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I'm gonna show you how to quickly and easily make these types of animations
using Ganbreeder and Gantools
this is Ganbreeder. app the best place on
the Internet to make your own psychedelic AI monstrosities it's a
collaborative art project by Joel Simon where as he describes images are bred by
having children mixing with other images and being shared via their URL
Ganbreeder presents you with a series of images that other users have bred each
one is a combination of different elements that the network has been
trained to replicate like dog burger jellyfish building and they call those
elements genes and each image is a kind of Frankenstein using many of those
genes let's take a closer look at this one underneath it are three children
made from that image they contain similar genes to the parent
but in slightly different ratios like a random mutation we can click on a child
and it will create a new generation based on that child's traits
if we keep clicking we can see certain traits becoming more or less prominent
based on our selection much like how our natural selection works if we keep
clicking the ones that look more like a cat it'll start to look more and more
like a cap and most like that flower we can also select how similar or different
the children are going to be it if we make it really similar the children are
going to look fairly close to the parent but if we've bumped the difference all
the way up they're gonna start to look more different if you're going to edit
genes we can see what elements this image is made from so this one looks
like it's part Pomeranian part Siamese cat and part Daisy with the majority of
its genes being from a Siamese cat we can adjust these ratios and make a
specific child with those traits so let's increase the amount of Daisy
slightly and just decrease in a Siamese cat and see how that looks alright
that's looking more and more like a flower and less and less like a cat and
we can also add in extra genes so let's go to select a new gene let's add some
food and let's scroll down let's add some cauliflower and let's see what this
looks like with more cauliflower you know you can't argue with that that's much
more like a cauliflower let's make it even more like cauliflower there we
are hardly looks like a cat at all now and if go to the crossbreed tap
we can also crossbreed other images from Gann breeder so you can either enter the
URL from another Cambrian image or select an image to mix that I've already
favored it I like the burger so let's mix it more with the burger and now we can
see additional images of this cat slowly turning into a burger and the beauty
with this type of morph is that each of these in between isn't just a random
mashup pixels they all stand alone as an image that makes sense kind of even if
it's quite strange and disturbing you can also see the lineage of an image by
clicking this button up here now we scroll down we can see back through all
the generations where we clicked and to where it got started it's great fun to
just play around on Ganbreeder to see what other people have made and see what you
can add to it now these images are only 512 pixels by 512 pixels wide you can
save a high-resolution image but you only get 50 of those before you have to
upgrade which does only cost $5 for unlimited downloads so how do we animate
all of this now I started by doing it manually so I'd go to an image right
click save that image as and did a new folder call it 0 1 then I would edit the
genes very slightly make a new child save that image as 02 adjust that
images genes and repeat this until I have enough images to make a decent sequence
I try it for at least 20 then I would go into After Effects that a file import
find where those images were and make sure that I've clicked import as JPEG or
image sequence then I import and you'd end up with this and this one's only 5
images long so that's why it's so short here my first experiments using that
method this is the first one I did which is just bubble changing shape not too
interesting this one started as this sort of beautiful looking sort of
cabbagey looking butterfly flower thing I slowly devolved to this very colorful
mess it kind of look like stop-motion though so I think this is kind of
interesting this one is where it started getting really interesting this is the
panda burger so I got this image which was half panda half burger at the start
and then I slowly increased the amount of Panda and then I decrease the amount
of Panda and increase the amount of burger and this one I thought was really
fun then I tried this one which is more abstracted a bit more random even just
are pretty different to each other so it does look a bit more hectic and less
and morphing and evolving this one had the traits of a cat and a tarantula so I
kind of just mixed between going from cat and then going back to tarantula
this sort of in-between mash where it's sort of just a ball of fur and spider
legs very unsettling and then this was one where I kind of just morphed
smoothly between a lot of things and this is what I really liked especially
where where everything is kind of centered and it you just see the the
middle and the background morph there's not much movement that had a
cool effect these definitely were very cool but manually saving each one
took a lot of time and I promised a quick and easy solution at the start of
the video so here's how we automate that process I came across this program
called Gantools which is made by vee9aHD1 which automates almost that
