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My name is Yu She.
I'm a post-doc at MIT CSAIL.
I've worked with Ted Adelson and collaborated
with Alberto Rodriguez.
Conventional robots, they can carry a very heavy load
and they move back and forth between different positions
repetitively and accurately.
They are widely used in automobile industry
to build cars.
However, they could be very dangerous for humans nearby.
My research goal is to develop safe and performative robots
that they can share workspace with humans
and work with humans side-by-side to help people
do the challenging and repetitive tasks,
such as washing dishes and doing the laundry,
cleaning the house, and shopping the groceries.
I have started three projects towards my research goal.
First, I developed a novel variable stiffness
arms that can operate very fast and guarantee
human safety simultaneously.
Second, I started an accurate perception
of soft robots which are a handy save for humor operators.
This is the first implementation of soft robots
with proprioception and the geometrical technical sensing
Third, I developed a highly performative robotic gripper
for cable manipulation.
This is the first implementation of robot cable manipulation
in free space in real time.
For future work, I'm interested in applying
the concept of variable stiffness to prosthetic arms,
because I would like to have the prosthetic arms
with variable stiffness, just like the real human arms.
I'm also interested in studying soft robot precise control,
which is an open question in the field due to lack
of good perception feedback.
Now, since I have demonstrated precise perception
of soft robots, I would like to leverage this information
and further investigate the precise control
problem for soft robots.
I'm also interested in studying robotic manipulation and more
complex deformable objects, such as the fabrics and classes
which can be used for robot-assisted dressing
and clothes folding.
Eventually, I expect my research will greatly
improve the safety and the performance
for both domestic and industrial autonomous systems, which
will lead to extensive applications
in industry, manufacturing, house
care, elderly care, hospital nursing, and home nursing.
I expect my research will save people from boring, dirty,
and unsafe jobs and free human up
to do more creative and rewarding jobs.