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My name is Michael Demkowicz and I
am a new professor at material science and engineering
here at MIT.
And I work on designing materials
for extreme environments.
Extreme environments are instances
of extremely high temperature or high stresses, radiation
damage, all kinds of grueling conditions
under which materials have to survive, especially
in energy applications.
My work focuses on designing materials
to withstand extreme environments.
Conventional engineering alloys sustain severe damage
when irradiated.
But specially designed nanocomposites
that contain a very high volume fraction of interfaces
can absorb damage as it's being created,
recombine it, and cause the material to self-heal.
The movie that you're seeing is showing
how we do that in the case of radiation damage.
That means that a material that's
operating under extreme environments
and contains these sorts of interfaces
is not going to become more brittle.
It's not going to corrode as fast.
It will be able to remain in operation
for a longer period of time and operate in a reliable way.