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I'm really excited
We're here in Moscow in Russia in the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences...
...for the ceremony for the naming of 3 of the elements
115, 117, 118
And, I've got to make a speech... Russian. I'm a bit nervous
But, I hope it'll be alright
This element is unique in the periodic table because...'s never been observed in any form at all
So, the field's wide open
This is, after all, what's Mendeleev's triumph for the periodic table was...
...that he looked where there were holes in the periodic table... where he reckoned there should be elements...
...and he predicted their properties
If you're really lucky, little bits fall off ... particle after another
I believe that somebody will make element 118 quite soon
Some folk in Russia in Dubna ...
I missed a really exciting piece of news...
... had managed make a new element!
...the most exciting piece of the news about the periodic table ...
...that's happened since we've started these videos
So this is the periodic table as we know it
They haven't actually officially approved the names yet
But they've said these are the names that we're considering
If a beam is directed into the centre of the target
It's almost like a chill goes up your spine...'s like, "Wow, something new, something really exciting!"
And now I will show you how it looks like and I will open the box
I'm very excited. Never seen anything like this before
So it's really ... a real first for me
I've never met anybody who's discovered an element
And you go on throwing and throwing...
...more and more
So now's the time to put in your bid for the name for element 117
I met a representative of Riken
Nihonium, Moscovium, Tennessine and Oganesson
But certainly people get very passionate about names
So, one name is Russian and the other name is American
Now the important question that people always ask is ...
...what on earth is the point of making elements like this?
We've even produced a little radioactive liquid sample
It is testing theories and things like that that really move science forward
Three atoms...
...of this element
Afterwards there was cake and champagne and it was really good
He is a pioneer and very long time researcher in Dubna
It's extremely unlikely that this will happen again...
...four elements at once...
...for a very long time, if ever
It's almost akin to the announcement of the Nobel prizes...
...and celebration of good science
So yeah, it's a really exciting time