entire process this works on Mac and PC probably Linux as well and all links are
in the description and fair warning figuring out how to install and launch
this pushed my animators brain to its limit I gave up twice during the process
I'll give you a rundown of the installation but there are detailed
instructions on this kit lab that is linked below
I got it to work eventually following these instructions exactly but I
honestly didn't know what I was doing for most of that part so I don't think I
can help much with troubleshooting so here's how you install it first you have
to install the latest version of Python and make sure that it is a 64-bit
release and you can get that from you know then you need to install
the latest version of kit which you can get from here and then you need to
install Gantools itself which you could do from your computer's command line so you
do feel a bit like a hacker doing it you can open your command line by pressing
your Windows key and r at the same time on your keyboard and then clicking
ok to open command.exc if you're on a Mac just run terminal from your
applications utilities directory and then install it by pasting this bit of
code from the git lab into your command line now once gantool is installed it
is smooth sailing I promise from here we simply copy this code into the command
line the areas I've highlighted in red are what you should change the username and
password are the ones used to log in on Ganbreeder and frames is the number of
frames that you would like it to export and these keys here are the key frames
that we're going to use to morph between those codes come from the last section
of the URL over here in Ganbreeder so let's pick four
images to morph between we've got this lovely flowery looking shape here we've
got this dopey looking cougar which looks like it's been poorly taxidermied
then we've got another colorful flower shape and then finally we'll move back
into this concerned dog so let's copy their codes and paste that into this
code here and let's make the number of frames 160 I like to write this in a
separate text editing out and copy it into the command line because writing
directly into the command line scares me and here I can see if I've missed a
space or made up some sort of other error here so let's copy this let's
paste that into our command line we press ENTER and it will start to do its
thing it will blend between those images and download them as an image sequence
into your user folder you can add any number of images as keyframes just make
sure to increase the end frames number if you want it to be longer now the
render time is pretty darn quick it's taking about one second per frame so it
doesn't take long at all once it's finished it'll say done and and you can
check that it's you know written all the images to that folder I'm gonna copy all
of those and place them somewhere more appropriate then I'm gonna import that is an
image sequence into after-effects you get this
pretty crazy I really liked how it had the dog sort of expands up then shrinks
down and it looks very bizarre and here's all my other experiments I did
this one was using jellyfish and flower genes and this one kind of looks like
it's rendered in a 3d animation software and I kind of like that look this one is
the longest morph one I did and this one is pretty hypnotizing I think especially
this morph between the the mushroom and the frog I think this one's pretty cool
and this is a cauliflower dog burger as well which I think looks really
interesting especially it's these sort of eyes come in and out of this little
section here
here's one I try that had a person in it and this one looked very
horrifying this one looks really weird when there's a person in there so if you
want weirdness, add a person in this is another abstract one and this might be
my favorite I love all the colors in this one and how just all the shapes
seem to morphing you know breathe into each other and this one is probably most
similar to high-intensity - psychedelic visuals
here's another fun one of a
monkey morphing into a pug and then into a cup of coffee
this one had a more painterly kind of look which is pretty interesting
this one just kind of looks like this sea creature morphing through a whole
bunch of different environments which I think it's pretty neat this one looks
pretty terrifying and it's probably too intense even if you are sober this one
is just another mash of some random images I found and this one is pretty
cool I especially like this sort of explosion of red that you get near the start
here right here
this one builds and morphs really nicely you know kind of
like how this one involves towards the back half here
it almost looks like an intense time-lapse of a maybe an undersea piece of you know coral or
plant or something
and one last dog burger because I think the dogs and
burgers work really well and it's just funny
Ganbreeder is getting an update soon and it will soon be called art breeder now
this is going to automate a lot of these processes that have been through
including more models to work with as well as style transfer and uploading
your own images and animation so animating these might get much much
easier you might not even have to install gantools I have signed up for
the beta so I'll be making a video about that and sharing more AI madness as soon
as I can I've made a short playlist of some related videos that'll think you'll
enjoy if you've made it this far I'll see you in the next video and please
consider subscribing if you'd like more of these videos every week
Subtitle: Zoe J Marriott