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Why is the milk gone?
Well because you forgot to buy milk, alright?
And why did you forget to buy milk?
That's an interesting question.
See you were gonna some on the way home yesterday but then you remembered
you had to get some bread as well so you went to the bread aisle.
However the alcohol aisle was on the way to the bread aisle so you went there first because
recently you've been doing quite a lot of drinking alone (if by recently you mean the
last 12 years) and they had this new 45% bourbon which was pretty cool, which you bought and
then forgot to buy milk.
So really the milk is gone because of whisky.
But really you only went to buy whisky because it's kind of been a cloudy day and you wanted
to cheer yourself up a bit.
And it's only really been a cloudy day because of temperature differential over the balkan
peninsula, brought on by east moving winds and pressure fluctuations.
So really the milk is gone because of the weather.
But the weather is only really there because of the atmosphere which formed about 4 billion
years ago, as a result of gas escaping from the Earth's interior.
So the milk is gone because of the Earth.
But the Earth is only really there because a gas cloud condensed into the sun and the solar
system a few billion ago.
And all of that came from the big bang, billions of years before that. So really the milk is
gone because space and time materialized out of apparently nothing... 14 billion years ago.
And if that's true did the universe know 14 billion years ago that if she exploded, formed
into galaxies and stars and they gave rise to planets and the planets developed ecosystems,
single celled life, complex organisms, humans, human society, domestication of cows,
the invention of coffee, milk in coffee, fridges and finally you, that you that you would eventually
run out of milk, fourteen billion years later?
Well... maybe.
If you're playing pool or snooker or whatever and you hit the ball at a certain angle at
a certain speed, if you have a good enough computer you could say exactly where the balls
are going to go, right?
It's all predetermined.
If you took exactly the same shot a thousand times the balls would do the same thing a
thousand times.
Well, if the big bang happened a thousand times over just the way it did 14 billion
years would you run out of milk a thousand times 14 billion years later?
And doesn't that mean you entire life is already determined, like the date of your birth and
death was already predicted the moment the universe came into being and everything has
to happen in a certain order, just that way, just like a pool game?
No, definitely not.
We've got free will, right?
I mean, just because the universe is made of atoms bumping into each other that have
to act in a certain way based on what happened before and just because your brain is made
of atoms that have to do the same thing and it's all part of the same system, you can
still just decide to do stuff, right?
Because otherwise we're just balls in a cosmic game of pool with no free will at all...meaning
we're just robots caught in a deterministic system with just an illusion of choice but
really having no control whatsoever over our own lives deluding ourselves into thinking
we're somehow different to all the other atoms in the universe and that would mean you've
never made a real choice and you never will and whatever you decide to do next in life
isn't a decision at all but was always going to happen and there's no point to ever doing
anything ever again because everything was predecided at the beginning of time and life
is completely meaningless and empty and – fuck it black coffee is fine.