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hi I'm Ben Marriott I make weekly motion design tutorials and this week we're
going to talk through making that 3d grid or with 2d shape layers in After
Effects let's begin start we're gonna choose the shape for the center of our
3d grid tunnel let's choose a square to keep it simple but these principles will
apply to any shape etudes so we've got our square which is just a shape layer
centered to the middle of our composition and I've given that a stroke
width of 6 pixels and I've given it no fill having no fill on these shapes will
allow us to just put a background in seamlessly behind everything but I'm
going to show you a few tricks and little extra things you can do if you
choose to add a filter these shapes as well a little bit later on and we're
gonna animate that using a rectangle size property which we'll find down here
so we're gonna keyframe it here at the beginning of our timeline and we're
going to set it to 0 pixels and a few seconds ahead let's drag this up so you
can see it growing until it just gets clear out of the bounds of our
composition around there that should be good let's play that back all right
that's the beginning now the moment we've got the square coming towards us
which gives the impression of the grid sort of coming at us and enveloping us
and if we want to do that in Reverse all we have to do is select the keyframes
right click on one of them choose keyframe assistant and time reverse
keyframes so now it's gonna go in Reverse which will give the appearance
of it sort of of a sort of moving backwards out of the grid let's undo
that now let's add some easy now when I first keyframe here to ease in so we're
gonna press f9 I need to select a keyframe and because it'll move slower
at the beginning here it'll give us the impression that it's coming from more of
a distance and then speed up as it's sort of getting towards us let's just
that let's make that a bit quicker and I'm gonna go into the graph editor and
edit that he's a little bit more in the speed graph I'm gonna just drag this
handle over here to give a real intense easing and drag this one a bit further
back to let's play that back I think that's what we're after
maybe a bit slow there we go now that we're happy with that let's duplicate
that with ctrl D command D which will make a copy of it above it and let's
drag this one over to offset it slightly we can play it back and see what two of
them gonna look like now I think we bit too far apart so let's drag this one a
bit over alright that seems like a good distance to me to make sure that when i
duplicate more of these that all that same consistent distance apart I'm gonna
create a marker on this first check layer so I'm gonna move my playhead over
to where this second one starts and on the first one I'm just gonna hit Asterix
on my keyboard the one over on the number pad and that's just gonna create
a little marquee here that I can use for reference I'm also going to trim this
layer and I'm gonna do that by when the second one goes off frame I'm gonna
select this one and press alt right square bracket which is trim it back to
that frame there we go now I'm going to delete this top one and I'm gonna
duplicate this bottom on whole shift and just move this over until it snaps and
lines up with this marker now I know what the one I do it again they're all
gonna be the same distance apart to speed this process up I'm gonna select
all of them by pressing bottom on holding shift clicking the top one
pressing ctrl D or command D which will duplicate them all and then press
command right square bracket which will move them all up at the top hold shift
and drag them across to create more give that process again
there we go now we've got lots of these shapes all coming towards us and because
I want to make this loop I'm going to scrub head to where the whole animation
is happening we've got squares all through all throughout a composition and
we're gonna go to the beginning of one of them let's say here and I'm going to
press B on my keyboard which will be the beginning of my work area here and about
three seconds later let's go to the end here and press in and now should have a
loop wonderful and this is the basis fat grip now it does some lines coming out
of the center I'm gonna do that probably selecting our pen tool here and just
drawing a line from the top left by clicking here down to the bottom right
now I'm going to adjust that to make sure that it lines up with the corners
of all of our squares area and that's rename this one grid line because we
always labeled our layers to create the other lines let's open up our shape
layer thingys here a technical term and select a shape and we're gonna add a
repeater what a repeater does is it duplicates that shape and you can
manipulate some of the properties of those copies as well at the moment we
got three copies let's bump that up to seven I think at
the moment it's moving each repeater a hundred pixels to the right we donĂ­t
move the distance anywhere let's see write that out oh you wanted to rotation
to change so if we drag this out we can see our lines that start to spin and we
want a house to go 45 degrees there we are we've got a grid and at the moment
it looks a bit like a spider's web so if you don't want this sort of vanishing
point in the middle here getting a little more crowded but you've got all
these lines and things happening something I like to do is I'm just going
to duplicate one of these shape layers here I'm gonna drag it over and I want
to add a fill to this one so I think Phil let's make it black I don't put
that above a grid line there as well yeah I want to press you to open up a
keyframes here I'm gonna select these size ones now I'm gonna delete them
because I don't want this square to move I'm just gonna increase the size
somewhere maybe around there that seems alright now this square is
gonna stay static in the middle and all our lines are gonna radiate outwards
from that but rename that and I'm gonna remove this marker as well just to be
tidy now another neat thing you can do is add a rotation to this whole
animation to do that I'm going to create a new null object which you can do by
pressing ctrl alt shift apply and by default that will create a null object
in the exact center of your composition which is exactly what I wanted
let's rename that as well and I'm gonna select all our layers with control a grab the pick
whip and parented to that null I mean that null we can control all the
properties of this grid now we can move it around in position but what we're
going to do is we're going to change its rotation so let's press r to bring up
and rotation keyframes select one here and then event further along let's say
90 degrees which will put it back in the same position they were a little
