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Hey everyone, I want to give a quick update on the computer series as well as tell you about something else
I've been working on so if you're interested in what's next for my youtube channel then stay tuned
So first off with the computer series, I'm still planning a couple more videos before I call that project done
You know my goal is to get to a point where the computer is turing-complete
So so that is to say that in principle that can do anything that any computer can do
obviously it's all going to be limited by the amount of memory and clock speed and things like that but
But but I think by adding one more instruction to to the computer to do conditional jumps sort of you know if then logic
That should make it you know turning equivalent to what most people would consider a real computer
So I think that's maybe going to be one or two more videos, and I'm actually working on the next video today
I'm not sure exactly when it'll get out there. I've got some travel coming up so
I'm not sure when it'll wrap up, but but it is it is on its way
But in other news I started a podcast
The podcast is with two very thoughtful people who like me are interested in education
We talk about education and other things on the podcast
so one of my co-hosts also named Ben is a
Was a classroom math teacher for several years, and now he's doing a PhD at Stanford
focused on education and data science
My other co-host grant runs the YouTube channel three blue one Brown
Which if you don't know about that you are in for a treat. He does just absolutely phenomenal explanations of
You know complex ideas from from math and a few other areas, so I'll put some links to that down below
But the podcast is called Ben Ben and blue
And there's already a few episodes out there so in the latest episode which is episode number six my co-hosts
Put a question to me that you might be wondering which is what's next for my YouTube channel
So just to give you a sense of the podcast here's a clip from that episode
you see this right here like this is one of the big values of I think you as a person and especially you as a
Person with an audience sitting in front of you there are very few people out there who?
Didn't do great in school
I felt like it was failing them
But never the came out with an appropriate sense of confidence about what they themselves could achieve those
don't usually go hand in hand and I feel like it's this recipe to actually be a source of inspiration for
The many students out there that are feeling similar things, but don't have the corresponding confidence right yeah, I mean
I think that is something that drives me is kind of that empathy for you know you know
It's very easy for me to look back and see how things could have gone very differently
You know I wasn't a great student
I got into like an in-state school, and then proceeded to fail out twice in college
I think in total I took calculus four times and failed at four times, so not a lot of great positive feedback there
But I feel like I got very lucky because this was in the mid 90s
You know the sort of peak of the dot-com boom
And so you know knowing anything about computers almost guaranteed you a job and people weren't asking a lot of questions
And so I was able to kind of get my foot in the door in terms of industry
And then you know once you start getting experience in industry and that started clicking for me
But like how often does that happen to someone at the peak of an industry that they are well suited for?
So it's very easy for me to kind of look back and see yeah
That's just very lucky in that situation and it's easy for me to imagine someone
who'd be in the exact same situation and and yeah not have that insight or not get lucky in the ways that I did and
Maybe that's what drives me is to sort of try to help that person who is really just me given that
Maybe we should reframe the original question what's next for Benny to the channel that?
Addresses those people most directly just the story that you're telling right now
I think the fact that that story is told is in and of itself a meaningful thing and can be a source of inspiration
Showing people who enjoy tinkering how to build their own computer like this obviously addresses that in a in a much deeper way
But if that was the central thing in mind saying okay, there are others
who are like you who might not be in a similar place in history and
Industry, but need some direction right what is the set of videos that is most helpful to them yeah?
That's a good way to frame it and
Because I think that is in some sense like that's the part of the videos that I've made that I find
kind of the most
inspiring as seeing
People who have kind of taken the videos and then extend I actually built the computer
themselves and then posted pictures just sent me pictures or posted videos of
Their own thing and in some cases they've taken the design and sand you know
Understood it and and continued to build on it, or you know do more complex things add more memory. Whatever it is well
Let me ask you this how many of those are students versus adults?
It's not a hundred percent either
I guess I don't know the exact breakdown
But I've definitely seen younger sort of high school age kids doing it definitely also seen a lot of adults doing it so
Less clear what the sort of life impact. That is I think there's a but there there exists high school students
Yeah, yeah for sure for sure and there's adults who are doing it with their kids, which I think is kind of cool
but I think what is interesting to me is that when I see the pictures and
Videos and things that people send me of their own projects
You know what immediately comes to my mind is I know exactly what this person knows like they built this thing
They have gone through these steps
It's almost in my mind sort of a credential that tells me something
You know very meaningful about that person that they have certain interests that they have certain abilities
It almost in kind of the way that I couldn't demonstrate when I was in school
Like the system didn't give me a tool to demonstrate my abilities in this dimension
Can we print some kind of been either certificate of accomplishment?
That when these people mail you something you have some automated system that Mail's them this certificate
I'm not sure how accredited that would be anything not at the start, but you fast forward 20 years in just you see yeah
I think big
Thank you
So I encourage you to check out the rest of that episode the conversation goes off in a bunch of really interesting directions that are
Much deeper than just the question of what I'm doing next on YouTube. We talk about what we think about when we're making YouTube videos
Ways we structure explanations. What makes a good explanation?
It's a it's a great conversation so check that episode out and check out the whole podcast it's on YouTube
So I'll put a link somewhere around here somewhere as as one does
But you can also subscribe to the podcast on itunes or or wherever fine podcasts are found