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I like chocolate and...I like Mcdonald's
So when I heard that McDonald's Japan had conjured up a brand new menu item
called "Choco Potato"
it was like Christmas all over again...times...!!
I've always been a fan of McDonald's Japan's clever, quirky menu items though
For example a few years ago, I covered some Limited Edition Gourmet Burgers that came wrapped up.... iPods
And more recently I even witnessed an owl taking a selfie with Ronald McDonald
Although I suspect that may have just been the every day adventures of an owl
as opposed to some kind of clever promotion by McDonald's
But anyway enough of this talking business
let's go and see if it's any good!
A fork
Presumably it's gonna be a messy affair..
Oh! Double Choco Sauce!
Because one chocolate sauce simply isn't enough
Original Golden Crispy McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce
It's a bit of a mouthful isn't it
Yeah I quite like the box.. it's got me in the spirit of chocolate
Presumably nothing extraordinary inside, just the fries
I'm always really hopeless with this
That's a lot of chocolate
Actually looks quite apealling, i'm a little bit skeptical
But it actually smells really nice
Still can't believe I'm filming myself eating McDonald's fries with chocolate sauce on...
I really need to get out more don't I?
It works!
It definitely works
McDonald's Japan have done it again
I don't know what they did before, but they've done it this time!
It actually is quite good, the salt on the fries doesn't overpower the chocolate
Probably because there's 2 chocolate sauces instead of one, very clever that!
I could definitely see this working outside Japan, especially in the UK
Yeah this would work, definitely!
Then again I've had about 5 mouthfuls now and my mouth just doesn't know what is going on
On one side it tastes quite salty and the other side quite sweet
So...I don't know if I like that now
What would I give it out of 10?
About a 7!
But would I buy it again?
No, no i wouldn't!
But I don't regret buying it now, for the novelty factor
If you're in Japan, give them a shot, they're not that bad!
And if you're not in Japan..ahahah too bad! There's nothing you can do!
Except maybe buying some chocolate spread and smear them over your fries
In fact that would be cheaper than the ones I just bought
Now I feel like an idiot...
No I don't, I've got Chocolate Fries, from McDonald's
See ya later!
Oh I finished them..that was quick..