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I am back with Norm,
outside an alley next to a pub,
which is prime fighting territory.
And Norm is going to teach me some more about stage fighting.
What are you going to teach me?
--How to slap someone. --Okay.
So, I'm going to slap you in the face.
Okay, I'm going to take my classes off.
That's a very good idea.
Because the key ingredient in stage slapping
is that you react.
I will pretty much do very little.
But you have to sell it by doing the "Woaah!"
Yea, okay.
-- Got it? --Okay.
So, key ingredient number one:
I will tell you, that I'm about to slap you...
-- Okay --By putting my hand on your face.
Then, I will slap my hand, not your face.
Okay, I trust you here!
--So, don't be scared. --Okay.
--When my hand leaves your face... --Yep!
--Alright. -- That way obviously.
That way: not in the hell.
That way! --Got it.
--Ready? --Yep.
3, 2, 1
--Can I try this then? --Yes.
--I'l sell it this way. --Yep.
--So, you put your hand there... --Yeah.
And then you do that.
--But at the point of which I feel your hand leave my face... --I didn't do that.
I throw myself.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah?
That's brilliant. Do you want to do one more?
Okay, okay, one more, one more.
--Okay. --For the camera.
That is so much fun!
That is how to stage slap someone!
--Thank you, Norm! -- You're welcome.
Take it.
That is something you might not know!
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