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Dan Novy: One second, here we go and ... hello!
My name is Dan Novy and I'm a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab,
currently working in oceanography and immersive data displays.
I had originally intended this to become something where it became so
annoying that people would stop making me go to meetings, that they would be
like "oh, god, he's going to show up with some strange background,
please don't invite him to this meeting." But of course, now the opposite has happened,
people now invited me into meetings just to see what I'm going to pull off.
I've been in outer space. I've been to the bottom of the ocean. I've been to many
tropical places. And I'm getting requests now, so they'll actually be a Google
form where you can make a request and I'll see if I can actually put myself there.
Now part of the charm is to try to do this completely lo-fi, so I'm only
using the tools available in Lens Studio, Snap Camera, and zoom itself. A little bit
of Photoshop to create some of the backgrounds but I'm not using any
expensive visual effects software like Maya or Lightwave. I think it would be
lovely if you all joined me, start using the virtual backgrounds, start using the
Snap Camera and use the hashtag ZoomADay. Yes... jazz hands!