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I'm at a party, taking just a couple minutes out to tell you that gold
has an E number. E numbers are the numbers given by the
European Food Safety Group -- or whatever -- and gold is technically
a food additive. You can have it for decoration or -- you know, in little
drinks or something like that. You can also get it in this form: you can get it as gold leaf.
And this is--well for gold, it's quite cheap. Each sheet
costs about £1 and that is because it's so unbelievably thin:
less than a micron. It's been rolled and rolled and rolled and
flattened and put into this little booklet. And, uh...
Well, that means you can do all sorts of things with it but one thing you can do is
with a bit of can... Got to be really careful here because--
--Do you want to just get a close shot of that? And so, with a bit of luck
I should be able...
I have gold plated my tongue for about £1.
And that is something you might not have known.
-Ah! That does not taste good.
-Does anyone else want a go? I've still got one left.
And yes, since you asked that, it's pretty much going to go
unaltered, through me.
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