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- Yo, Alex Delany here
in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.
On Court Street, in front of Court Street Grocers
for another episode of One Of Everything On The Menu.
We're gonna be eating sandwiches,
like a ton of sandwiches.
Breakfast sandwiches, cold cuts, combos,
hot sandwiches, braisey meat sandwiches.
Everything you could think of between two slices of bread.
But I'm not doing this by myself.
I brought a guest along the way,
Christina Chaey, you know her,
you love her, she's gonna be helping me out
to figure out what is the best thing on the menu
at Court Street Grocers, let's get to it.
[lively music]
- I don't deal super well when I'm hungry
and it is very obvious.
- You don't deal well with being hungry,
how do you deal with being extremely full?
- Oh well I very purposefully wore my overalls today
because they have like a full three inches either side.
- Oh and there's buttons that you can--
- I mean, that's extreme,
I don't think we'll get there.
- This is an extreme kind of day.
I'm just, you know, just warning you.
We order from the Court Street in Manhattan,
there's also one in Williamsburg,
so each shop has certain things that you can only
get at that shop.
This shop has the biggest menu and like the name
of the establishment would lead you to believe,
it is also a grocery, eggs, milk, pantry staples.
- Beautiful pastry case. - Beautiful pastry case,
coffee - They do their own sodas
which are very good and I hope we're drinking some later.
- Oh we are gonna drink some, we are gonna drink all of 'em.
Okay, a couple questions for you.
- Yes.
- You've obviously been here before.
- Many-a-time.
I thought there were like 15 sandwiches on the menu.
That's what I thought I signed up for.
- Yeah, you were off by about 20.
You know the rules of the show?
- I actually have no idea what the rules of the show are.
- Okay, one, you have to order
one of everything on the menu.
Two, we take one perfect bite of each thing.
Three, it's up to us to decide how we move through the menu
and then four, once we've eaten everything,
we give awards to the best sandwiches.
- May the best sandwich win.
All right, so the menu is broken into different categories,
there are combos, cold cuts, fish sandwiches,
hot sandwiches, I think they call them toasties.
- The toasty ones. - The toasty one.
But it's not 10:00 yet,
I think we start with breakfast sandwiches, right?
- I'm very excited. - Okay.
Let's start with some breakfast sandwiches.
[lively music]
Okay, so we have five sandwiches, these are all breakfast
sandwiches you can tell by the egg.
What is your preferred breakfast sandwich meat?
- I do egg and cheese. - Just egg and cheese.
- I do egg and American.
- [Alex] So, should we start with the plain?
Also, before we get into these,
to note, four of the five are on Balthazar,
Balthazar, we filmed an episode there.
A ciabatta.
- Which frankly, I love.
- Love it. - This one is pretty simple
it's egg, looks like white cheddar, and arugaua.
- And arugula. - On ciabatta.
- Okay.
- First bite of the episode.
- Okay.
I was so hungry. - I know.
- It could've been a terrible sandwich
which of course it's not
but I would've had the same reaction.
Super tender. - Yeah
- It just has like the perfect amount of give.
- I think the other thing is like,
when a sandwich is this simple, right?
There are three things inside of the bread.
- Mhm. - It's all about the ratio.
- It is the perfect ratio.
- Yeah, okay.
Let's move along.
This is called The B&B, the exact same sandwich that
we just had but with some bacon on it.
- Mhm. - Yeah.
- The bacon itself is phenomenal.
- And its burger's bacon which I don't know what that is.
- Whose Burger?
- Mr. Burger, please reveal yourself.
- Mr. Burger, we enjoy your bacon.
[Alex laughing]
Also, can we just
[Alex laughing] Can we just compare?
It's 10:00, how are you planning,
this is our second sandwich.
- I'm not gonna, I can't like be rude to the sandwich.
You know? - Ugh.
- It deserves that bite.
- So this ones called the pork roll,
featuring one of our very favorite meats.
Taylor ham. - The king
of breakfast meats.
- What is so special about Taylor ham?
- Taylor ham is essentially emulsified pork.
To me, pork roll is all about the tang.
You get like almost a little fermenty
like sour in a good way kind of flavor to it.
- Okay.
- We're doin' it, also not ciabatta,
we're on a potato roll.
- Oh yeah, we're on the king of soft rolls.
