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Want to spoil your girlfriend with diamonds while impressing her with your scientific
Here's how: Baby, we've been together a long time
and I've picked up on your hints -- I know that you want a diamond,
but I was thinking you're too special to me for just one diamond.
I want to give you one and a half million diamonds...
per second.
And not only that, they're nanodiamonds.
Yeah, isn't that great?
You are a fu- Now is the perfect time to tell her scientists
have recently discovered nanodiamonds in the flames of ordinary candles -- millions of
As the hydrocarbon wax is burned tiny diamonds form in the middle of the flame.
They're the exact same as regular diamonds, just really, really small.
You always told me size doesn't matter.
Are you packing?
I should have listened to my mother.
Actually, as it turns out, the nanodiamonds are burnt up in the flame and released into
the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.
So you're better off getting a big diamond.
Otherwise your relationship, like the nanodiamonds, will go up in smoke.