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Hi everyone, I’m sure this isn’t what you expected
when you saw I had a new video up.
I’m not actually going to talk about any neuroscience topics specifically in this video, and
I'll try to keep it brief, but it might be just a little bit longer than the 2 minutes you've
come to expect from this channel.
But there are a couple reasons that I wanted to make a more personal video like this today.
First, and most importantly, I wanted to say thank you.
This channel will be celebrating its 5 year anniversary next month.
When I started creating 2-minute neuroscience videos almost 5 years ago, I was just trying
to come up with a way to help students understand some of the tough neuroanatomy concepts I
was teaching in class.
I never expected that I’d still be making videos five years later.
And if it wasn’t for all of the positive feedback I got from you all, in the form of
comments, and likes, and people subscribing to my channel, then I’m sure I wouldn’t
still be doing it, because that’s what gives me the motivation to keep making these videos.
So really, this channel is made possible by you all.
So thank you for that.
I will continue to make videos as long as you continue to find them useful or interesting.
The other reason for me making this video today is that I have an announcement to make.
So for the past year or so I've been writing a book, and it's finally finished now and
ready to be published in September by Nicholas Brealey Publishing.
The book is titled Your Brain, Explained, and my goal in writing it was to create an
introduction to neuroscience that would be enjoyable and understandable both to people
who are well-versed in neuroscience and to people who have no neuroscience background
at all.
So I cover a lot of the same topics in the book that I’ve talked about in my videos,
but it also obviously goes a lot deeper into things that are too dense to cover in 2 minutes.
So there are chapters, for example, on things like fear, and sadness, and sleep, and pleasure,
and in those chapters I cover topics that I’ve made videos about like the amygdala,
ssris, the brainstem, the reward system, and a long list of others.
So if you like neuroscience and you like my videos then you might like my book, too.
If you're interested, I put some links into the video description below where you can
pre-order the book; there also will be a clickable ad that will come up at the end of this video
that you can use to pre-order it, too.
The official publication date is September 24th, and at that point it will come out in
paperback and ebook formats.
If you pre-order, not only will you be one of the first to get the book, but also you’ll
be helping me out a lot by creating some interest in the book early on, and that makes it more
likely that booksellers will want to order copies for their inventories.
So I just wanted to let you all know about that.
I'm well over my normal time limit for videos on this channel, so I’m going to get back
to making my next 2-minute video, which will be on cranial nerve 9.
Thanks once again for all of your support.