- Yes. - Martin's potato, okay.
- What. - Meh.
- I want to eat the rest of this sandwich so badly.
- Is it too early to start sneaking extra bites?
- You can never sneak extra bites unless well,
I can't, other people can.
There's no repercussions for you.
Except you lose a little of my respect.
- This is the quintessential breakfast egg, cheese,
meat sandwich. - Yes, there's no frills
here like this is not trying to be fancy,
it's just trying to be good, and it is.
- I do remember reading that this is hickory smoked sausage?
- Yes. - And it looks
extremely appealing.
- Smells a little smokey. - Yeah?
- All right. - Alright.
- Let's get it.
[lively music]
- It's kind of hard to eat in a neat bite,
which I don't think is necessarily criteria
for all sandwiches. - No.
- But for breakfast, I'm like not trying to struggle.
- Give my my sandwich in an easy as possible manner.
- I just want like a, yeah.
A soft vehicle. - No stress.
- For shoveling egg and cheese product.
- This is this chorizo egg and cheese
and it has a little bit of a salsa verde.
- Okay. - All right, do it.
[lively music]
Mmm. - Mhm.
- The salsa verde gives it a little bit of brightness,
little bit of spice too. - Yeah.
- Of the five, what's your favorite so far?
- Pork roll, hands down.
Hands down. - Yeah, same.
All right, so we finished the breakfast sandwiches
but there is another aspect to breakfast here.
There are two oatmeals on the menu.
- Which like who knew?
- Who knew, we knew!
'Cause we ordered 'em actually [laughs].
[lively music]
Wow. - Well you know
my feelings on oatmeal which is that
I don't believe in buying them.
- Do you believe in making oatmeal?
- Yes, but I'm particularly excited because these
look super super delicious and creamy.
- Chaey do you think--
- I might have to redact everything
I just said about oatmeal?
- Yeah. - Uch.
It looks so good.
- It smells really good too.
In oatmeal one you have, steel-cut oatmeal, honey,
almonds and it looks like stewed apples.
- Perfect bite becomes much more interesting
with a soupy product, oh it smells so good.
- Two apples.
- [Christina] Wow.
- That's good.
- I'm sad we only get one bite of that.
- I know, number two looks to be more savory.
So, number two has bacon, steel-cut oats,
yams which roasted do we think?
- Definitely! - And then it looks
like toasted papitas on top.
- Okay. - Do it.
[lively music]
- What is it with bacon on oatmeal?
- What the hell? - Have you ever?
- No one told us that we could do that!
[Christina laughing]
That is so good.
- I think I'm an oatmeal one girl.
- I think I'm an oatmeal two guy.
- Wow. - Yeah.
And we can't eat any more of it which is a shame.
- Yeah, well.
- The crew gets it thought.
- Glad it won't go to waste.
- Love the crew, okay.
We finished with breakfast.
Sandwiches out of the way, oatmeal out of the way,
we're onto the combos.
Two combos, classic sandwiches.
[lively music]
Before we address these two glorious plates
in front of us, let's talk about soda real quick.
Court Street makes their own sodas.
- The do! - And they make
four of them. - Just like everything
else that we've tasted so far,
this is far from an average soda.
- Yes. - And you can tell
immediately, you've got coriander, juniper, sage,
bay leaf, black pepper and chili.
- Yeah. - Which is the original soda.
- Like a forgotten coke.
- Cheers. - Classic.
[lively music]
- Very very like botanical.
- Super botanical.
So we're now in the section of the menu
that is known as the combo, classic deli, right?
Multiple meats on one sandwich.
- [Christina] Yes.
- For me, when I think of a deli sandwich,
I think of an Italian combo
which we have here. - Yeah.
- So on Court Street's Italian,
there is mortadella.
- Uh-huh. - Swiss cheese,
mozzarella, pecorino. - Okay.
- Then you also have sopressata which gives more of a salty,
chewy, aged, funky flavor we need.
- Love that for us.
- [Alex] And then on the bottom,
you have mayo and--
- [Christina] Oh wow.
- Court Street's hoagie spread.
To me it looks like kinda chopped up giardinara.
- Mhm. - Mixed with mayo.
Arugula, and then very thinly sliced white onion.
