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Dear citizens of the universe,
I'm super excited to announce that in addition to Minute Physics,
I can also gathered a team to bring you, Minute Earth
A new YouTube channel with videos about the Earth and Earth sciences.
That is, an anthology of geology, biology, ecology and anthropology. And more.
So far, we've covered topics such as, "Why are leaves green?",
"How tall can mountains be?", and, "How much would you hair grow
in three billion years?"
The Earth's an exciting place with lots of awesome science,
so head over to Minute Earth and check it out
We also have both Minute Physics and Minute Earth in Espanol
thanks to the excellent Ever Salazar.
And last but not certainly not least,
there's a new pop physics book out by Lee Smolin, called "Time Reborn".
It's about our lack of understanding of the fundamental nature of time
and why that's crutial in truly explaining the Big Bang and Quantum Mechanics
and the long term future of the universe.
Lee was my advisor in grad school and when he asked me to do the illustrations for his book,
I said, "of course!".
It's definitely one of the most mind opening books I've read in the last year
and if you want to learn more about the book, or where to find it,
click this annotation or the link in the video description.
Or head to your favourite bookstore.