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- [Jared] In this video let's look at the inside
of the Millennium Falcon from "Star Wars".
That's right, I'm talking the complete
layout of the ship.
All of the hallways and rooms,
the power and control systems,
all the way to the sublight engines
and the hyperdrive.
My name's Jared and I make 3D animations
on how things work.
Usually, I create animations about things right
here on planet Earth, such as mechanical objects,
famous buildings, and anything to do with outer space.
But this time, we're heading to a galaxy far, far away.
(ominous string music)
The Millennium Falcon is a model YT-1300 Light Freighter,
made by the Corellian Engineer Corporation.
They YT series has several models for a variety of purposes.
But of course, let's focus on the YT-1300.
The ship was designed to be highly modular,
meaning that each ship owner could customize it
to their needs.
Different engines, cockpit on the left, right or center.
But in the end, we're most familiar with
the configuration of the Millennium Falcon.
The ship is ideal for pushing around cargo in space,
especially very heavy cargo.
One of the ship's early owners was Lando Calrissian.
He kept the ship looking neat and clean,
and installed an escape pod in the very front.
Later, when Han Solo owned the ship,
he preferred the ship to look something
that belonged in a scrap yard.
This attracted much less attention from Imperial troops.
The ship is 34 meters long.
Here's how it compares to a Boeing 747 here on Earth.
Not as big as you thought, huh?
Let's take a look at the outside of the ship.
The two front prongs are called the mandibles.
This is the cockpit,
starboard docking port,
sublight engines,
that's where the blue light is coming from,
and these six circles on top are the heat exhaust vents.
This is the port-side docking port,
the rectenna dish, which is used for
communication and sensors,
and of course, the quad laser cannon in the very center.
On the bottom is another quad laser cannon,
and the landing legs.
We're gonna take a full tour of the inside
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OK, back to the Millennium Falcon.
The boarding ramp is on the starboard side
of the ship.
Let's take a look inside.
(royal trumpet music)
After getting up the boarding ramp
you'll go through this door,
and then enter the main corridor
which is this circular hallway.
If you're in a hurry to take off, turn right
to head towards the cockpit.
We have a seat for the pilot, a Wookie,
and two backseat drivers.
The controls are in the front but there's also controls
around the bulkhead, including the nav computer.
This helps us plot a safe course through hyperspace.
Enter here for gun turret access,
you can climb the ladder to the top or bottom positions.
And let's not forget the scan proof secret compartments
that have been used on more than one occasion
to hide cargo and even crew members.
This is the main hold area with the oh so famous
hologame table that was used to play the game Dejarik.
Around the corner here is the technical station,
which helps to monitor ship systems.
There's also two bunks here for anyone
that needs some rest.
The ship has plenty of space to store cargo.
This is the forward hold, number two hold,
and the number three hold.
The number two hold actually contains
the life support systems.
We have to have air to breathe in space.
The center room is the freight loading room,
which can be accessed through these doors.
Now let me show you a few things at the front of the ship.
On the inside of the mandibles you'll find
the tractor beam emitters.
Let me show you what these look like.
These help move cargo into the ship.
Right above here is where
the concussion missiles are kept.
And here are the two deflector shield generators,
very important for space battles.
Let's keep going through this hallway.
Here's how you access the port airlock,
there's another docking hatch on the top of the ship.
You'll need to use the elevator to get up there.
This is the crew quarters with bunks and a kitchen.
Behind here is a hidden storage area.
You can access this through a secret wall in this bunk.
The engine room is this odd shaped room in the back.
This is where maintenance can be done
to the propulsion systems of the ship.
At the end of the main corridor is where you go
to access the escape pods.
There's space for five escape pods.
Once loaded with a passenger they ride down the conveyor
and then are launched out the back of the ship.
The center of the ship contains
the most dangerous equipment.
This is the quadex power core,
which provides much of the power for the ship.
The fuel system is right underneath.
It's made up of four fuel slug tanks
that run off of rippinnium, which is a form of
explosive liquid metal.
The fuel is then moved to the back of the ship.
This is the reaction chamber,
and these are the nine sublight engines.
First, the fuel is compressed
and then ignited out the back of the ship.
Now, this only propels us through real space.
If we wanna quickly travel to another star system
then we'll need to use the hyperdrive,
it runs off of coaxium, which is a type of hypermatter,
to move the entire ship into hyperspace.
At these kinds of speeds we can travel across
the entire galaxy in just a few days.
Now, the hyperdrive on the Falcon
is class 0.5.
Most hyperdrives are rated on a scale of one to three,
with lower numbers being faster.
So, yeah, the Millennium Falcon's pretty fast.
When it's time to land, the doors open
and each of the five landing legs are extended.
When we get close to the ground the landing jets
help assist for a nice smooth landing.
(fast orchestra music)