- And those to me I feel like are some of the most
important parts of a sandwich like this because otherwise
it's so much richness from like the two meats,
the three cheeses. - Yeah.
- That you need something like crisp and peppery.
- Totally, totally. - And fresh to cut through.
[lively music]
- Mmm, that's so good.
The American combo here is ham and turkey.
- Okay. - Kind of like a
cabsi slaw, pickles and a couple slices of yellow
American cheese. - So this is our first
comeback sauce sandwich.
I think they use Duke's mayo, Heinz chili sauce,
onion, lemon, spices.
- Yeah. - We'll see it
many times again.
- Okay, let's do it.
That's such a phenomenal sandwich.
- Okay, someone who had no preconceived notions
of what an American combo was.
- Yeah. - Delicious.
Perfectly balanced.
- Yeah. - Would order this any day.
Do we like the American over the Italian?
- Yes, I would say.
- Oh we do? - It's a strong yes.
- Oh, interesting.
- Do you?
- Yeah, I think I am gonna go for the Italian.
- Oh, we're onto the next category, right?
- So excited, what's that?
The toasty ones! - Toasty ones.
[lively music]
This category is toasted sandwiches.
So hot sandwiches on fried slash griddled bread.
- [Christina] What a fun category of sandwich.
- Also, let's address,
we've moved on to a new beverage.
- Oh yeah. - Sea to Sea club soda.
That's nice. - Very very subtle salt.
- [Alex] That's nice, so the grilled cheese.
- Oh my God!
- If you ask anyone at Bon Appetit how to make
a grilled cheese sandwich, the answer will vary
but the one thing that will always stay the same
is that you swipe mayo on the side of the bread
and fry the bread, the mayo that's applied to this bread
is tomato mayo, okay, let's--
- I think I'm getting better at this.
- The Reuben, for those who are not well-versed.
Rye bread, thousand island dressing,
but here comeback sauce which we already talked about,
kraut and corned beef. - So good.
- Simple, all right. - Okay.
All right, I do love a Reuben, so much.
- Rye and a Reuben is like, that's where it's at.
- The meat itself, like I'm hard pressed to choose
an option of this with turkey.
- We have to actually [laughs].
- [Christina] Okay so the exact same thing
but with roast turkey. - But with turkey.
I kinda like that better.
- Is it just 'cause the turkeys so damn good?
- Perfectly seasoned, sliced not super thin,
thick enough to have like when you take a bite of it,
you recognize it's well-cooked.
- Yeah. - Okay, movin' on?
- Movin' on. - Okay, the delight.
We're still working with rye bread, corned beef,
there's purple cabbage coleslaw,
whole sour pickles, and comeback sauce with swiss cheese.
I have a lot of opinions about coleslaw,
this is mayo-based, short chop, not like very long strands
and a little bit sweet.
So I think this coleslaw is doing its job.
- Yeah, this was phenomenal.
- Okay, let's do the turkey version, go.
Sling shot, engage.
- I'm already there.
Don't like the turkey version of this one
as much as I like the corned beef version of this.
- I totally agree.
Inside here, yellow mustard,
and then it looks like there's bacon fat
confit pork shoulder, wow.
And then heritage ham. - Okay so you're basically
talking about pork cooked in pork fat,
put in a sandwich with cured pork.
- Okay. - All right.
- Do it.
[lively music]
- This is a lot of pork for me.
- Not even just a lot of pork
but like a lot of the most flavorful pork.
- All right, the toasty ones.
- We're both going to agree that the delight
is the clear winner in this category.
- [Christina] Yes, 100%, the original delight,
with the corned beef. - Yes.
- So good. - Toasties are done,
now we're moving onto sandwiches with fish on them.
[lively music]
- I already feel better because there's so much lettuce.
- [Alex] It's a lot greener of a category.
- I just feel like a lot more calm,
I've realized like from the last segment
that hot sandwiches are like a lot for me [laughs].
- Also, new beverage alert. - Oh, yes, so excited.
So this is The Court Street take on Celery Soda,
it smells super, I mean it smells like a head of celery.
- Yeah.
[lively music]
- Wow, this ones extremely vegetabley.
- Yeah, it's so refreshing.
Where do we start with our fish?
- [Christina] I believe he said this was tuna-berry.
