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Epic Rap Battles Of History...
Freddy Kruegeeeeeeeeeeeeer
One, two Freddy's coming for you
Three, four better
Lock your-
Welcome to prime time, bitch!
Better stay awake like a meth head
Spread red on your bedspread
til you're lying there
in your deathbed.
You got a healing factor?
I got a kill bitches on the celling factor
Under that mask you're a singer/actor,
under my skin I'm a slasher/slasher!
I come from Wes Craven's twisted mind
You come from comic books kids get when they're well behaved at Christmas time
Flock of Seaguils called
they want their hairstyle returned
and that wasn't even my main diss
it was just a sideburn
Nice glove, bub,
but I'm real from bones to teeth
and that claw is like a strap on,
there's a pussy underneath
Don't sleep?
That's all you got for me?
Could defeat your ass with a cup of tea
I been to hell and back
and whooped Satan's ass
You got beat by a Nancy
on Elm Street
You wanna talk about burns, mac?
The PTA turned your face into Deadpool's ballsack
wrapped in a Where's waldo sweater
Jason can't talk
and he rocks the mic better
So step into my catnap,
see if you can hack that,
better hang on to your whack hat
cause your worst nightmare
ain't Hugh Jack shit compared
to the least of my
Weapon X flashbacks
I'm the adamantium,
champion, X-man
you'll only ever be
half of Edward scrssorhands
so don't get me more pissed chump
I'll take your whole franchise out
with a fist bump
Look at the size of your body
how could I possibly
think I'm in trouble?
I can't tell the difference between your action figure and your stunt double!
What's the matter? You look tired, eh?
I'll be in your bed tonight unlike Jean Grey
As for me, I'm a chick magnet
So heavy metal bitches are real attracted
What the fuck is a wolverine?
Some kind of an angry beaver?
I was more intimidated by a tiny Canadian the first time I saw Justin Beiber!
That verse stung, bub, but I've already recovered
I'll call you tomorrow morning if I need my toast buttered
I ain't got time for this! I'm saving the world
What qualities do you bring?
You're a pedophile from the midwest; at least R. Kelly could sing
So you've got the wrong room if you're lookin' for fear
Only thing scares me is a fridge with no beer
That face tells me you've met your match but come back if you've got another itch to scratch
Who won?
Who's next?
You decide!
Epic Rap Battles of History!