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[Natsuki] Chi-Chile. Oww!
[Natsuki] F-F-Fuck!
[Natsuki] FUCK!
[Chris] His tooth filling just came out.
[Chris] Hello Hello. [Natsuki] Hello!
So today is an interesting, exciting even... nervous day. Nerve-racking day.
Because we've got quite a few packages you guys have sent in. On to the new PO Box address
that we put out about three or four weeks ago.
When people do this on their YouTube channels, I don't know if they look through them first.
If you're supposed to, and then pretend to open them. We haven't done that. We are opening them
for the first time now. So, fingers crossed, it doesn't go wrong.
Alright, which one do you want to start with? Where do you wanna start--why are you sniffing the boxes?
[Chris] ... fucking tired.
[Chris] This one? Alright. [Natsuki] This one.
[Chris] Alright there's the first one, it's a package from Emil
[Chris] Emil in Sweden. [Natsuki] Emil in Sweden.
[Chris] Thank you. [Natsuki] Thank you Sweden~
[Chris] Thank Emil, Emil.
[Natsuki] Email?
[Natsuki] Emil? [Chris] *laughs Oh God.
[Natsuki] Wow. Candy! [Chris] Candy!
[Natsuki] Like a zoo.
[Chris] What have we got here? This is, I dunno, I know some of these.
[Chris] For example, I know this one. Fisherman's Friend.
[Chris] Which is like a cough, sweet pastel thing. Do you wanna try?
[Natsuki] Fisherman. [Chris] I-I, can't actually eat them.
[Chris] 'Cause they're like too strong. But Natsuki will like them.
[Chris] Maybe two, have two.
[Chris] Two Fisherman's Friend.
[Natsuki] Thank you... Emil.
[Chris] You still like Emil?
*Natsuki immediately regrets his decision*
[Natsuki] Whoooohhh! Wake Up!
[Chris] Yeah... [Natsuki] Wa-Wake Up Taste!
[Natsuki] Hooo oooh. [Chris] Wake... ah...*laughs*
[Chris] Wake up taste oh my god.
[Chris] What's this Emil, what've you given us.
[Chris] I don't even know how to say that, d-jinga-linda? ba-liga-do?
[Natsuki] Fisherman strong.
[Chris] Fisherman strong. *laughing*
*instant regret*
[Chris] Oh... shit.
[Natsuki] *laughs* Monkey! [Chris] What is this!?
[Chris] Oh no.
[Natsuki] Nani sore? (What is that?) What?
[Chris] Oh my god! What is that!? What is that!? [Natsuki] Oh!
[Natsuki] Hmmm. Oh shi- [Chris] It's like... oh no.
[Chris] It's like salted licorice salt. Oh god.
[Natsuki] Fisherman! Oh! [Chris] Emil, I don't like you anymore.
[Chris] I won't-I realize this is the most disgusting thing I've ever tried in my life.
[Chris] It's really good. [Natsuki] Nante iu no? (How do you say this?) Do-jinja? Do-jinja get a job?
[Natsuki] F---uuuuckkk!
[Natsuki] Ohhh... Ohhhh...
[Natsuki] Oohhhhhh.
[Natsuki] Eeh, Nani kore? (What's this?)
[Natsuki] Oooooh!
[Natsuki] Fucking broken.
[Natsuki] Perfect.
[Chris] Yeah... good. Thank you Emil...
[Chris] Thank you for your wacky collection of Swedish things.
[Natsuki] Good experience.
[Chris] Was it? [Natsuki] Thank you Emil.
[Chris] Alright, second box. This box is from the United Kingdom.
[Natsuki] U.K!! Yay! [Chris] Yay.
[Chris] Who's the person? [Natsuki] You're country.
[Chris] Benjamin. Benjamin McKechnie. [Natsuki] Benjamin.
[Chris] Thank you for this. Alright. Let's dive in. [Natsuki] Thank you Benjamin.
[Natsuki] Food? Ohhh food! [Chris] Oh good!
[Chris] Yeah, yeah, yes, sweets! This is all, like, British chocolates. [Natsuki] Chocolate?
[Chris] Yeah, British chocolates.
[Chris] Revels, cream eggs! I love this, I haven't had these in years! I love these.
[Chris] Oh mini eggs, also I love them. Wow.
[Natsuki] Nessel, Nessel. [Chris] Yeah. Nestlé.
[Natsuki] Nestlé? Nestlé [Chris] Nestlé. Nessel!
[Chris] Let's go for the cream, cream eggs 'cause they're pretty nice.
[Natsuki] Good? [Chris] Yeah, it's one of my favorite sweets.
[Chris] So basically, it's like a chocolate egg with cream in the middle.
[Natsuki] Eggs? Eggs. [Chris] Eggs.
[Chris] It's not really an egg.
[Natsuki] Ka-! Kata(i)-! (It's hard!)