- So, obviously there's tuna salad here,
and then horseradish mayo up top
so that's gonna bring like bright and spiciness.
Cranberry sauce down low. - Crazy.
- Arugula and it's on Sullivan Street streka dopia bread.
- Apparently steka means stick.
- It's on stick bread. - Yeah, all right.
Here we go.
[lively music]
Did you have any doubts about the presence of cranberry
sauce in a tuna salad sandwich?
- No. - Like weirdly, me neither!
- Lox sandwich, stick bread, mayo,
looks like pickled onions, arugula, potato chips,
and cured salmon, lox.
- From the beginning it looks so beautiful.
- But also, I see potato chips on a sandwich, I'm in.
- All right.
[lively music]
- Oh wow.
- I would eat this over a bagel.
- Yes, that's what I'm saying.
- Damn, this is so good.
- That's like insanely good.
- Pickled os really are doing it for me.
- That to me is like the easiest step up of anything
you can add to a sandwich and just immediately make
it better, pickled onion.
All right should we go--
- Should we just do the carousel?
- The old fish sandwich carousel.
This one is called, the yasha.
So, oil-packed tuna is that layer of fish that you see.
Then we're working with radishes, pickled onions, arugula
and oh green Goddess. - Oh green Goddess!
- Dressing. - Nice.
Perfectly lovely, this gave me exactly what
I was hoping it would give me but it didn't surprise me.
- If you like oil-packed tuna,
you will like this sandwich.
- Mhm, yeah.
This is a tuna-lover's delight.
- Yeah, tuna lover's delight.
- All right. - Carousel.
- Round the Mary.
You only order sandwiches like this
if you're like I love an anchovy!
- Totally, this is lettuce, arugula, radish, anchovy.
- I know, at this point in our journey,
I'm really excited for this.
All right, here we go.
- This is so salty.
- I feel extremely neutral.
- I would feel extremely neutral if I liked chovies.
- Yeah, the person who should order this sandwich
is the person who like really
goes ham on anchovies. - Really, yes.
All right, our last.
This is the sleeper sandwich.
Sardines, lettuce and arugula, mayo, white onion, radish.
- Stick bread! [Alex laughing]
Again, perfectly lovely.
- I like that a lot more than I liked
any of the other besides the salmon.
Favorite in the category, Chaey?
- Lox - Lox.
- [Christina] Okay, what's next?
- Next, we have cold cuts.
- Oh nice, I don't know if you can tell
but I've really, I just got my second wind.
- You're turning the corner right now.
Okay, let's get these outta here,
we've got cold cuts comin' up.
[lively music]
- This is my favorite category, I think.
A lot of heavy hitters in here.
- Heavy hitters. - How do we even pick?
How do we even pick?
Should we start with the classic.
- [Alex] Ham and cheddar cheese.
- Cheddar? - And then we have
a kinda spread on here.
- Yum! - Pickled dijonnise.
That sounds awesome.
- And then just some romaine lettuce.
- Really nice lettuce.
- Okay.
[lively music]
- Pickled dijonnaise where is that?
- Counter clockwise, clockwise?
- Let's go counter!
Okay, so this is one of the roast beef sandwiches,
it has French's fried onions,
I believe it has some horseradish mayo and arugula.
Both of which are just like peppery
- Yeah. - Yummy perfect compliments
to roast beef in my mind.
[lively music]
One thing I forget I feel every time I eat this sandwich,
I love horseradish so much.
- All right, let's keep it movin'.
- All right. - This is the caesar pleaser.
Romaine lettuce, onion, radish, caesar mayo,
roast beef, caputo's roll.
[lively music]
You have the saltiness and the crispiness
of the French's, right? - Mhm.
- And those are like very salty,
so that's added seasoning, plus the horseradish.
When you take those things away,
this is like a very clean sandwich.
- [Christina] Turkey is inherently just so much leaner.
- Okay, sweet pickle, arugula, white onion,
mayo, turkey, caputo roll.
[lively music]
- Arguably just as ostere as the guy we just had.
- Yes, but--
- [Christina] Why is it so much better?
- It's so much better.
I think it might be sweet pickle.
- The turkey itself is well seasoned.
- It is superior turkey.
A jawn is literally anything.
- Oh cool. - Any noun.
So I'd be like pass me that jawn over there.