rotation that's easy ease those with f9 let's spread them out a bit more and
let's go into our graph editor really pump up that easy
that looks nice now I want to show you something neat you can do by filling in
some of the segments of these grids to do that the first thing we're gonna do
is select all about square layers and we can select them all easily by going over
here to our little labels menu clicking this and select the label group which
will select everything of that color and then go up to I fill here and let's fill
it in black which will look the same to us because we had a black background now
at the beginning of our work area here we're gonna choose one of our segments
which is just about to be revealed from outside of our middle Center area I'm
going to select this one square 7 I'm gonna duplicate that and let's recall of
this one you can call this we're segment and here we're going to
change the fill from black to white and if you play that back you're gonna have
a little white segment that comes through our grid and we're gonna add a
mask to that by selecting our pen tool selecting a tool creates masks up here
otherwise we'd created a shape layer I'm gonna draw a triangle by selecting
in the center of our composition and point over here another one over here
and then click back in the middle to close it I'm just going to change it
adjust the shape of that to line up exactly with our grid oh yeah let's play
that back perfect i'il is here there's one frame where layer isn't long enough
so here to adjust that I'm gonna select all of these guys down here and just
extend them a little bit more there we go
problem solved now we've got this one segment I'm going to add some more to
different sections of the grid and I'm going to do them in a kind of a spiral
pattern that sort of goes backwards through a grid and loops so to do that
I'm going to duplicate this square segment layout move it up one by
pressing control bracket moving it along so it lines up here and
at the moment that just means we've got two segments and going back to back so
I'm going to select just one point of our triangle and move it over and line
up with this grid here and now I've got a sequence of the two of them let's do
that once more and move this Marsh shape again over to this side now let's
continue to do that for the rest of them
all rights now but all about segments sort of placed in this sort of spiral
pattern now it'll notice that it doesn't quiet loop anymore so what I'm going to
do now is I'm going to scrub through it and find a spot where a spiral is just
going off screen we're just right here I'm gonna press B to make that new front
of our work area I'm gonna drag this rotation so it happens a little later
and a little quicker and then when that sort of frame repeats itself which is
over here I'm gonna press n on the end of our work area and now we should have
a loop perfect there we are little spiral flourish - inna and a little bit
extra and do your grid and I've also added a a animation as well to go in the
middle of this of this grid just add a bit more story and in this case the
story is as giant I in a 3d revolving grid for some reason a classic and I've
just drawn that with shape layers I parented them all to this I all meant
shape which is position is just bobbing up and down a little to make it look
like you know it's hovering just like ice do well that's actually color this
virus as well let's color that white for a bit more contrast next look now let's
add a few effects to give it a bit more of a sort of 80s glow sort of aesthetic
to do that I'll create a new adjustment layer with control of Y I'm gonna call
this one glow I'm gonna add a glow effect from over here in the effect
panel I'll make this first one fairly tired
the default is pretty good for that let's duplicate this again make the
radius a little larger duplicate it once more make the radius much larger and
remove the take down the intensity a bit as well
there we are got a nice glow happening it's a little bit intense here so I'm
gonna change all of these white grids by selecting them and change them to a gray
color yeah that looks pretty neat and same with our
iris as well I'm gonna knock down the shading of this I also they've got a
glow now to add some grain I'm gonna add some a noise effect to this adjustment
layer that's deselect color noise we want it to stay black and white actually
let's increase that 20% let's go all out and we did get a little bit of noise in
the black here which we don't want so let's add a curves effect on top of that
and let's crush the blacks by dragging this one a little bit over here and we
will do the same to the white so let's drag this top one bit to the left as
well there are so now we just got grain in this in the Grays of the image and if
you want to add a bit of color to the grades as well you can select one of the
color channels up here and say blue and just drag this up in the middle I need
to get a nice blue sort of effect and you can do it to the red as well to get
make a little purpley a little Pinker and the last effect I'm going to add is
a posterized time effect because I love my animation still kinda made it on twos
so I'm gonna change this to 12.5 would you just look like lower the framerate
and a touch and get a bit more of an organic feel that I kind of I kind of
like one more quick tip with these grids is to get a spiral effect we've got here
I've had to make all of these layers and there's lots of layers here they're
pretty much identical to each other but if you just want a simple grid he don't
any of this spiral nonsense going on you can do that with a simple repeater so
I'm just gonna solo it one of these layers it's great 13 over here and
actually I'm gonna solo how Lyons is well and air center square as well so
we've got once we're selected if you go into our shape layers we're gonna add a
repeater similar to how we did with our lines across the edge
I'm gonna bump up the copies let's change his position down to zero and
let's change the scale up here I'm gonna have offset these layers to the back a
bit to the go and well now it's look quite aligned so think he's a no but it
looks kind of cool let's adjust our anchor point to make those line up there
we are usually simple grids there but the thing
here is the stroke the stroke width is going to scale with your property there
that's why I didn't use that in the beginning but if you don't care about it
looping you just want a grid to happen quick and dirty there's a little
solution project file will be available for download down in the description if
you use anything you found in this video please take me on Instagram so I can see
what you make please let me know down in the comments what else you'd like to see
from this channel a don't forget to subscribe hit that Bell icon share and
attack that like that I'll see you next week