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Hey guys, I have some bad news. Basically I'm not going to be able to make videos for a while.
Either until half way through this year or even until December.
You see, video making takes a crazy amount of time, which I had for the last half year,
because I took a break from studying but now, not only I'm back at university, I'm doing
an intensive one year course with classes and my own research and I don't have much spare time.
It's been going for a month already and it's a huge amount of work but I love it.
The shit thing is - I love making these videos too and I'm really upset that won't be able to for a while.
The consolation for me is that I'm learning so much and I can't wait to make videos all of it.
My research is in the field of quantum computers and it's on the coolest topic. It's about figuring out
what makes quantum computers more powerful that classical computers, which is very controversial.
I'm also taking a bunch of awesome subjects like general relativity and relativistic quantum mechanics.
Plus I have all these other interests like maths and biology that I also want to make videos about.
And after this year I'll have the time. I'm taking at least another year off university after this one,
before doing a PhD and I'm going to dedicate that time to making this channel much better.
That's where I need your help. So many of you guys watched my videos and left super kind comments
but I don't want any of that now. Be ruthless and tell me where I can improve and I know
there is tons to improve. Should I make my videos longer or shorter or change the timing?
Should I make some follow-up reading and questions? Should I acquire a better
sense of humour? Could I get a totally different set-up altogether? I don't know
but I trust that each one of you have some very valuable ideas. Leave them as comments for me.
If you agree with someone else's suggestions then like their comment and if you disagree with them,
it would be awesome if you could explain why. But... I guess it's time for goodbye now.
Thank you though, thank you for watching my videos and thank you to anyone who commented
and will comment and thank you for all the thought provoking questions.
You guys kept me company and kept me motivated
when a lot of people didn't understand what I was doing with my time.
I will be back and with your help - better.