- What? - Or I just went
to the store to get the jawn.
- But what is the jawn?
- Any noun, I could be like pass me that jawn,
meaning your celery soda.
I could be like pass me that jawn meaning
the sandwich that just so happens to be cold.
The jawn.
The jawn is anything.
- It seems like a deeply unproductive article.
- You're not wrong.
Look at the amount of cheese on this sandwich.
- So good.
- Okay, caputo's roll romaine, pecorino romano,
mozzarella, swiss, and then roast beef,
the proprietary hoagie spread and then mayo
and the other half of the roll.
- All right. - All right,
thoughts and prayers.
[lively music]
- I mean, that's just what you have to do to roast beef.
- Mhm, the jawn is good.
- You love this sandwich, right?
- I love this sandwich.
One more in the category. - One more in the category.
- We got your boy the ollie. - My boy the ollie.
All right, the ollie, we have roast turkey.
- Yeah. - Which we've had many
times before already today. - Yes.
- You have the broccoli rabe
which I believe has like some chili flake
and that kind of a thing.
- Sure. - Provolone cheese
and then sriracha honey, and mayo.
- This looks so good.
[lively music]
- I mean, come on.
- This is the first spicy sandwich that we've had.
- I was actually just thinking the exact same thing.
There is just something so genius and elegant to me
about this combo. - Yeah, I am now
viewing these ingredients in a totally different light.
- The ollie! - The ollie,
that's my vote for best in this category.
- Same for me.
- We're moving on, our next category is
unfortunately called hot meatz.
- Who did this?
- I think for the sake of our digestive health,
we should get up, maybe like do a lap outside,
five minute breather,
walk a little bit of this off.
- And then dive right into hot meatz.
- And get back into the hot meats.
So, see you guys in like two seconds.
- Uch.
- Oh!
[lively music]
This is the heavy hitter category for me.
- I mean, we have our first double decker.
- [Alex] Correct, this is also where the sauces
start to get out of control messy.
- [Christina] How do we even go about--
- This is very good. - This is so good.
- This is what real ginger ale tastes like.
- Yeah, it is spicy. - Spicy but also
it's got cardimum. - It's so nice.
- Chili pepper, lime, uch delicious.
- Okay.
- Chaey. - Yes, I'm here.
Let's just--
- We just need to go.
- Can you, yeah. - Need to, do it.
- Why don't we start with a soft one?
So number one, it's a sandwich which is on garlic bread
which is amazing, short rib, roast broccoli,
kimchi, and mayo.
[lively music]
Meaty component, something super vegetale.
- Mhm. - The roast broccoli.
- Yeah.
- You have something spicy in the kimchi.
- Kimchi. - It's delicious.
- Yeah. - Because you're adding
complexity to a sandwich that's based in a really rich meat.
- In my opinion--
- Just kidding, one more.
- Wow! - Oh!
- One more sandwich was dropped,
there is, if you look on the menu you'll see
a little portrait of Jonah Hill up there.
Jonah Hill, he likes Court Street Grocers a lot,
he made a sandwich here, they put it on the menu.
- We were not told about this sandwich.
- We weren't told about it.
- I mean, are we gonna pick a battle between
35 and 36 sandwiches? - No, at this point,
throw 'em on, whatever.
I think we should move on
to the Jonah Hill. - We should respect
Jonah Hill. - Let's get Jonah's off.
- By eating him while he's hot.
So, corned beef, yellow mustard, pickles
and double American cheese. - Double American cheese.
All right.
[lively music]
I wanna know what mental state Jonah Hill was in when he
[Alex laughing]
conceived on this sandwich.
That is hedonism in a sandwich.
You know, it's like everything good, but also bad.
- [Alex] Okay, this is the macho man or woman.
- Full name. - Full name,
garlic bread, then we have pork shoulder, cheddar,
coleslaw and pickled jalepenos.
Plus the Court Street duck sauce.
It needs like some kinda acid in there.
The pickled jalepenos aren't doing it for me.
- I agree with you, but I did notice that this is very sweet
- The turkey club, you'll notice has white bread toasted,
mayo, lettuce, the same bacon that we had a couple times
previous and then sliced roasted turkey breast
and then bottom confit dark meat turkey
that's shredded and then put on the flat top and crisped.
