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This is uh representing the earth.
and this represents, what do you think?
The moon?
Yes. now our first challenge is how far apart are they
like, roughly
like roughly, about that much?
Uh... I guess maybe about that far? maybe?
About that far? Yeah, yeah maybe.
Roughly? Okay.
about like that?
im guessing yeah
this far but then it's like here somewhere
rough right there and steal all right let's let's say stand here
ok tonight yeah yeah great
scene with panels in here ok
these are some images i found on a google image search for the earth and
the moon diagrams that are not to scale are pretty common and I understand why
we make them so you can show the detail without showing all that uninteresting
space in between but they can have a problematic effect on learning because
they give people the wrong idea about the relative proximity of things
now if we want to talk about the distance between the Earth and the moon
yeah it's actually about here
think about this it takes like one second to go from the earth to the moon
takes eight minutes for light to travel to the Sun and four years to go to our
nearest star and then consider that there are a hundred billion stars in our
galaxy and as far as we know a hundred billion galaxies in the universe the
universe truly is bigger than we can imagine and certainly bigger than we can
draw it to scale