[Chris] Hard? [Natsuki] Hard!
[Natsuki] Oh!
[Natsuki] Honto da! (It's true!) [Chris] Yeah.
[Natsuki] Really eggs!
[Chris] Really eggs! [Natsuki] Yeah.
[Chris] 1 to 10? [Natsuki] 8!
[Chris] There really is no equivalent for this, so...
[Chris] It's really cool to get this. [Natsuki] First time.
[Chris] First time.
[Chris] Thanks Benjamin, I think this is the best box we've had so far. This one and the other one.
[Chris] No offense to Emil.
[Natsuki] Nice Benjamin. [Chris] And these dodgy sweets.
[Chris] Box number 3, from Alexander Shauna...
[Chris] In California. Thank you, thank you for your awesome box. [Natsuki] Thank you.
[Chris] What's this? A book. William Shakespeare's Star Wars. How come I've never heard of this?
[Chris] This looks pretty cool.
[Chris] Do you like Star Wars? [Natsuki] Yeah.
[Chris] Reall-No you don't. Bollocks. You liar.
[Chris] Good Lord, it's the whole, it's pretty much the whole script of Star Wars.
Written in the style of William Shakespeare.
I mean that's pretty much a giveaway by reading front cover.
But still it's pretty cool. I never heard of that. "Thou speakest well my stormtrooper
and yet not well upon my ear the message falls.
I turn to thee thou rebel, I lift thy head above my own." That's, that's Darth Vader.
In the style of William Shakespeare. That's really awesome. I really look forward to reading that.
Thank you that's really cool.
And we got a really nice card as well.
From Shauna who has a few questions
"In 2018 I'm planning on traveling to
Japan in mid June or early July can you give any advice for traveling during
that season?" [Chris] Drink lots of water.
[Chris] Very, very hot. It's almost not that fun traveling around then
but just drink lots of Pocari sweat and water and you'll be alright.
And "How long would you like to live in Japan?"
[Chris] I would like to live in Japan until Natsuki becomes truly rich and famous.
[Chris] That's my one goal of this channel to make Natsuki famous.
[Chris] When you become famous... [Natsuki] Yeah?
[Chris] I'll leave Japan. My, my dream is to make you famous.
[Chris] So when you become famous and rich, I can go home.
[Natsuki] No. [Chris] Yeah!
[Chris] I'm like the, I'm like the Genie of Aladdin. That's exactly what I'm like.
[Natsuki] You're a genius.
[Chris] I well, um, oh... yeah. Yeah.
[Chris] Now alright, package number 4. [Natsuki] Four!
[Chris] There we go. It's a cylindrical one.
[Chris] I dunno if that's a good sign or not, but...
[Chris] Who's it from? It doesn't say 🎵
[Chris] But it's from the UK. So I'm optimistic. [Natsuki] Again, UK.
[Chris] Again, lots of... yeah, alright. [Natsuki] Yay.
"Chris and Natsuki, I did you some fan art. I hope you like it.
And it's a source of inspiration for Natsuki: The Movie." - From David, in Brighton.
[Natsuki] David? [Chris] David in Brighton.
[Natsuki] Oh. [Chris] Let's have a look.
[Natsuki] Hoo hoo hooo! [Chris] Whoah shit.
[Natsuki] Whoooah. [Chris] That's fucking cool.
[Chris] Wow, oh my god. [Natsuki] Cool! Niiiice!
[Natsuki] David, Thank you. Thank you!
[Chris] A fucking meatball. [Natsuki] Meatball? Meatball.
[Natsuki] Life is meatball.
[Chris] For those of you that don't know. Natsuki's philosophy is that: "Life is a meatball"
[Chris] There's the meatball.
[Chris] That could legitimately be the poster for "Natsuki: The Movie."
[Chris] Good work David. [Natsuki] Very, very thank youu~
[Chris] Thank you David in Brighton. You're a legend.
[Natsuki] Waa, kore wa sugoi. (This is great!)
[Chris] Yeah. [Natsuki] Great, Great! Thank you!
[Chris] I know. That's seriously really cool. Thank you very much.
[Chris] Alright, next box is from Aaron from Ireland.
[Chris] Ireland. [Natsuki] Island?
[Chris] All the way from Ireland. [Natsuki] Beer, beer, beer!
[Natsuki] I love beer. [Chris] Awww, don't racial stereotype.
[Natsuki] 🎵 De-de-d-de teh teeeehh🎵
[Chris] Irish tattoo sleeves.
[Chris] Yes.
[Chris] This is so random. [Natsuki] What's use?
[Chris] Oh, for you. When you work. Put that on. [Natsuki] Wow.
[Natsuki] I'm pro wrestler.
[Chris] Yeah, you look like some sort of Irish Yakuza. [Natsuki] Yakuza.