It is an absolute game changer.
[lively music]
- This is too much for me.
[Alex laughing]
- If I were to describe that sandwich in one word
it would be heavy. - Chonky.
- [Alex] I forgot about this sandwich.
- [Christina] This is interesting.
- [Alex] Pickles, red peppers, mayo, catskill sauce,
caputo roll, unidentified cheese, we're not sure what it is.
Am I carrying the team on this one?
- Could I just watch you eat two bites?
[lively music]
- Whoa. - Mmm.
That was not at all what I thought
I was going to bite into.
- I really like that.
- It's so soft!
- Very soft. - Everything is so soft.
Including somehow the bread.
- Two more, ultimate warrior.
- That's me! - That's Chaey
at this very moment.
So this sandwich, the ultimate warrior,
roast pork shoulder, garlicy broccoli rabe,
and provolone cheese, this also adds pickled red peppers
and then pecorino, so another layer of cheese, and mayo.
I like that a lot, but not near the top for me.
- The confit me thing at this point,
that's making it very hard for me.
- Yeah. - But I also think
that I have a hard time with pecorino.
The scut farkus. - The scut farkus.
- [Christina] This is a good one.
- [Alex] Do you know what this is?
- I mean come on, it's a sandwich with zapp's voodoo.
- Yeah. - Inside the sandwich.
What else is happening here?
And don't say the c word. - Romaine lettuce.
And confit, turkey, crystal hot sauce,
banana peppers, zapps voodoo chips.
- Well, I have high hopes.
- I officially have the meat sweats now, by the way.
- Yeah. - I'm--
- I mean you and I are about to look like
the wax paper they wrap the sandwiches in.
- Yeah.
[lively music]
I hate vinegar hot sauce.
Crystal, tobasco, I don't want it, need it on anything.
- Oh, hard disagree.
I do think time and place for it
and I think that the nice thing about something
super vinegary, it's like one of the only things
that can hold its own next to something
as insanely rich and fatty as confit meat.
- Okay, what was number one?
- I'm struggling.
- What was number one, the one we agreed on the most.
I think that exmo there won.
- Yeah. - Yeah, same.
- The Exmo, kimchi, roasted broccoli,
short ribs, on garlic bread. - On garlic bread.
- How are you feeling?
I feel like we've talked a lot about my feelings.
- Yeah, I felt better, that's for sure.
This is easily the most challenging episode.
- Oh really?
Oh that makes me feel so much better all of a sudden.
- This is easily, like the amount of bread and meat,
it's kind of crazy.
- Now we only have one category left.
- One category left. - Are we doing dessert?
- Are you trying to dig us into a deeper hole right now?
We have like five more sandwiches to eat.
- Really?
[Alex laughing]
In the vegetables, okay, all right.
Bring it on, that's my category.
We're gonna crush it. - Let's get these out,
let's get the veggies in.
[lively music]
You're like oh it's vegetables.
- Yeah
- But then you're like oh no, the vegetables are just
treated exactly the same way that the meat
is treated in all of the other sandwiches.
- Okay, fine, fine. [Alex laughing]
- [Alex] So this is the veggie classic.
Mushroom and black bean patty, American cheese, lettuce,
white onion and comeback sauce on a potato roll.
- I don't love a veggie burger.
Comeback sauce goes a long way,
in this particular application it's really weirdly
reminiscent of big mac sauce.
- Yeah, special sauce.
- So the broccoli Reuben is essentially the Reuben
which we ate earlier today.
Same bread, same sauce, same kraut,
but instead of corned beef, it has roasted broccoli.
By no means a healthy vegetable sandwich.
- I'm excited to eat this.
- Okay.
[lively music]
You think it's going to be a lesser version
of something you already know is great.
But I think when you see the broccoli Reuben as it's own
beautiful entity - Yes.
- It just is there waiting to surprise you.
This is basically a vegetarian version of the Italian combo
that we had at the very beginning except instead of all
the meats the mortadella, the sopressata has been replaced
by planks of roasted butternut squash
and then everything else is more or less the same,
you've got swiss, pecorino, mozzarella.
- Mozzarella. - The hoagie spread,
the arugula, the white onion.
[lively music]
- That's nice.
Sweetness of the squash plays really nicely
with the olives and the peppers, the onions,
little brightness, in terms of like balance in a sandwich.
