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Last night I was reading and thinking about the impacts of quantum teleportation
on teleporting
and consciousness and things
and this morning CPG Grey just released a video
about teleportation and consciousness.
So I just couldn't resist, really really quickly writing up
a very quick response video.
Sometimes I spend like, days and months working on scripts.
This script I literally sat down and wrote in about 30 minutes, so it may suck.
It's a situation where I was already thinking about this stuff so it's easy
when I have a clear direction of what I'm trying to say or what I'm trying to do,
of how to actually be able to write the script.
So now I'm going to record it
and then I'll do some drawing and some other stuff.
My good friend CG..
My good friend CGP...
My good friend CPG Grey has made a great video
about the practical and philosophical concerns--
I have now finished editing the audio and I have
the storyboard all drawn.
It's right here: this fancy-fancy-fancy storyboard
and now what I'm doing is I'm gonna do the drawings.
Alright, so now the first drawing in this one actually isn't a drawing.
It's the... some shots from Grey's video
so then the second drawing here is this iteration.
*background voice: the concern when a transporter dismantles the atoms in your body
and reassembles the identical arrangement
of atoms somewhere else *camera clicks continuously*
perhaps the disassembled you actually dies, and the reassembled you is actually a new being
that just thinks it's you
and if they simply hadn't--
*talking stop, camera clicking resumes*
One additional thing I think about when I'm drawing
is I try to draw things from left to right
so that my hand reveals the picture
Alright so there's one drawing,
the first drawing of the video.
It is done now.
On to do the rest of the video.
I've finished the drawings for the video
I've come back after dinner, and I going to edit it together.
My drawings are actually image sequences - I take pictures
as you could tell by the loud noise of the camera.
It's upside down because the camera's upside down,
so what I have to do, is turn them right side up
and color-correct it and stuff.
And then it looks better.
Okay, so I actually need to add in a visual effect here.
For when the disassembled person dies,
I want a little ghostly figure to leave.
And that is obviously not something I can do on paper.
So what I'm trying to do, is make this guy have kinda of little ghostly version of himself
that leaves. So I've separated out on a separate layer, just the guy
from that.
And what I'm going to do is animate it
Moving over a series of frames, you know somewhere
somewhere up and into the sky.
And what that's going to do, is over time it's gonna up there.
And then obviously I don't want it to be that opaque,
so I'll make him a little bit fainter.
Then I'm gonna have that fade out over time as well.
So by somewhere like here, it's going to be around 0.
Just kind of playing around with things.
I've got the visual effect done, so here is what it looks like.
Not that complicated.
I really like doing visual effects when they're used carefully, and tastefully
and not just to be fancy.
I'm at the exciting stage where I have finished
the video, and I'm exporting it.
Here we go.
I just experienced one of the great joys of making videos,
which is exporting the video
and having it export all the way to the very end
and at the very last minute, it fails
due to an unknown compiler error.
I am trying to re-export it, and we'll see what happens.
When I'm trying to design my thumbnail, I will just look through the video.
I'm trying to find what I think is going to look like a good thumbnail,
and, normally they kind of jump out and are pretty obvious, so
I think this one...
... with the teleportation may be one of the more compelling ones.
I ended up going with a thumbnail that was a little bit more customized.
I took pieces of two of the teleportation ones,
and added this arrow in the middle.
And I also have this version of it that has a title.
This is quantum teleportation.
Hopefully those are more compelling thumbnails,
and people will want to click on them.
You may have noticed this is a bit of none usual video, and not my normal style
and I like to thank you for watching it
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