now have time to wrap up the work week
without interruptions from the rest of the world,
leaving Sunday as a true day of rest.
So that's the glory of Weekend Wednesday!
More frequent days off that feel 100%.
More concentrated and shorter work sprints
with a bonus off cycle advantage.
If those sounds intriguing, why not give it a try
and see if Weekend Wednesday works for you.
[soft brooding electronic music fades slowly]