- Mhm! - That's pretty damn good.
This is the ollie-flower.
- So you still have the broccoli rabe,
the sriracha honey, the mayo, the cheese.
- Yeah. - And now you just
have some nice cauliflower in there.
- You have cauliflower instead of turkey.
- I mean this looks so awesome to me.
- Okay. - Oh, I just hiccuped again.
[Alex laughing]
- That is so good.
- How are you liking the ollie-flower versus the ollie?
- I think the turkey does a little more
for the sandwich as a whole.
- Mhm. - But the cauliflower
is quite nice. - Yeah, this may be
the best thing we've eaten.
- This sandwich sounds so good,
it's called the Uncle Chucky, cauliflower in the base,
and then we have pumpkin seed romesco.
- Which means it's like red pepper, pumpkin seed,
blended into a smooth sauce.
- Yes, white onion, arugula, sumac vinegarette, okay.
- Mmm, mhm!
This is so good.
I am so happy right now.
Uch, okay!
- Okay, final beverage, final sandwich.
The yam and cheese.
We have roasted beets, yams, arugula, pickled onions,
a whipped goat cheese and then sumac vinegarette.
- Okay. - Do it.
- Best goat forward.
Not my fav. - Same.
- I really wanted to like this,
but I think that like this to be is a cousin
of veg Italian. - Yeah.
- And it's just like the veg Italian does it better.
- It does, it does it better.
Okay, best in this category for me.
- We're splitsies on best in category, dude.
- Uncle Chucky is my guy.
- I'm a little torn.
I sort of wanna go with Ollie-Flower.
- It might be kinda hard for us to pick our
three favorite sandwiches but we need to.
- We need to. - That's the whole point
of this show. - We need to.
- Let's get these off the table,
we've got some thinking, some deliberating to do.
[lively music]
Okay, Chaey, final count.
Four sodas. - Mhm.
- We each had a different favorite there.
I went ginger, you went celery.
- I went celery.
- Two oatmeals. - Literally forgot
about the oatmeals.
- We also had different favorites there.
And then just a cool, casual 36 sandwiches.
- Can you just like say so everyone knows
that this was extremely hard.
- I will go on record and say this was,
from a body perspective, the way that we feel right now,
the hardest episode so far.
- So now what? - So now we have to give
the people what they want.
We're starting with the grail,
this is the all star, the MVP, this sandwich is
the reason you are coming to Court Street Grocers,
it's our number one pick, Chaey, please what is it?
- I'm so excited to say that it is the Ollie!
- Ollie!
That's roast turkey, broccoli rabe, sriracha honey,
mayo and provolone cheese on a caputo roll.
- In 36 sandwiches, no other one was as singularly
surprising, unique in its pairing of flavors.
- Yes. - Bitterness, sweetness,
for all these reasons and more like gotta be the Ollie!
- [Alex] Okay, next up, this is the number two,
the second time around, the next time you're in.
- Oh I'm pretty sure it's the Delight.
- It's 100% the Delight.
It says it all but you have that rye bread,
super buttery. - Mhm
- You have corned short rib, which it shows up
on a couple sandwiches here,
I think that's one thing that Court Street does really well.
- I enjoyed it every time.
- And good old fashioned coleslaw.
And third, the dark horse, the hidden gem,
the regular's order.
- That would be the smoked salmon.
- The smoked salmon was so good!
- [Christina] Which we're not giving points on for the name.
- No. - Because frankly the name
is like not very great compared to some of the others
that we've seen. - Correct.
- [Christina] However as a sandwich,
just like everything that you would imagine
a Court Streets grocer's mind would invent
when thinking about like how to make a classic
like bagel and lox situation and turn it on its head.
- Yeah. - It was so delightful.
- Do you wanna come back tomorrow
and eat them all again?
- Great, what time?
- Call times 8:00.
[Christina laughing]
Okay, Christina Chaey, would you say you filled
your sandwich quota for the day?
- I filled it for like all of 2020 dude.
[Alex laughing]
- All right, well in that case,
I will just offer my thanks
for going on this journey with me.
- Oh thank you! - This has been
One Of Everything at Court Street Grocers.
I'm Alex Delany.
- And I'm Christina Chaey.
- Bon Appetit.