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Splash! is this awesome weekend
program that we run for high schoolers
in the Boston area. Basically
500 of us MIT students take our
weekend off and teach 3,000
high schoolers everything that
we know.
And every year we have hundreds
of these classes. We book the
entire campus for a weekend
basically. We have three or four
lecture halls, six or seven computer
labs and a whole bunch of classrooms.
And all the students just take over
campus its really, really crazy and
MIT students just ask us all the
time, "Why are there high school
students everywhere?" and we tell
them, because they're here to learn.
Splash! typically offers several
hundred classes approximately
with several hundred teachers
teaching those classes. And the
reason for this is essentially
that we let teachers teach whatever
they want. We have teachers
teaching classes in humanities,
social sciences; about science,
biology, physics, whatever they
want to teach. And its really cool
because to get to see giant class
catalogue with a whole bunch of
different classes going all the
way down the page and each one is
a reflection of something that
the teacher likes and the teacher
wants to showcase to students, to
have students learn more about.
So I like teaching as a whole but
I think what really motivates me
to wake up at 8AM and go teach
classes during Splash! is sharing
that brain-explodes moment with
people. Everyone's had that moment
in at least one of your classes,
or I hope everyone's had that
moment where the teacher presents
something or you suddenly see
something and it's really just
like your brain explodes, like,
"Wow, that is so awesome, that's
so cool. I see how all the pieces
fit together. I'm happy that I've
learned this because something
awesome has happened to me today.
And some part of me wants to
share that with people, however
sappy that sounds.
I think one of the defining
features of Splash! is the fact
that it's open to anyone who signs
up online. MIT is not this closed
or walled-off garden that only
the select few can go to, it's
really this wonderful, open
community of learning and education,
and Splash! really tries to make
that happen.
I just want to mention how cool
that is. You just found the detail
of the image. If anyone asks you
what is in focus in this image,
you just take the image and then
you blur it and then you subtract
them and then you have the answer
I think MIT is unique in that it's
a place where people are not only
driven to pursue their passions
to the upmost of their ability
but they're also driven to share
the ideas they learn with others
and I think Splash! is really an
embodiment of this spirit.
If I were to describe Splash! in
one word it would be: festival.
Curiosity, in that, people are
free to pursue whatever they're
curious about.