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Hey guys!
This is Petunia.
You may have heard from the community tab that Pinky recently had a baby.
She’s a bit sleep-deprived lately.
Okay, really, she's super sleep-deprived.
But we’re still making videos and we're having a blast doing it.
I’ve been kind of holding down the fort while she tries to get some sleep, and I thought I’d take this time to do something different
like a speed draw!
And thanks so much to everyone who voted in the community tab by the way.
You guys are so nice and supportive! It made me feel so confident about
trying something new.
So thank you! So those of you who have been with us since the beginning, back in 2013
know first-hand that I was not always a good artist or…well any kind of artist really.
I just wanted to make people laugh while learning biology from my sister.
And it’s really hard to make a lot of puppets so here we are with the digital art.
Since then, I’m watched a LOT of YouTube videos and a lot of tutorials trying to
improve my art.
So if you are trying something new, I salute you.
It’s not easy to start at the very bottom and look up and see all these skilled people
– wondering how long it will take you to get up there.
For me, it was just frustrating visualizing what I wanted to draw and not being able to draw it
quite right.
And there are tips and there are strategies, but there's no real shortcuts for developing a skillset.
So if you love it, stick with it, you'll get better just due to sheer practice.
But you got to practice.
Got to practice a lot.
I’m still trying to improve every month, and it’s crazy to think what our content
is going to look like in a few years. Especially if you've seen our older stuff.
Oh my goodness.
Honestly, part of making this video is to try to convince you guys that I am real. And I do exist.
I guess since I don’t talk it confuses people.
We still get a lot of comments about whether there is one or two amoeba sisters.
And really, y’all, one of us has to draw the stuff you’re looking at.
It's just us two.
We don’t hire other people to help with our scripts or art yet!
So there are two. And I am one of them.
Anyway, thank you guys all so much for your support and encouragement over the years.
It’s been incredibly humbling and exciting so far, and we really wouldn’t be here without you guys.
It means a lot.
If you like this kind of video, or if you just want to hear me talk more,
give it a thumbs up and leave us a comment so we know that you liked it.
It will really help us to get some feedback on whether this is something we should do more of.
And that's it for the Amoeba Sisters, and we remind you to stay curious.
Pretty fun to say that. For the first time. Ever.
Cue music.