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My name is Jianxiong Xiao.
People also call me Professor X.
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Our mission is to democratize autonomy.
The definition of the success of our company
is to make self-driving cars become part of people's life.
So pretty much any cars that need self- driving technology, we can enable that.
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A lot of people still think that self-driving cars
is such a new technology.
The general public may feel that it’s very difficult
to accept this new technology.
We’ve found delivery of food and grocery to be
probably the most interesting application for self-driving cars.
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The AutoX self-driving car delivery service is very simple.
You have an app, and then you order food online.
And then our self-driving car will go to the restaurant.
And the restaurant staff will put the food in the trunk,
and then the car will do the self-driving to your house.
And when they arrive at the house, it will give a text message.
And once you get outside, you can open the trunk and pick up your food. And that’s it.
Right now, we still have a safety driver there
supervising everything to make sure it’s perfectly safe.
Once we prove our technology is perfectly reliable,
then we will eventually remove the safety driver.
People really like self-driving cars to use it for food and grocery delivery.
This is really gradually becoming a part of their lifestyle.
That’s becoming a tool that they use.
Without MIT, I will say I would not be able to have this company at all.
I think at MIT, you have people working really hard to try to polish the technology,
polish the skill, push the science, push the engineering side.
MIT is the best place for a computer science geek like me to go.
The trend for self-driving cars is coming very quickly.
The whole society, everything going to be dramatically changed by self-driving car technology.
I’m really eager to see the day that finally, self-driving car is everywhere, in everyday life.