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I prefer gallery view because it's like The Brady Bunch.
I know I love it.
So I am in New Hampshire with my husband.
More specifically, I am in my bike room hanging out
waiting for the sun to come out.
That's great.
What's been challenging about this kind of remote work
experience for you so far?
So I would say that one of the things I've come to appreciate
is that during the course of the day,
we have hundreds of random interactions, which
help us to stay connected.
And in this sort of new mode of operations,
those hundreds of interactions have literally dropped to zero.
So any connections we make at this point
have to be deliberate.
And so getting used to that and figuring out strategies
to make that work I think it's been quite challenging.
So then on the flip side of that, what, if anything,
have you come to actually like about working remotely
right now?
This is a little bit tangential.
But I'm starting to see these virtual communities pop up
where people are trying to figure out
how can MIT help in the global crisis
that we're all facing now?
And the interactions I've seen across campus
virtually are just incredible.
There are people who are figuring out how to give PPEs
to health care providers.
There are people who are figuring out
how to work with manufacturers to build ventilators.
There are people who are designing models
that will help us evaluate what will be
the impact of certain policies.
There are people who are working with pharmaceutical companies
to develop vaccines and that the list just
goes on and on and on.
Honestly, I think I have never been more proud to be
part of the MIT community.
And I think that we will all look back and be
proud of MIT's response.
So my colleague Elazer Edelman said this on a Zoom call
the other day.
He said MIT's made for this.
And I think he's exactly right.
There have been so many points in history
where they've been important moments in the MIT timeline
where we have stepped up and done something
in the service of the nation or in the service of the world
or in the service of the local community.
And I think we are in one of those moments right now.