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I'm gonna show you how to quickly and easily get these psychedelic visual
backgrounds all in after effects
this look only uses two effects no repeaters and
very few keyframes so let's start in the new comp and I'm just gonna create a new
solid with ctrl + y and it doesn't matter the color and let's go over and
add the effect radio waves and this creates a steady pulse of circles moving
outwards and we've also got quite a few options to control that shape up here as
well now at the moment it's actually said to a polygon so it's not actually a circle
if we go down to options we can see it's a polygon with the 64 sides and
if we lower that you can see we can create more different shapes so like octagon
Pentagon's and even triangles as well let's go with 9 sides and create a ninetagon
and we also click to make this a star as well
and adjust the depth of that star too, and the curviness as well we can also
choose to create our own shape using our masks so click our pen tool and then I'm
just gonna draw a random shape over the top of this and then for wave type I'm
gonna select mask and from mask select mask one and now we're radiating in a
custom shape let's go back to our polygon for now now we want our effect to
start with these shapes already filling up our comp so I'm just gonna go to the
start and then drag this layer over to the left until it fills our screen and
keep extending it there we go the girls are going adjust the frequency
as well so we get a more denser collection of these shapes right up
until it becomes almost solid and we're gonna just the spin as well so each head
that pops out will rotate slightly and we get a cool effect with a kind of
bunch up and create these sort of almost 3d looking forms so let's add some
keyframes of these properties I'm gonna do that by clicking on the stopwatch
of our spin and maybe a polygon our star depth and curve size let's click U and
keyboard to bring up those in our timeline and then over the start of our
animation let's animate these properties so let's take a spin something like
minus three so it'll spin in the opposite direction the depth of minus
0.2 and the curve size down to zero so it starts really angular and now if we
play we can see it animating between those two properties
remember these keyframes are affecting the next shape to come out at the center
so it won't be until sometime after these keyframes that we
can see there's new properties affecting the majority of the shapes on our screen
but we can change that by selecting up here the parameters that set up birth to
parameter the set up each frame and then that affects all the shapes at once
which just gets a slightly different result as the whole scene is evolving
rather than evolving from the middle we can also add a fade in time as well
which will make the center once more opaque and this creates kind of looked
like we're looking down through a tunnel which is really interesting if you want
that and then of course we've got the options to change the color down here as
well so now let's get things really crazy by adding the effect CC Collider
and we could already see by just adding that already upping the ante fair bit so
what this is doing is it's taking a selection of our comp copying it a whole
bunch of times and flipping and mirroring it based on a few different
options that we have down here now if we pause the animation and let's
go and just animate our center property here so if we just click anywhere on
that screen we could see it takes the center of our animation from a different
point and if we just drag this around the screen we can get some really crazy
looks without any other animation but luckily but here and let's actually
adjust the size and let's just bring that way up to maybe 75 and that just
means that CC Collider will take a bigger section of our campus before it
sort of chops it up and spits it back out to us as a flight scope now we can
also change how it is mirrored the default is flower setting then try wheel
and die across and a whole bunch of different options I do kind of like
flower and starfish because we get this kind of radial symmetry which i think is
really interesting and kind of mimics this little sort of tunnel sort of shape
that I really like so let's go back to our center animation
let's click the stopwatch to keyframe that and I'm just gonna add a different
keyframe in a random part of the composition at the beginning of the
middle and then one at the end as well
okay this is looking pretty good now if you didn't want these sort of sort of
squares in the corner we could even increase the size even more so we just
get this radial effect in the middle let's keep it like this for now now
something else we can do is duplicate this layer so I'm gonna duplicate this
layer open up those keyframes and just move some of these around randomly so
now we've got two levels of madness happening one on top of another let's
change the color of its top one to get a bit more variety there we are and we can
also adjust the width of the strips as well and we have two options with the
start with and en width so if we increase one we can get the kind of
tapered stroke as well so the whole animation is in a single line weight now
if you stack too many of these on top of one another it can easily get out of
control and the animation looks way busier then it's probably enjoyable so
you know enjoy responsibly and stay hydrated let's remove this
I also experimented with adding the ripple effect and there definitely adds
a bit of liquid water each field to the whole animation and kinda looks a fair
bit like the Windows Media Player visualizers from back in Windows XP I
kind of prefer without that it's an interesting effect to add as well I'm
really to create these and change them it's just a matter of you know adjusting
some of the keyframes and you can see just adjusting one parameter slightly
will affect the whole animation and you get some really interesting looks so
really just gonna try combining different elements of these effects and
try some other effects and not effects as well and you can create some pretty
crazy looking designs with loads of complexity just using two effects and
without really knowing what you're doing here are a few more that I came up with
and you can check these out in more detail in the project file which you can
download for free down in the description I made a short playlist of
some related videos that'll think you'll enjoy if you've made it this far I'll
see you in the next video and please consider subscribing if you'd like more
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