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All right, hands in.
On three, MIT.
One, two, three, MIT.
Past the barrier
Door is...
...wide open
Hey guys, should we climb some stairs?
Let's climb some stairs.
We're done.
Oh yeah.
So we just survived our week experience here
at the DARPA Robotics Challenge.
MIT I think has come in sixth place.
After being about an inch away from winning
the whole competition, our drill slipped away from the wall.
Ended up being a task we couldn't complete
and that cost us the whole challenge.
We lost or first place spot.
We were on a first place run.
But I think we got to show the world that a robot based very
much on autonomy was capable of competing with the very
best robots in the whole world.
We were using all kinds of teleoperation and humans
in the loop.
There were a few defining moments this week.
On our first run, we made just as a simple operator error
where we forgot to turn off the driving controller
before we tried to get out of the car.
We fell down, broke our right arm.
But even though we planned to do the entire course right-handed,
the algorithms and the operators were
able to recover and do basically the entire course left-handed
doing a seven point run with eight points total in a very
respectable time.
It was awesome.
I couldn't be prouder of the team.
The way they handled the stress, the drama, the pressure.
The way they used their brains to get out
of every inconceivable situation.
I don't think there's another group around that
could have solved all problems we solved this week.
I mean, unbelievable debugging.
I mean, it's impressive. so I'm really proud of them.
That close man.
That inch.