[Natsuki] Ah. Ah ah! Irish mark ne! [Chris] Ireland to Yakuza *laughs*
[Chris] From a distance, it could look worryingly convincing as well. [Natsuki] Yeah...
[Natsuki] I'm Tupac.
[Chris] There's so many Irish stereotypes in this one box.
[Natsuki] Strange. [Chris] Oh, it's so fucking surreal.
[Chris] It's like, it's 11:30 at night and you're wearing that.
[Natsuki] Ireland man.
*Traditional Irish Folk Singing*
[Chris] It's like being in Ireland.
[Natsuki] Ireland music.
[Chris] So yeah, thank you to Aaron in Cork in Ireland. Thank you. This is awesome. [Natsuki] A~mazing~
[Chris] And Natsuki will no doubt, treasure this outfit.
[Chris] For the rest of time. [Natsuki] D-d-daibu (for the most part) Looks good?
[Chris] Yeah. [Natsuki] Mmm. I think so.
[Chris] And the last box... [Natsuki] Maybe pizza!
[Chris] Maybe pizza. [Natsuki] From US pizza?
[Chris] Well, it's not from the US, it's from the UK, 'cause it's Royal Mail. [Natsuki] Pizza Hut.
[Chris] Wow, this is a big box.
[Natsuki] Wooooow... sexy. [Chris] Good lord, there's like many layers in here..
[Natsuki] Thank you David Thomas. [Chris] Thank you David Thomas for sending your giant box.
[Chris] Which we're gonna cut open like this.
[Chris] And try not to damage all the things.
[Chris] And so, good lord. [Natsuki] Ah, ah, ah, ah.
[Chris] Oh wow. [Natsuki] W-w-w-wow. Kitchen style.
[Chris] Oh my god. David Thomas. You've spared no expense.
[Chris] Dip Dabs? They're-I love those. They're so cool. [Natsuki] Dip Dabs?
[Chris] Dip Dab. [Natsuki] Dip Dab.
[Chris] Dip Dab. [Natsuki] Dip Dab.
[Chris] Alright... you take the lolly.
[Natsuki] Dip Dab.
[Natsuki] Dip Dab powder. [Chris] You take the lolly.
[Natsuki] Woooow. [Chris] You dip.
[Natsuki] Dip. [Chris] And then Dab.
[Natsuki] Dab. [Chris] Dip Dab.
[Natsuki] More more dip dab. [Chris] Yeah, more dip dab.
[Chris] Lemon sherbert. Lemon sherbert.
[Natsuki] Dip Dab.
[Chris] I mean... Is that fucking cheese!? [Natsuki] You like it.
[Chris] See, that cheese has been in there a while... probably gonna give that a miss.
[Natsuki] Dip Dab. *laughter*
[Chris] Stil-Stilton that's been out for four weeks.
[Natsuki] Or more.
[Natsuki] Have it. [Chris] Tabete (eat it)
[Chris] No, don't, dont, fucking don't. You'll die.
[Chris] Chili Mili? Chili Mili...
[Natsuki] Maybe hot. [Chris] What's that?
[Chris] You think? Hot gummy tangy sweets. [Natsuki] Hot gummy.
[Chris] Chili sweets.
[Natsuki] I can try.
[Chris] Such confidence.
[Natsuki] Long taste. [Chris] Maybe this will help. Twiglets!
[Natsuki] Oh!!
[Chris] Teeth? [Natsuki] Teeth!
[Natsuki] Ohhh!!
[Chris] *laughing* Ohhhhh noooo.
[Natsuki] Hot chili!
[Chris] His face!
[Natsuki] I'm dental broken!
[Natsuki] Hot chili!
[Natsuki] Oowww!
[Chris] His-His filling just came out. His tooth!
[Natsuki] Chile.
[Natsuki] Oww. Fuck!
[Natsuki] Fuck!
[Chris] His tooth filling just came out.
[Chris] Oh my god, his tooth filling came out.
[Chris] Thanks to Chili Milis. This will help, Twiglets.
[Chris] Quick, tabete (eat it)
[Natsuki] *in pain* Den- ... No!!
[Natsuku] Dental!!
[Natsuki] Oh my god...
[Chris] Natsuki's mouth is broken.
[Natsuki] Kore, kore-kore-kore-kore. (this damned thing) [Chris] It's genuinely broken this time.
[Natsuki] It's dangerous!
[Chris] It's dangerous. I'm not even gonna have it.
[Chris] But no, seriously, thanks to everyone who sent something in.
[Chris] You're really awesome.
[Natsuki] Thank you. [Chris] Thanks guys!
[Chris] Thanks for watching.
[Chris] What a scene!
[Chris] What a- this is such a bizarre thing to see for me.
[Chris] I, my head's gonna crash.
[Chris] Ohhhhh, lord. What a, what a night. What an evening. Bloody hell.
[Natsuki] Yabai... (Dangerous...)