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Coming to MIT I've slowly had the realization
that the MIT Libraries was just more
than a collection of books.
I'm Chris Bourg.
This year for the 24-hour Challenge,
we're asking you to challenge everything
you think you know about libraries.
We have all kinds of different books,
so that's one thing that surprises people is
our literature collection, graphic novels, the movies we
have, equipment that you can check out.
Then we have really unusual collections.
The whole MIT community can access different immersive
We have virtual reality headsets, we have GoPro,
and then we also have 360 cameras.
We are thinking about collections
that would be of interest to our students and faculty.
If you're doing research papers, we have primary sources,
we have the original materials.
It's basically like you're working with history.
I think that MIT Libraries is both
trying to keep up with the technology,
but the other part is to reflect what the community is trying
to do at large and be as forward thinking as they are
and being able to meet the needs that they're
creating in that work.
And I think the drones is a good example of that.
I think that the GIS Lab has been a good example of that.
If 250 donors give to the Libraries on March 12th,
we'll unlock a gift of $25,000 from a group
of women who are MIT alums and generous supporters
of the library.
I hope you'll join us in discovering
that a gift to the MIT Libraries is a gift to all of MIT.