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Well, hello there, multicellular friends. This is Pinky with my silent artist amoeba sister Petunia.
We are the two amoebas behind our YouTube channel The Amoeba Sisters.
In our human form, we are two sisters from Texas
on a mission to demystify science, with humour and relevance with our free videos, GIFs, handouts and comics.
But we have a big dream that...for now, it's larger than our Petri dish.
Part of our dream is creating more free content, but we need support to do so.
We currently fund most everything on our own.
We create all of our scripts and illustrations with our own equipment,
and we spend lots of hours creating our content
Patreon allows you to become an active supporter of our mission.
By tipping us as little as one dollar a month,
you can help provide us with resources to improve and continue making free science content
You can also unlock some fun Patreon rewards for yourself
Most importantly though, being a patron means that you are part of our community petri dish.
You'll become our first stop for video suggestions, feedback and motivation.
Click the red Become a Patron button to help us keep our science content free for everyone.
We so greatly appreciate you for taking us where we are today
And we hope to connect with you on Patreon as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.
Well that's it for the Amoeba Sisters and we remind you to stay curious!