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So this weekend, the situation has presented itself
where I can do two things that I've always wanted to do
And those two things are: Sake Tasting at a Sake brewery
Not just any Sake brewery but actually the oldest one in all of Japan
and the second thing is clay modeling using a potter's wheel
Which is one of those spinning turn-tables where you can quickly shape and mold the clay
I've always thought it looked quite fun
And I suspect it won't be too difficult
because whenever I see people do it on TV
It always looks really easy
Perhaps even I can do it
But both of these awesome things can be found at a rural town called Kasama
about an hour and a half from Tokyo
in Ibaraki Prefecture
My good friends Masato and Tian Tian will be coming along as well
So yeah I think it'll be pretty good fun
Let's go and do things
So this is the beginnings of the greatest pot you'll ever see
Look at that! Perfect!
Oh nooo
Situation's quickly going out of hand
Literally out of hand
Look at that
That's the greatest bowl you'll ever see
It's like the cup out of Indiana Jones
Beautiful, beautiful
Wabisabi Style
Beauty in imperfection
This one's too perfect
So, to make a Sake cup
you have to put your thumb in like that
or probably
It's quite therapeutic
I feel very relaxed doing this
What's this?
Sake cup!
So you put your beer or sake in here
It's kinda losing its balance
Sake cup!
Super Sake cup!!
Maybe I can sell this
And make a profit
For 10 000 yens you can buy a Super Sake Cup
Why are you laughing?
I'm quite happy with that
Okay here we go again
It's cute
This one is one of my less good creations
Okay let's be artistic
Yes now this is art, real art!
He's pissing himself
Very good, I think!
See? I don't like to have the same thing sometime, I like to be original
This is the definition of originality
What did you think of my artwork?
I like them
Mmmh? Would you buy them?
I'll only buy them if you give me some money
It's not very nice
Which was your favorite?
Out of the 3
I like the....
It's hard to say
Coz they're so good
It's so hard to decide one, right?
So, just arrived in our hotel
after arguebly the most successful clay molding day ever
I can't work out to exactly pronounce the name:
Hotel io alpheratz
Don't...really know what that means
Tomorrow, sake factory
So, that should be cool and just about to go and have dinner
He's an absolute master of reactions
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Really good!
Very very tender!
And this is nice you've got seaweed on top
To give it some extra flavor
Good morning Chris!
Good morning Masato!
So we have:
This is the Western Style Breakfast
We have some
pile of bread oh it's warm that's nice
Soft whipped butter
Orange juice
Pasta, bacon, omelet, salad, tomato
Brocoli, a bean....thing
That's quite a good breakfast
It's quite big
So will you drink any sake today?
No I won't
Oh my god why?
I don't want to become mad
You don't want to become mad??
And that's exactly what I plan to do
Sudo Honke Brewery has been making Sake for 850 years
and is one of the oldest companies in the world
In fact it's so good that halfway through making this video
I decided, it deserves to be in its own video so keep an eye out for that
It'll be out soon
or now
Depending on when you are watching this in the future
Japanese style
So in Japan you can slurp your noodles really loudly
and it's fine
But obviously
in Europe and almost everywhere, it's rude
Even China?
Yeah it's not polite
I thought it wasn't just Japan, i thought it was all Asia
No Chinese do it
If I do it in China
It's a problem?
Yeah it's a problem
This is Kasama-shi's famous food
so we have here:
which is like a fried tofu
around some rice and here we have a....
Soba noodles
Inside the fried tofu
usually you just get rice
this is incredibly rare
It's actually some soba noodles
That's really really nice
Truthfully, I don't normally like
the fried tofu, I don't normally like it, but here this is really good
Maybe..maybe it's broken
It made a noise!
What the fuck is that?
I should buy
I should buy this parrot
But, maybe it's broken
Oh my god
It looks like Tian Tian
Maybe better than Tian Tian
Yeah I prefer the statue
The statue's better
Clap, clap, bow?
Got my fifty yen
Time to pray
I fucking missed!
Let's try again!
Take two
Got it right this time, yes!
I always get it wrong
I wished for a better tomorrow for everyone
Kasama is a beautiful rural town and it's a nice little day trip for anyone who wants to venture outside of Tokyo
For more details on everything featured in this video
Check out the description box below
And if there's anyone interested in purchasing
any of these three bespoke brilliant clay models
as seen in the video
Drop me a line!
You never know, you might actually get one!