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If it's supposed to be the "Final Fantasy", then how come there are so many games in the series?
We've all probably heard it before, and it does indeed bring up a valid point.
But there's a perfectly good explanation.
The year is 1987.
And the creator of the Final Fantasy series is about to quit the video game industry altogether.
Because the company he works for, Square is about to go bankrupt.
So in a "final" attempt to create a successful game,
he creates Final Fantasy.
Grand Theft Auto/GTA only exists because of a glitch in another game.
In 1995, Rockstar was working on a game titled Race'n'Chase.
The game was very similar to what would later become GTA.
However, the game focused only on car chases as well as playing as the police trying to catch criminals.
But a bug in the game caused AI police cars to try and run you off the road rather than actually catch and bust you.
This was popular enough with testers that the model of the game was reworked to better suit this dynamic.
And so, GTA was born.
While working on Deus Ex, and adding in New York skyline into the game,
designers had to cut out several parts of the backdrop,
including the Twin Towers because of memory limitations.
Gamers noticed this and when they complained,
the developers of Deus Ex explained that the towers had been destroyed by terrorist attacks in the game.
The game was released over a year before the actual 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The Xbox was originally named Direct Xbox.
As it was initially designed to show how Microsoft's Direct X Graphics technology could benefit the console market.
The Bioshock series is well known for its enemies such as the Big Daddies and Little Sisters.
You do realize that there's only one Big Daddy you dingus
However, before coming up with the idea for Little Sisters,
the creators had a few other ideas in mind.
At first, the Little Sisters or "Gatherers" as they were called at the time,
was designed based on a sea slug and look like this.
But nobody seemed to empathize with the character that much.
So the artists were given the task of creating a character that players could more easily feel pity for.
One artist sketched up this design of a dog in a wheelchair.
And another was that of a toad with a funnel attached to its anus!
Yeah try to empathize with that!
In New Zealand, it's considered a criminal offense to own the game Manhunt.
The game was described by a court that it portrays killing humans as "fun".
And the more violent, the more fun the killing is.
Even though twelve-year-old screaming little boys seem to be the minority of gamers,
it's surprisingly far from the truth.
Bullshit, you are 100% wrong
About 32% are below 18 years old.
That's only because that small minority are actually honest kids/teens.
That 68% of all gamers are 18 years or older.
That's only because those people are actually kids intentionally inputting their false birth date.
And the average age of a gamer is actually 30 years old.
Again, that's because kids are inputting a false birth date higher than 30.
But the most staggering fact about all this is that roughly 45% of all gamers...
are female.
So mobile gaming makes you a gamer?
"So you're telling me there's a chance?"
The best-selling video game console of all time is the PlayStation 2.
With over 155 million units sold worldwide.
The best-selling handheld device is the Nintendo DS.
With over 153 million units sold worldwide.
The worst selling console of all time is the Apple Pippin.
Which sold about 43,000 units during his two-year period on the market.
Not too surprisingly considering it was made by Apple.
Naw, i'm just kidding!
Not really.
But the failure had to do with its price.
It had a price tag of 599 dollars,
and the competing consoles were much cheaper as well better in performance and features.
Mega Man was originally called Rock Man.
But for its release in America, they changed it to Mega Man.
Because Nintendo of America thought people might mistake his name for Cocaine Man.
At roughly 270 million dollars,
Grand Theft Auto V currently has the largest budget of any game in history.
It was actually so expensive to make, that only one movie so far has had a bigger budget.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 at 300 million.