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(Ambient music)
[Man in Green Shirt] Oh, what is making?
Yeah, that's a dangerous question.
(Rock music)
It's a good question.
Everybody inherently is some form of a maker.
It's more like onomatopoeiac almost.
Like (speaker making laser sounds effects)
Making for me is like the sort of
thing that I did when I was four years old, and I can
see myself doing like 50 years down the line.
It comes so naturally and there's so much possibility,
and so much continuous learning.
I love that I have been able to find
a place where I can have this kind of side of me
that loves solving logical puzzles, but also, I have
a very deep appreciation for art, and culture, and
music making, as well.
[Man In Red Striped Shirt] Everyone is new at some
point and there is no judgment on that, and everybody
is always extremely helpful.
Anybody can take a room and throw machines
in it, and then expect people to come and
build stuff, right? So the community was something
we've been missing for awhile.
The Mat is going to be the big community space for all
of MIT, and anybody at MIT, and any of the alumni
can be part of that community.
You get people mixing together, you end up with
fantastic and amazing solutions, so the Mat in total,
the entirety of the building being a design hub,
and the maker space where all these people can come
together - that's going to be a huge and powerful thing.
[New male speaker] Making at MIT really means getting your
hands onto tools and materials that can help your future
career, and it's being able to learn from other students.
[New Woman Speaker] Making to me means being
able to take my ideas as a visual thinker and
transform them into tangible and useful products that are
beautiful, as well.
[New Woman Speaker] It means that I have
created something with my own hands.
Making means that I can make a change in this world.
(Music ends)