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In 2010
a 46 year old man from the UK was playing a regular match in Call Of Duty Black Ops during the match he was
Repeatedly killed by a 13 year old boy, the boy
Then proceeded to name calling and just kept on agitating him. Finally
he snapped and somehow managed to find where the boy lived he went over to his house and tried to strangle him (Wait what the f***?)
Luckily the boys mom was home and managed to get the 46 year old out of the house. He was then later arrested
You know what he did was obviously very wrong, but you just can't deny
we've all wished we could do that at least once at least what? (True!)
Steven Spielberg is aside from a great movie director also a very avid gamer!
So much, so that he is actually the reason we have a lot of the popular shooters that exist today. In 1997
he had an idea for a video game set in a realistic world war 2 setting even though most game
developers at the time thought it would be a bad idea and would rather go with a more fantasy based game (WTF 007 GE??)
But Spielberg eventually had his way and in 1999
Medal of Honor was released it was a major hit and directly led to the formation of
Infinity Ward which in turn as you all know released the first game under the title Call of Duty
The map nuketown originally from Call Of Duty Black Ops was inspired by a scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal
Skull in which Indiana finds himself in the middle of the desert in a so-called fake town
Which the government used to test the effects of nuclear bombs (God damn!)
Being the ninth best-selling game of all time, Call of Duty has some rather impressive statistics over
100 million people have played at least one of the games! That's more than the whole population of Germany over!
Over 32
Bullets have been fired! 31 billion care packages have been called in since Modern Warfare 2
Over 5 billion
Cars have been destroyed which is 5 times more than the amount of currently registered cars that exist in the world today!
Last, but certainly not least we have collectively spent over 25
Billion hours playing call of duty. That roughly equals to 2 point 85 million
years, we've spent more time playing call of duty than humanity has even existed
Call of Duty Ghosts has -despite its new and amazing fish AI
system, -not been selling all that well when compared to previous
titles in the series. In fact sales are down over 19%
Compared to Black Ops 2 and over 36% when compared to Modern Warfare 3, nevertheless
It was still the second best-selling game in
2013, only beaten by GTA 5 for the top spot (Nyo duh! Guns are safe! FBI is responsible!)
New Call of Duty game is released every year with additional content and a few updated features
From previous games many players feel that this constant flow of games makes the developers lazy and the overall experience
Very repetitive, some even say that the game should function better as DLC's as they're so
Similar. With the release of Call of Duty ghosts this was proven even further as players noticed strong
Similarities between the first mission in the game in the last mission from Modern Warfare 2. In fact. They weren't just similar they were
exactly the SAME, the only difference being the change of characters and some of the surroundings take a look for yourself
The first Call Of Duty
Or Call Of Duty classic as it's often called is the only game in the series to not feature a shotgun the colt
M1911 is featured in almost every installment of the Call Of Duty series excluding Finest Hour, Black Ops
Declassified and Ghosts making it the most featured weapon in the franchise, the latest installment
Ghosts is the first Call of Duty classic to feature leaning on consoles
It's also the first time players have the option to play as a female soldier in multiplayer
Just like any other popular game series
There's a lot of content that needs to be cut out of the final products for example
In modern warfare 2 that were supposed to be a full level taking place in space on the ISS in world at war
Zombies mode there was a planned perk a cola machine titled ammo medic that would
Replenish the player's ammo this zombie map moon was
originally supposed to take place in Paris, in modern warfare 2 a train was planned to be used as an
interactive element in at least one
Multiplayer map, In Modern Warfare 3 there were three planned kill streaks that were removed from the final version of the game called
Harrier Airstrike, Emergency Airdrop and Dragon Fly Drone, it's also
Speculated that a remote sentry in the form of a perk would be available online as this image can be found in the game files
The zombie mode in all of the games developed by Treyarch was actually inspired by a flash game
titled The Last Stand
It bears many similarities to Call of Duty's zombie mode where the objective is to survive as long as possible by repairing
barricades and acquiring better weapons while endless hordes of zombies attacks
On January the 14th
2014 a completely new Call of Duty game was actually released, however. It's quite possible
You've not heard of it as it's only been released in China the game is called Call of Duty Online (hehe china)
And is entirely free to play the game is a merge between the Modern Warfare series in the Black Ops series with maps
Weapons and characters from both, It
also features a revamped zombies mode titled Dead Rising nope not that one in which you instead fight against robot or
Cyborg zombies currently it's only available in China
But there are talks about releasing the game in other parts of the world in the near future
My fingers feel like their broken!